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“I kept on falling in my dream!” Falling dreams are a very common type of dream.  Nearly everyone has experienced a falling dream at some time in their life, and most of us have had them multiple times.  If you are experiencing falling dreams you may feel as if you’re falling for long minutes, experiencing terror the entire time.

Your blood pressure may rise, your heart rate may accelerate, and you may sweat through your nightclothes.  An experience like that can ruin your night’s sleep and put you off your game for the rest of the day.  Though these dreams can happen at any time of the night, they most often happen just as you fall asleep, causing temporary insomnia in some people.  Figuring out what is causing these dreams can help you regain your equilibrium in both your waking and sleep states.

What causes falling dreams?

Falling DreamsOne theory for why we these dreams, is that we’re having a subconscious reaction to a physiological event.  We are “falling asleep”, and that means our bodies are going through a process that we act out in our dreams.

As we begin to fall asleep, our heart rate begins to slow and our blood pressure begins to drop.  As our nervous system begins to quiet, our body temperature also slightly drops.

This could cause us to dream as if we’re experiencing this as a literal free fall as if we’ve fallen off a building or from an airplane without a parachute.  We often jerk back awake during this event, which has caused some to speculate that if we didn’t come awake, our bodies would die the moment our dream selves hit the ground.  Thankfully, that has been proven to be untrue.  Our physical bodies can’t die as a result of dying in our sleep.

A loss of control

Though the physiological event of drifting off into sleep may cause many falling dreams, it isn’t the only reason we dream we are caught in an out of control free fall.  More often, perhaps, we dream of free-falling because some part of our lives is out of our immediate control.

No matter how much we may sit and plan out our lives, they rarely run as smoothly as we hope.  Our care plans are often disrupted by events beyond our control.  Perhaps if we lived in a controlled environment, there would be no need for dreams of falling.

Unfortunately, someone or something is always throwing a monkey wrench into the works and we end up feeling vulnerable; we feel as if our lives are out of control.  We feel overwhelmed because we can’t predict the outcome and we aren’t sure we can plan for it.

“It is important for you to remember the details of the dream.”

If you’re having dreams in which you’re falling and have absolutely no control over your descent, and you wake from this dream panting, sweating, and feeling anxious, take a look at your life and see if there are any areas in which something else is controlling your future.

An instructive example

It can happen in any area of life.  Maybe you’re gunning for a promotion, one that’s an essential building block to your entire future.  You’ve got it all planned…the house, the car, the 2.5 kids…then the boss brings in someone from the outside and it looks like they’re being groomed for that position.  It throws everything off.

The future is suddenly far less certain.  You might feel anxious.  You may worry that you won’t be able to follow your original plan.  You may even have to consider changing companies or even careers, necessitating throwing your entire plan away and creating a new one, but you don’t yet know where the chips will fall.

Suddenly, you’re having falling dreams.

Of course, it needn’t be career plans that are throwing your life out of whack.  Changes in family, taking on a new large commitment, even feeling as if someone you depend on is letting you down can cause you to feel anxious enough to experience a free-falling dream.

Dealing with these dreams means dealing with the issues that may be causing them.  Once you’ve determined the cause, you can deal with the feelings that they bring.

The key may be remembering

If you remember your dream well enough to know why you were falling, it can help you determine what area of your life is causing you the unconscious stress.  Knowing that can help you deal with it and overcome it.  Reducing that stress will have many more benefits than helping you to stop your dreams.

Where you fall can be significant.  If you fall from a building or onto a building, the building itself may tell you what your stressor is.  Is it your home, your office, or maybe a government building?  Try to remember what you fall onto or from to further examine where the stress comes from.

If you’re pushed off a high surface you may be pushing yourself too hard.  Consider the different projects you have going.  Is it too much?  Should you let some go?

If the person who pushed you is someone you know, that person may be the cause of your stress.  Once you know this consciously, you can concentrate on the relationship and work out how to reduce the pressure.

There are many ways in which a person can fall and each of those ways can say something about your situation.  Try to remember the exact circumstances of your fall so you can find the triggers that set off the anxiety in your life.

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To help you with this, try an exercise before you fall asleep.  Decide that if you dream of falling again you are going be completely aware of the circumstances before and during the fall, and of the target onto which you’ll land.

Once you decide to be aware of this in your conscious mind, your unconscious mind may respond by helping you to be alert to all of the circumstances around your fall, and to remember them when you wake.

When you become successful at examining your dreams, you can use those dreams to alter your life change your life for the better.

Additional Interpretations

Have you ever had that falling sensation as you drift off to sleep? This symbolizes a detachment from the waking things that worry you. A detachment from the physical. It can also mean you need to ground yourself. Normally you can take care of yourself in most situations, but at this time your energy may be at a low. Try meditating to quiet your mind. It will help you ground yourself to visualize tree roots growing deep into the ground. This type of dream can signify insecurities of some sort. To overcome these, wrap yourself in happy thoughts. Imagine how your life will be when you achieve your dreams.

Dreams of falling can mean many things. It can represent the fear of losing a relationship or something you rely on every day. If you fall without the sense of falling, your subconscious is warning that you are afraid of failing. Do you sabotage yourself so you fail? You need to work through this to succeed. Do you also fear success?

Dreaming of being scared as you fall means that while you will meet some tough challenges you will ultimately reach your goals. This is usually in relation to materialistic things. Being injured in a fall can indicate a broken friendship and hardships on the way. This can lead to feelings of taking more control of your life.

Seeing someone else fall means there are things you hold on to that you need to let go. Falling from height such as a plane may meanwhile you are flying high, you feel your life is out of control. You may need to find new ways to reach your dreams.

Dreaming of standing on a cliff edge, watching your life pass you by, symbolizes moments of clarity. It is time to reexamine your life to ensure you are on the right track. Examine your life. Are you heading in the right direction? What do you really want? How are you going to get it? Dreaming of being in a falling elevator means it is time to stop trying to control things and let things take a natural course in your life.

Dreams of falling can bring messages of tough times ahead. You may be living beyond your means or think you are better than others. This may not be close to the truth. You may be putting on a front that does not meet your skills or true abilities. A dream where you fall in slow motion indicates worry about making the right decision You may need reassurance about your decision. Falling out of bed symbolizes your unconscious desire to do well at everything you do. You may be a perfectionist who worries that things do not meet your standards. It is a time when you need to chill out a bit. Not everyone notices or makes judgment over the smallest of things.

Dreaming of falling in love indicates you have failed in a relationship you desire. Alternatively, there may be no one in your life who is solely committed to you. This may be a source of stress for you. Not being in a committed relationship. You need to let this go as you are blocking the flow of love into your life with a sort of attitude.

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  1. I was on the top of a tall building and my 3 friends were there as well 2 of them were on the building next to my friend and I which was around the same height and there was one of those jumping pillows (kinda like trampolines)
    my friend and I were trying to get higher for some reason and in reality I’m terrified of heights and we were all on really tall buildings so it made no sense to me and my 2 other friends started bouncing off n the jumping pillow and it was making the building we were on shake for some reason and then I flew into the wall and bounced of it and then slid off the edge trying to grasp it and then I fell and I heard one of my friends on the other building say I thought he would have bounced further and as if it was a video game I just left and came back as a new person but the same and i went to my school and told my 1 of my teachers and they asked if I felt anything and I said my heart felt strange as if I was on a ride and it went down fast and then I woke up after I went to the building I fell off

  2. I had a dream last night where I watched myself fall from a great distance. When I hit the ground I not only heard the thud but felt it as well and woke up immediately. What does this mean???

  3. I recently had a dream where I watched different people fall from the sky like rain and when they hit the ground their bodies created big holes in the ground and I remember being scared to look in a hole where a body hit the ground near me. I was afraid that someone would land on me.

  4. I just dreamt that i was with my kids and where i was there were paramedics waiting for someone and i saw a man fall from the sky and drop to the ground it was horrible. But the paramedics were there right as he fell so they took him away and i saw him still moving so he hadnt died. Whats this mean

  5. This has happened on three occasions now. I’m not falling in my dream, I’m playing with my grandchildren with a football. Everything is brilliant then when the ball is going past me I dive for it and wake up on the bedroom floor startled. I have landed awkwardly and luckily only had the odd bruise.
    Should I be worried, what does this recurring dream mean.

  6. thanks for this write up on the falling dream. Geeze, i had this falling dream where it was completely dark and I tried to get up and pushed off the floor then just kept falling and falling… I think its ” the fear/ loss of status” I’ve been looking for a job for a few weeks…

  7. When I was a teen I would always have a colorful dream of falling into a spiral tunnel that was endless. It was scary and took my breath away before I would wake up crying. It was during a time that I had lost several close friends.

  8. I had the falling dream a lot when I was a kid. I would hit the ground and have the wind knocked out of me, still dreaming. One of the high school teachers got into an argument with me about how that was impossible because if I hit the ground I would die. Obviously not true but its funny how adament this person was. xD

  9. The dream happened a while ago but I remember it clearly. I was in a truck on a thin cliff ledge. The truck was dirty and rusted while the paint was light brown. There was nothing in the backside. I was in the passenger seat and watching the other driver. I knew I didn’t know him. His face seemed faded out but he seemed like a full grown adult and had short black hair. When I looked down over the side, there was a few trees but it was mostly dirt. The fall was far off too. It was hard to make anything out by itself. A turn was coming up and he seemed to be driving alright so I just sat quietly and relaxed. But when the turn came, he didn’t move the wheel. In fact, it felt like the truck sped up. I quickly panicked and tried to grab to something but it was no use. The truck flew over the edge. I remember opening my mouth to scream but nothing came out. I even held my arms over my face so I remember opening my mouth to scream but nothing came out. I even held my arms over my face so I couldn’t see. But the moment the impact came, I was shocked awake. I checked the time in my phone. It was 2 AM. Being as tired as I was and knowing I had to get up for school, I tried to calm myself down and go back to sleep. When I fell asleep, I fell right back into the dream again. The same truck, the same turn. The only difference was I was the one driving now. When the turn came, I pulled the wheel and the truck made it passed just fine.

  10. I have dreams of falling but I never recall waking up from them and they carry on. Once working on a roof and and the wind blew the roof off the building and I fell in the garden. Another when I was on a snowmobile and went off a cliff or something and fell for ages but didn’t wake up. Didn’t mind the falling sensation tho wasn’t that scary. Just seems strange why I can’t find another story similar?

  11. I haven’t had a falling dream since like last summer or last year , but I’ve been trying to figure out what it meant now I know, but it’s different than these texts, I was falling from the sky like I don’t remember me falling from a plane or no parachute but I was just falling, I also saw green grass at the ground of course, but my body would always jerk up, and the dream would never finish. (Please answer this, I’m very curious. Thanks!)

  12. I have falling dreams a couple times a week. But when my body begins to wake up, i have a dreams im falling dow my stairs then i wake up.

  13. i have dreams where i’m falling but when i wake up it’s almost as if i’m landing on my bed i hit the ground almost as if my subconscious self sits up than i wake up and fall back down than i can’t get back up like it feels like that

    • i have dreams where i’m falling but when i wake up it’s almost as if i’m landing on my bed i hit the ground almost as if my subconscious self sits up than i wake up and fall back down than i can’t get back up like it feels like something/one is pushing down on my chest and i can’t physically get up

      • This literally just happened to me. Except i was laying on my stomach and it felt like someone was laying on top of me,holding me down. I had,the dame exact dream as well

  14. This dream was recent.
    Me and my family went to a festival in the mountains. I met a family hanging out by the edge of the mountain. Me and my family chatted with them.
    Lets move on for a bit.
    The people on the mountain started to leave but me and my family and the other family remained. When I was walking- I don’t know how, but I was sent to the edge of the mountain then fell.
    I screamed and my father heard me and looked at me. He just looked. I fell and hit the mud. Then I slipped and hit the hay. I fell again and heard a walky talkey and I saw I was going to hit nothing. Just before I hit that, I woke up. Breathless.

    Please explain this.

    • All of the protection that you need is within yourself. Maybe your father is too much of a safety net and you are being urged to have more self reliance and confidence in life.

  15. I have dreams of falling but I jerk awake and I mean REALLY jerk/jump ,my hubby says It’s my heart stopping anybody else hear this and does anyone know if it’s true??

    • This happens to me nearly every night but the strange thing is it mainly happens when I fall asleep on the couch it rarely happens while I’m in my bed. Sometimes I think maybe I stop breathing and my body jerks me awake

  16. I just had one of these dreams but this one slightly differs from the rest. My job requires me to fly so of course I am on the aircraft when I suddenly am pushed to the side of the plane with the increase of power. Stuck to the floor as we are stuck in some sort of a descending spiral. I could actually feel myself passing out from the G forces in the dream. I wake up and relax from the dream still laying in bed. I cover my eyes for a second but I am clearly awake. Also of note my arms and my leg had fallen asleep because of the way I guess I feel asleep. So I have my eyes covered by my hands and then I feel a hypnic jerk “falling sensation” and a purge from my ears. Doing some basic research this all makes sense now. Acceleration and the feeling of falling is felt through our inner ears. Maybe hypnic jerks and the purging sound that happened to me was caused by maybe a pressure difference in the room or residual pressure in my ear from flying.

    This was just a sort of theory and has really no medical education to back it up, hope this helped.

  17. Mikkaila Tennar on

    I love these dreams. They give me thrill and excitement. I actually feel me hitting my bed when I hit the ground. I wake up in such a rush. Its scary, but I prefers this scare then a cheating dream.

  18. ive had dreams of falling and i dont wake when i hit the ground instead im usually sent flying back into the sky idk why but one occurrence was when i saw these guys on this truck in a parking lot then my friend just yelled RUN! and i look back and they are chasing me so i start running and there is this object blocking my path so i go to jump over it but when i jump i FLY waaay up into the air and its fucking crazy then i hit the ground but i continue to keep being sent into the air until i wake someone give me some clarity

    • I have this aswell except it’s with soccer. I’m playing the game, when I kick the ball I go flying up in the air, and when I hit the ground I fly right back up again and after that I can’t remember much after one time of doing it

  19. I’ve had this sensation when I sleep sometimes, not necessarily a dream,
    but I feel like i wake up from a dream that i most likely don’t remember, but I’m in my bed and feel wide awake, I can see my room around me and I believe my eyes are open. but the thing is when i feel awake like this, my entire body cannot move. I can breathe and blink, but no matter what I do my arms, legs, and basically my entire body. I’ve asked a couple family members about this and they all say i and its probably a dream and i am NOT awake, however when I experience this I’m convinced I’m awake and my eyes are actually open. help, someone, please?!?! it’s very confusing. I do have a phobia of being stuck and motionless, do you think this has anything to do with it??

    • I believe you are experiencing sleep paralysis. It can sometimes feel like a mixture of dream and reality, because it is. It occurs durin the REM stage of sleep, when most dreams occur, but you simultaneously regain consciousness at the same time. Your muscles are still relaxed in this process. It’s usually caused by stress, irregular sleep patterns, or both. Some also believe that big changes in life that one is struggling to adapt to can also contribute to this phenomenon. I’ve experienced it many times, and it drives me crazy. It creates a feeling of helplessness, but it is certainly harmless.

  20. Falling dreams are nothing more than your minds eye seeing things vertically, but your physical body is horizontal. Your inner ear tries to make sense of this and sends a signal to your brain that you must be falling. Sorry it’s not more interesting that than, but that’s what it is.

  21. I’ve had dreams of falling.. Only that, The moment the dream starts i’m ALREADY falling, I could see a floating green island getting fainter and fainter as i fell into pure WHITENESS… Its super weird

  22. I had a falling dream, but I was in someone who I don’t knows body, and I didn’t awake, but I think that had to do with the fact that I caught a rope before I fell and that I was able to regain my stepping point.

    • when i was young in my elem. early jr. high years my falling dream was i was never sure what or where i was falling from but before i hit the i would do a cart wheel or round off and land on my feet and i have had it multiple times i thought it was silly but from what most people wake up before hitting the ground or freddy nightmare on elm st.”if u die in ur dreams ur dead for real” that was my way of not idying in my falling dream. lol.

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