Examination (Taking a Test) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Examination (Taking a Test) Dream Symbol – Dreaming of sitting an examination symbolizes your integrity is being questioned or tested. Maybe you are too hard on yourself with expectations that are too great. You may set yourself up to fail. Doing well in the exam indicates you have the strength of character to get through these tough times with flying colors. Completing an exam on your own is a sign of your stress levels and of feeling alone. It may be your daily life is getting to you and you are anxious about things. This could be a time for rest and relaxation to rejuvenate your mind.

Taking an exam, you feel unprepared for highlights your stress levels. Staring blankly at a test paper indicates that as you get older you may need to change your outlook on life. You may have to change the way you do things. Seeing a clock in the exam room is a warning your time has run out. Run out for what? What deadlines or opportunities have you missed? You may need to pay closer attention.

Dreaming of failing an exam warns you will be unprepared for an unexpected situation that soon crosses your path. The message is to address your stress levels in your real life before they do irreparable damage. Failing an exam can also mean your dreams are out of reach because you do not have the skills to achieve them yet. Or, you may have a strong fear of failing. You may need to better prepare.

Successfully completing the exam means you will find positive answers to your problems. Anything that stops you from completing an exam, like a blunt pencil or running out of time, are expressions of your own feelings of inadequacy in your job or career. What can you do to change this? Passing an exam without too much thought demonstrates your achievements will come easily through your hard work. Everything will be positive.

Having an examination in a doctor’s office indicates health concerns. You may need to address your diet or issues that continually leave you unbalanced. There are things in your life you need to change to have better wellbeing into the future.

Dreaming of doing a driving test indicates someone or something is driving your direction. This can mean you may be out of control of what you want out of life. You may be helpless to go in the direction you choose because of external influences. It is a warning to look deeper at what is really going on. It is time to take considered action.

Additional Interpretations

The Examination dream is one of the 5 most common dreams of everyone on the planet. Suddenly you realize that you have to sit for a test of some sort. You are neither prepared nor do you have any idea about the subject. Panic is generally the emotion tied to this feeling.   The examination can be about anything. More than likely, you never saw it coming.  That is why you are shocked and a bit intimidated.  Why is this dream so common? And, what does it mean?

Most people have to produce or perform in some way. Their performance is also being measured and either rewarded or punished. This is true for the majority of pexamination-dreameople. Being judged on your ability to execute a task, or seeking the approval of others, does cause some stress. What if you fail? Or fall short?  If you do fail, you will more than likely feel some embarrassment or shame.

This is not something anyone wishes to feel. Therein lies the pressure to succeed.  This can relate to any aspect of our lives. It can be relationships, jobs and even spirituality. Who does not have some sort of career goal or relationship? 99.9% of the population does. Who hasn’t gone to school? Again, practically everyone has. That is why this is so common.

Your mind will always work within the framework of symbols that you can recognize. After close to 20 years of sitting in classrooms, an examination is something you know well. When do you get a passing grade? When you have prepared and studied the material thoroughly. The examination dream is usually accompanied with feelings of not being prepared.

That being the case, it is also highly unlikely that in the given dream situation, you will be able to pass the test. The dream can change depending on what you do for a living. For instance, an actor may dream he has to perform in a play he has not rehearsed. Or, a singer will dream she has to sing a song she has never heard.  All are examinations in one form or the other.

Ask yourself; in what aspect of your life are you afraid to fail? Are you taking the steps necessary to achieve your goals?  Do you feel that you are being scrutinized? By whom?  A friend, boss or a lover?  Try to remember who was giving the examination. The examiner is usually related to the situation and will give you a clear indication as to the meaning of the dream. Depending on the situation, you may be unconsciously identifying someone in your waking life that is sabotaging you in some way and setting you up to fail. Who is the untrustworthy person?

What is the subject of the examination? How different is the subject from something that you already know? For instance, if you are a secretary and are suddenly told to take a test on building a carburetor, generally this will be out of your skillset. But, perhaps you are a secretary asked to sit for an examination on office procedures.

You may be unprepared but it is unlikely you will utterly fail. This is noteworthy because it will also indicate how overwhelmed or intimidated by a situation you are in your waking life.  Does the examination throw you into the deep end? Will you sink or swim? How do you feel about that?

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  1. I use to have this dream of taking exams and on the process of writing, I was copying from another and anxiety or fear of if I will finish allover me, so this dream keeps coming for over 9years now, but no body has directed me on what to do about it. Pls help me

  2. I keep having this dream of going to take exams but I never did, either I forgot my exam’s slip , or the seat was not comfortable enough so I wanted to turn around tosit proper then I missed the way to the exams, or my white dress we were asked to wear as a dress code was taken by my late brother who raped me when I was a teen.

    I never get to complete this exams, please help me interprete this.


  3. I dreamt that i was preoared for my exam in psycological testing.. (i have passed it years ago with distiction). But my fruend had ti fetch me to write it and he was late to fetch me. I had 10 mins to get there . My daughter trued ti get me there in time but i heard on the radio that they were about to start and i was too far away. Then realised that i could do it online.. then could not get onto the site quick enough. Then woke up. I hardly ever remember dreams .

  4. I dreamt that a tutor taught me at my home and one day he brings with him a paper on which it is written that i came first in the examination i am preparing for and similarly, in the same dream, i felt after some days he took another paper and it declared me that i stand second in another examination for which i am preparing simultaneously with the latter exam.
    After that i went to school with one of my friend (though i am a college student for past 2 years), i wanted to look the news of i being a topper in newspaper but i confused and could not understand what is written on it. What is the meaning of this?

  5. I wrote maths exam copying from text book, writing the exam with my old school mate
    who are strong in maths. with fun in the exam hall, even when the external squad I just throw my book away and writing exams.

  6. I had a dream whereby l was writing an exam but l was sitting with some classmates who made sure they disturbed me and gave me a pretty hard time,l tried reporting to the invigilators to no avail and ended up leaving the exam room without ffinishing or submitting my paper,at #37/45.l wonder what it means?

  7. Swapnil Paul on

    I dream about that i am confident and prepared and ready with all my stuff to face the viva exam and the exam goes well enough.
    Can you translate it please.

  8. I Dream about my school exam feeling unprepared , like I came to know the date of exam late or I would have prepared. I have already passed the school as a topper 12 years back. These dreams come once in a while. What does this mean?

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