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Epic dreams are dreams with a long, continuous story line, sometimes continuing over many dreams and even many nights. Epic dreams tend to be extremely vivid, and have extensive detail that is easy to remember. In addition, many people find their epic dreams to be life-changing, giving them new insight or perspective into their lives and existence. An epic dream is one that you remember for years, and it may even come to form an integral part of the way you view the world.

Epic dreams are also known as cosmic dreams or numinous dreams. Waking from an epic dream, you often have a feeling of enlightenment, euphoria, or guidance permeating your being and your life. You may have a strong sense of positive energy, and you may even feel that you know what your real purpose is. There are many things that an epic dream can be sent to tell you, and you should definitely take these messages seriously.

Did I Just Have an Epic Dream?

Epic DreamsHow do you know if you’ve had an epic dream? The images will stay with you; in fact, you will not be able to get them out of your head. Most of our dreams fade quickly upon waking up. Epic dreams also fade somewhat, but to a much lesser extent. You will be able to remember most of the events that happened, and you will be able to replay the story in your mind to understand it better.

The story will be profound and compelling, so that you will not be able to stop thinking about it.  In addition, you will probably have a sense that you have learned something important and enlightening, and you may even have a clear idea of something that you need to do. If you are coming to this website to learn more about a dream you had, chances are that what you had was an epic dream to influence you so profoundly. Epic dreams are wonderful and life-changing: they alter your paradigm and make you look at the world in a completely different way.

Part of the theory of epic dreaming involves the concept that all human knowledge is accessible to an individual through an experience of enlightenment, metanoia, or through the practice of meditation. Some theorists and mystics refer to the akashic field, or the akashic records, as the location for all knowledge. It is possible that you are entering into this reality when you epic dream, especially if you wake up with knowledge that you did not have before. By accessing the akashic records, you can also learn about the thoughts and experiences of other people, and when this occurs regarding people you know, the result is often a vast improvement of your relationship with them. Epic dreams can have the effect of increasing your empathy, as well, by showing you the experiences of others; experiences which you would otherwise probably never have.

These Dreams can Often be Prophetic!

Precognition and retrocognition often occur during epic dreams. You may dream of an event that hasn’t happened yet, and then later see it happen. This is also known as a prophetic dream, though not all prophetic dreams are epic and not all epic dreams are prophetic. Retrocognition refers to knowledge of the past, especially the distant past, of which there is no explanation for how you should know the information except through a paranormal learning experience such as a vision or an epic dream.

Some people find themselves able to speak to their ancestors and other dead people in their epic dreams. This may indicate a simple matter of that individual’s energy lingering for a while as opposed to a genuine connection with the person, especially in the case of epic dreams of people who have died recently, or who say exactly what they would have said in life and no more. In other cases, the epic dream of the ancestor, loved one, or historical figure says things to the dreamer that could only be known in some sort of afterlife, giving value and believability to the possibility that life does, in fact, continue after death.

There is also the possibility that an epic dream is truly a message from the universe, or from the earth. It is increasingly clear that humans are on a divergent path, with many seeking to rape the earth and exploit her resources mercilessly, without regard for the other people and creatures that share the earth with them, and without regard for whether their children and children’s children will even have a habitable planet on which to live. Others are becoming increasingly tuned with the life of the earth and her creatures, to the extent that they feel empathy for the animals and plants that share the earth with them, and fight for the preservation for the planet.

Many of those who are deeply tuned with nature experience epic dreams in which they receive messages from the earth, explaining the nature of the problems faced and even providing solutions. Of those who are not in tune with nature, it is somewhat rarer to have epic dreams at all, possibly due to their lack of receptivity. However, an epic dream, when it occurs, occasionally sparks a big-picture realization on their part, such that they understand the importance of the earth and no longer value business profits over the survival of the planet. The more often a person epic dreams, the broader that person’s consciousness becomes, and therefore the more likely that person is to consider the totality of humanity, and indeed the world, when making decisions.

Epic dreams are gigantic and life-changing experiences which often stay with the dreamer for years, if not for the rest of one’s life. They make it almost impossible to continue living in a narrow-minded paradigm or to fail to understand the experiences of others.

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  1. I had a dream last night and it was absolutely amazing. I think it had something to do with my DnD sessions and how the planet is huge and timezones range from thousands of years in the medieval to the present, to the future.
    I don’t remember some parts of the beginning but I remember this girl (In my DnD session I was saved by a girl after i was struck down by a giant dragon, and her house became basically a safe area). I decided to go on a mission to save the world (this isn’t part of my DnD session but this is just how dreams go, it’s pretty random).
    The world was threatened by an extremely evil character that would destroy cities and would soon go to the top of the highest mountain in the world to ride a rainbow during a blood moon, making the rainbow red and nearly invisible (this probably isn’t possible in the real life but again, that’s just how dreams go) I began saving cities one by one with my trusty dragon (I had a dragon companion at the beginning of the DnD story, and he could use all the elements: water, fire, earth, air) We would mostly use our water and snow powers to freeze the gigantic blazing fires that are on the cities.
    I remember there were some evil minions that were too easy to fight off, so I don’t remember it much. When we went from city to city across the world, we started moving from the medieval time zones to the present time zones. On our big map of light
    (I had the power to use light in any way, and create anything using the threads of magic and light around us. My character’s name was Loom, and he was pretty big and buff, so in a way, the Loom name kinda worked out) continued:, we would mark the cities and countries we saved, and we were getting tired. Since I could copy basically everything, (Bigger objects take more time, and 1 gold bar would take 1 minute to create) I copied a plane that resembled a plane from world war 1, with 2 sets of wings on each side. We traveled the world, and I would constantly create more fuel for the plane.
    We then came across a warzone from a type of world war 3. We decided to take a nuclear bomb, which just so happened to be the biggest nuke at the time, but it produced no radiation or heat. We flew towards the gigantic mountain getting ready to drop the bomb there (Don’t ask me how we knew how nukes work) and a gigantic army started shooting at us with unknown projectiles, bullets, catapults, tanks, arrows, you name it. We somehow dodged all of the projectiles with the help of my dragon.
    The plane was shot down and we had to dive in to retrieve the bomb. We got the bomb like bosses B) and we dodged bullets and projectiles until we dropped the nuke. Both me and my dragon knew what to do. We created shields over shields, made of light, earth, water, ice, and fire at the outside to try and combat the nuke’s power. Once we heard the nuke explode, our shield shattered and our only way to escape was to create a shield of air, and my dragon flew out while using it.
    We finally got out of the cloud, and the mountain was destroyed. The army was decimated. What was left of the army and the mountain was a smoking crater. Soon the dragon grew tired and started falling to the ground. It took a bit of time but we started getting closer, and my dragon finally spread his wings once more for a quite smooth crash landing. Once we were on the ground, I saw the words on the top right of my sight “YOU WIN”. I woke up to my alarm right after, and I will never forget this dream.

  2. I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I have a lot of epic dreams. They never continue one night to the next but stretch days, weeks, months in the same dream/same night’s sleep. They have a plot/turmoil that rises and falls, though only one has ever been fully resolved. They are huge, detailed and I can vividly remember them come morning. I would say I have one a month like this, and they are often so vivid I can shake them and/or the feeling they leave me with. Honestly, sometimes they’re just too much. I’m curious if you have any thoughts.

  3. last night I had a dream this dream was nothing like I’ve ever had before. This dream had the person i’m practically in love with. The dream started off with a group of friends. It was some kind of road trip. We started talking and in the car. I found myself softly stroking his face till he fell asleep. He then smiled and kissed me. when he did my whole body felt a sense of deep emotion.. I then woke up in awe.

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