Envelope Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Envelope Dream Symbol – When you dream of an envelope take notice of whether it is open or still sealed. A sealed envelope can mean you do not want to open it for it may reveal something you want to avoid. What are you trying to avoid? An envelope can warn that you need to be wary of others’ lies. Who around you has been less than truthful? It may be a time to cut them loose.

You also need to take notice of the day of the week of this type of dream. Seeing an envelope in a dream on Monday night warns that you try to ignore things you do not want to deal with. An envelope in a dream on any other weeknight indicates you will encounter obstacles in your pursuit of success. Persevere. Work your way through these and you will soon know great joy and success. An envelope in a weekend dream is reminding you not to forget something important. What can this be?

To get a deeper interpretation, try to remember what you did with the envelope in your dream. Writing an address on an envelope on a Monday night can warn you need to think things through before you make a decision. Avoid acting impulsively.

Having the same dream any other weeknight is a warning that so you need help and support. This can mean it will be a stranger that comes to your aid. Addressing an envelope on a weekend can mean that you may not trust in a decision you recently made. You may need to revisit this commitment.

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  1. In my dream I was on a playground with my childhood best friend, we were around the age of thirteen. We were pretending to throw fake pinecone grenades over a hedge and then we ‘took cover’ on the playground. A teacher walked by and shouted that there were a few envelopes people had not yet recieved. and I realized I hasn’t gotten mine. The teacher said they would be hanging where the swings were, so I went to look. As we walked there my friend was laughing at me because I didn’t take my number out of the envelope even though no one had mentioned it. The envelope was open and a few papers were poking out. I looked around for a stick with a number on it. I have no idea how I knew it would be on a stick but I found it and laughed saying I got the number thirteen.

  2. autumn johnson on

    i have an occuring dream that never leaves me since i was little i may not have it every night but when i have the dream its almost Real ,its always someone breaking into my home and killing my entire family , or being killed with a group of people . i just woke up from a bad dream i cant remember every part but this is the parts i remember…me my 2 uncles my mom my 8 month old son and aunt were in a car driving somewhere but me and my aunt were arguing which turned to fighting my uncle had to be some where so he left but the scene change we were goin to view a house , it was these newly built houses that were like small community homes so there were alot!! we lined up to get tickets to wait to be called to view them it got so packed then we seen people starting to block the down stairs it looked like a basement and people ran in with guns just killing everyone we were helpless didnt kno what to do i tried to run and hide before they could get to me but i woke up before they could kill me and my son but i didnt see my mom…… so this dream happens a lot but not in the same exact way they are different each time but its always soneobe trying to kill me by stabbing me, shooting me, just trying to hurt ne , or my family …idk if its from my mom being locked up when i was so young and me not knowing who my dad is so i feel like im not protected im insecure about a lot idk but this scares me because i feel like my dreams are telling me something like ita abouta to be a war or something or justgiving me a warning in general

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