Elephant Dream Meaning and Interpretation


Elephant Dreams – Elephants are magical creatures that can represent power and influence over those around you. They are symbolic of our deepest desires that stem from natural instincts of fear, sexual drive and survival.

elephant dreamDreaming about an elephant can indicate positive qualities such as hard work, patience, strength, wisdom and trust. If you are riding an elephant it can indicate that you are heading in a positive direction in your life. It can also represent the strong bonds that you have with people who are close to you.

If you dream about feeding an elephant it can symbolize nurturing your positive attributes and growing.

To see an elephant that is tied up and in chains may indicate that someone is holding you back and keeping you from reaching your true potential. It can also indicate that you may need to consider taking another path if you want to achieve the goals you have set out.

To dream about an elephant’s trunk can have Freudian interpretation of a sexual object and be symbolic of your sexual desires and needs. You may want to satisfy your needs that are not being fulfilled in your daily life.

A stampeding elephant can represent aspects of yourself that are out of control. These aspects can be any part of us that are destructive to ourselves and the people around us. You may want to try and control these aspects to achieve more in your life.

Alternate Elephant Dream Interpretations

Elephants are patient, social creatures who live in communal herds. They share the parenting of the young among them all and bond with each other in caring. Dreaming of elephant can symbolize your health and wellbeing. Positive dreams of elephant may mean you understand the value of good health and follow these principles. Negative dreams can mean ill health, and you ignore healthy principles although you know them to be right. Alternatively, it can indicate holding on to the past and elephant gently nudges you to let go.  What do you struggle with? What haunts you? What is it that you cannot let go?

elephant dreamsRiding an elephant is a sign of overcoming fear and challenges by confronting them head on. It is a time you feel your empowerment and have self-confidence now the obstacles are no longer there. When feeling overwhelmed by your life, a herd of elephants may come stampeding through your dreams to make you take notice of how you feel.

An elephant’s trunk featured in your dream, may be a sign of sexual passion and your passion for what you believe. It can also mean you need to reach out to someone for help you at this time. What are you passionate about? Does someone pursue you with passion? What holds you back?

Elephant can also represent your memory and ego. Do you have trouble with your memory? Or, is it flawless and you remember every detail? Do you forgive easily? Do you need forgiving? Elephant’s wisdom shows you the potential in the current situation. It is time to stop, look, and listen before committing yourself to action.

When Elephant crosses your path

When elephant crosses your path it can remind that if you do not look after your own health, you cannot help look after others. Elephant reminds that putting your health needs first is not being selfish. Sometimes simply taking time out to care for yourself is caring about your commitment to others.

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  1. I had a dream of an elephant today, It was just infront of my house and I am trying to tie that to a nail hit to the ground. That means I was owning an elephant and it was obedient. Elephant was already tied to the stationary object 2 times and for safety I was tying it for 3rd time to the nail hit to the ground.

    This dream was at around 4 am today i.e early morning and felt joyed as Goddess Lakshmi whose vahan is Eelephant was trying to enter my house. Hope to see good things happen

  2. Adhiraj Singh on

    so it wasnt me who had a dream but a friend of mine who i only know through a virtual interface had a dream about me . So according to him i had gone over to his city to meet him and we were kjust standing on the road and smoking when i noticed 2 elephants sitting in the middle of the road and i start running towards them but as i get closer to the elephants , they got up and started running on two legs and my friend starts running after me ..!! This was an unusual dream for me cos i know this friend of mine for 1 year and a half now but have not even met him once.. and i am not able to find an interpretation anywhere on the web as no one has ever had a dream like this or been told by friend about them going to through same..! I would appreciate if anyone could help me in finding the meaning behind such a dream

  3. Audrey Valentin on

    I had a dream of a baby elephant this baby elephant was giving me a lot of love and attention he was so adorable and very lovable I remember him rubbing against me while I sat down on the ground rubbing his trunk and his ears and his back

  4. I have dreamt that my husband and I were riding on a stagnant elephant infront of a house of rich family. The lady owner came out and gave us way in to their house but I got to stayed out and talked to the nice and pleasant older lady help. The elephant was hardly present at those times while my husband was at the house. I enjoyed talking to the help and looking around their beautiful and huge yards with full of hanged brightly colored clothes. Most were for young teenage girls while my husband was at the house, he needed to use the bathroom. After all, we got back on to the elephant but missing elephant. So, we took a walk and found him in a big glass building. I encouraged my husband to go in and take a look of the elephant while I waited outside the building. Since, I couldn’t wait for him to come out with the elephant so I decided to go in. I saw the big elephant looking sick on the floor and my husband was sitting on the belly part of the elephant. My husband looked so disappointed and said he couldn’t leave the elephant alone. I asked him to start walking home till we found out a river and he swum and was taken away by a mermaid. I lost my husband and the elephant. I woke up being with strange neighbor with few man elderlies around. They looked loved by every younger people around them and they were having good times with each other. What could this mean be for my future? Please advise and thanks.

  5. I dreamt of an elephant as being part of my family. My family were going on a vacation and apparently we were taking our elephant with us. And i also dreamt of my front teeth falling out and holding them on the palm of my hand. It didnt hurt tho.

  6. I dreamt of a she elephant who kept running after me, I climbed a dry tree and was holding tight on a dry weak branch. She almost was taking me down to stumble on me, when a huge he elephant showed up and defended me from her. Her fury disappeared as the he elephant kept watch over me.

  7. Kshyana Prava Mohanty on

    Hi! I dreamed of no of elephants may be kept in a place and they have a master . According to his instruction elephants are doing . Me and my husband were there with few of our family members why we visited there I exactly not remember but I saw a big elephant is showering my husband by his trunk and also look at me as I stand side of him. And at the end the master wants to take some money but unfortunately my husband took some money from open envelopes​. And the master running after us and then open his elephants to catch my husband and lastly I saw there is no money in those envelopes and some of our money is also not there , some body has already taken that.

  8. my dreams reoccurring , elephants with there trunks pointed upward standing in front of me. , I feel very peaceful and they are not there to harm me.. there are four elephants.. I am not afraid and they are kind and gentile …

  9. I have dream about riding in elephant, at that time one baby elephant is trying to fell down me from that big animal, but other elephant whom I ride on it, he trying to save me.

  10. IAlwaysDream on

    I dreamt of baby elephants climibing the house which is opposite to our house, like they are rushing. And seeing that i closed my door.

  11. IAlwaysDream on

    I dreamt of baby elephants climibing the house which is opposite to outlr house, like they are rushing. And seing that i closed my door.

  12. My dream had a Grande Parade, a number of young ladies where dressed in finery with capes riding Horses, then near the end was 3 ladies whom rode elephants? At a certain point each rider stopped, and a waiting crowd was able to take pictures?

  13. I dreamt that I was some sort of trainer of a baby elephant with baby elephant ears. Then I saw two former heads of state, walk in and supervise me guiding a transplant of adult male ears on this baby elephant. The baby elephant got its new ears and was happy and bouncing around. The heads of state left after I tried to get a cellphone photo of them.

  14. I dreamt of a very weak baby elephant which was not able to stand also n I wasn’t able to feed it although I hugged it and loved it. Also somebody had locked it in a room and so it was even more hungry

  15. Hi
    I dreamt of two elephant not letting me to cross the small bridge, it was little aggressive when I tried to cross. So I took another road which was full of potholes filled with murky waters.

  16. I dreamt that a herd of elephants suddenly came out of nowhere behind mw. They were not following me but I tried to get out of their way so as not to get hurt. What does that mean?

  17. Fernando Ramos on

    Hi! Recently I have dreamed about a three legged elephant. I am also getting to see this symbol on a daily basis during the day: posters, drawings, beer bottles, book covers, etc. Do you have a suggestion of what this could mean. I would also like to add that in my last three legged elephant dream, the elephant faded and transformed into a woman’s hand with one finger missing, the pinky appearing as the trunk and the hand was shown with the palm facing downwards. It is important for me to get suggestions of what this could mean. Thank you in advance!

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