Electrocution Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Electrocution Dream Symbol – Electricity is a dream symbol of energy and power. It can be a very positive symbol, but the dream about electrocution is a danger signal that this power can destroy you as well.

If the electrocution symbol is connected to a life event, then it is advisable that you proceed with caution to make sure you do not get burned. Bear in mind that it can be your own energy that electrocutes, just as much as an outside cause.

Be careful about committing yourself to an activity or cause if you have dreamed about electrocution connected to it. Look into balancing your own energy as well, to ensure that you are not filled with a frantic, anxious energy that is causing your life to short out.

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  1. I dreampt I was crossing a bridge, and I lost my balance and held onto a wire hanging, but it was long and when pulled it fell down causing me to fall in the water with it. I feel sensation in my dreams, it felt like vibration and then I felt myself closing my eyes and slipping underwater. I woke up screaming and I think its a sign to tread lightly or you will be shocked.

  2. I dreamed I was walking in front of a electric machine it arcked out and held be till last possible moment before death and I kicked off on last chance before it killed me

  3. So, my dream was i arrived at some sort of social event. it was dark, in a very strange field next to a road. everyone there were strangers. I stepped out of the car trying to look cool and awesome. In the field were some activities like a trampoline, balancing equipment that I’ve never seen before. Then at the end of the dream I was talking with some people when I turned and looked at this girl on the trampoline and she got electrocuted from just being on it. We then made eye contact, she looked scared. then she instantly became a burnt corpse. I walked over to see then when I tried to scream, I couldnt. All that came out was a little squeak as if I had lost my voice. when I turned around, only two people noticed and the rest were still talking. I tried to scream to get their attention but all that came out was a tiny little squeak. Any thoughts?

  4. I had a dream I was coming out of the bath, and I unclogged the drain the. I left and turned off the light and I could see red and green in the bathroom, so I went back inside and the water was clogged and the water was rising, then I called for my mum and she said “ just a sec “. And then I hear her scream “ oh sh** “ and then an unrealistic electric sound ‍♀️

  5. I had a dream in which I see my mother suffering a severe electric shock while lying down on the bed due to a naked wire near it and getting almost paralysed and is dying in front of me. I see her in that state and get her out of contact with the wire, but I tell her that it is my mistake that I noticed the wire in that position but neglected to warn her about it. I feel it is too late to save her and remorseful and blame myself for not warning her about the danger that lay ahead as at that time I did not think she would step into that room where the wire was present.

    • I had a dream where a lady I graduated with was electrocuting me instead of opening a door for us to enter saying that she doesn’t know how to operate the door, so a colleague guy we were walking came to save me.

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