Electrocution Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Electrocution Dream Symbol – Electricity is a dream symbol of energy and power. It can be a very positive symbol, but the dream about electrocution is a danger signal that this power can destroy you as well.

If the electrocution symbol is connected to a life event, then it is advisable that you proceed with caution to make sure you do not get burned. Bear in mind that it can be your own energy that electrocutes, just as much as an outside cause.

Be careful about committing yourself to an activity or cause if you have dreamed about electrocution connected to it. Look into balancing your own energy as well, to ensure that you are not filled with a frantic, anxious energy that is causing your life to short out.

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  1. When I was asleep the other night I had a dream I was searching in an abandoned building for a particular item that I’m not exactly sure what it was. When I was navigating my way out I was in what looked like a gym that was filled with water. I could hear buzzing from wires that were littered all around and all of a sudden I observed one fall directly into the pool. As I walked along the side trying to avoid it I somehow tripped and fell inside. But instead of immediately waking up or being paralyzed I was able to fight through the shock and made me way out and climb successfully and then was able to remove the wire without further injury. It was weird because I could feel the electricity course through my body and my muscles tightened but I was able to move about and go against it. I’m just very confused on what all this may mean and this is the first vivid/realistic dream I’ve had in a while.

  2. I took a nap today with my daughter and I had this dream that I was in this huge house and there was this part of the house that I was told was ours but the other side of it was a store front and anybody was able to walk in and it didn’t seem right because if u walked in u can openly see the inside of our house bc it was connected, and the room that connected the store front and our house had plants all over it with little water hoses and stuff, and I was in the store front checking it out about to complain and I noticed my husband left my daughter in the house all alone so I ran over to her and she had colored all of the foor with this green marker and ruined everything and I was frantically trying to clean it all up and I saw this radio on a table where the cord was almost touching running water and I went to go move the cord away and more water came out and it electrocuted me and I felt it running through my body and how I felt I couldn’t move and I could feel how scared I was I remember in the dream thinking “ I’m going to die” until I saw my daughter as it was happening and I thought to myself “please no I can’t leave her” and I somehow pulled off and was alive and then I woke up. I want to be able to understand this dream I feel the key points is the plants, the electrocution and my daughter.. help

  3. I saw a black bird in my dream on a power line it might have been a crow but I think it was more of a black humming bird… It basically was on the line then it grabbed both lines and was being electrocuted, then dropped like it was dead on the ground, but after a few seconds it got back to life and flew away. What does this mean?

  4. I had a dream as well. i dont know where i was but there were two other human beings with me. One was a baby and the other was somebody i knew in the dream but i cant remember that person now. Any ways i touched a dolphin picture and i was shocked but i saw the electicity all over my body but i FELT ITgo straight to my left eye ( im left handed have no idea if that matters) and i felt my left eye get electricuted then the rest of my body got shocked and it was painful. I dont know why but i touched the baby and i saw electricity all over her body as well and the third person i remember was female and she ran and i touched her and she touched the baby and picture and we were all electricuted. I felt giddy and unstoppable and reckless.

  5. Renee Lebeah on

    This dream had so many aspects to it and some parts were left out because i didnt fully understand them but basically we have just moved and the house is like super weird and it turns out that there was a bunch of ghosts, but they were all like related to dad. So like ghost dad was impregnating my mom and it got to the point where i was like not actually her kid i was like this ghost kid and i was causing all these problems in the house, and so my mom kept trying to do this ritual thing and it wasn’t working and RIGHT BEFORE I WOKE UP she told me it was for the best and that it would work this time and she electrocuted me and i died

    • That sounds like she might have sold your soul,or destoryed it….in the spirit world. I AM NO PROFESSIONAL BUT when calling the other world sometimes you are in their realm in the dreamimg state. Though it might have been all your moms doing. Your only hope is Jesus christ. But be careful because the devil even inhabits the false churches. The devil inhabits the world now.20% truley belive in Jesus Christ and have placed their faith in Him .80% to the devil .
      Then again it could have just been a random dream or your eye opener.
      Your choice.

  6. Julissa Ciara on

    I just had this terrifying dream this morning. It was a pretty normal dream and then this happened. I was on the beach about to model like a mermaid. My mom claimed that I didn’t like the area I was sitting in (it was a decorative seat.) daisy, this women I work for, exclaimed that Erica would say those girls are spoiled and shouldn’t work in this industry. I got mad and then I said “I never said I didn’t like the seat she’s lying.” And then while I was saying that the earth turned dark for one second, and it turned back on and when it turned back on it was the brightest light I’ve ever seen, I was on the floor being what felt like electrocuted. I was in a siezure like matter. I looked up and everyone else is seizing. I tried crawling to my phone to call my bf before I die. But then my dream ended and now I’m scared.

    • Hi on September 29 I had electrocution dream also,it was The Tibetan Lama also known as Dalai Lama who practices witchcraft who chased me around and did this horrible painful act.Are you involved in any non Christian activities?or any Asian practice .Dont worry but stop any odd people from being near you its Spiritual Warfare..look that up and pray to Madonna nine times for 9days(novena)good luck and don’t talk to strangers

  7. This may sound quite silly but I was in my high school and then came this dark hooded figure with a black cloak and his hands together like some kinda nun it may sound funny but at the last part of the dream I got so scared and terrified that I was gonna die. Anyways there was this one girl who was freaking out about it so I took her to the bathroom and we both locked the door but inside the bathroom was this red velvety curtain thing and then behind that a quite large room with a three- doored fire exit?
    Anyways I told her we would be okay since that hooded thing couldn’t, get in here but then she walked up to the fire exit and opened one of the doors which I believe to be the middle one but as she did so she looked as if brain washed and then the hooded thing got her by electrocution but I didn’t even here her scream she just stood there absent-mindedly, but I ran out the bathroom door and then there were boys younger than me outside one of the cabins and they didn’t look phased at all so I just left them and ran inside the cabin they were outside of and found a class that I noticed a few people from but this room was packed full of teenagers, children and teachers. I rushed into there and went round the back of all of the chairs but then I was told to go hide amongst the blue and red beanbag chairs and so I hid under them but as I did so the door opened and in came that hooded figure, as he swiftly went around the classroom all the way nearly to me and I cannot help but remember how frightened and awake I was feeling in the dream since that was the most awake I had felt throughout the dream but I felt as if I was frightened because I didn’t want to die. Just as i thought the hooded figure was coming for me I then noticed it was going towards the door and felt kinda relieved but then I saw a guy teacher infront of me start to shake uncontrollably and fall to the ground shaking but as I looked around properly I saw every single person but the people I used to talk to dead by electrocution and lying down. The people I used to talk to were looking around but mostly this guy I sued to talk to nearly every day and he stood up looking around and I was shaken up but then I woke up and just felt I had to know what the hell this was about.
    Death by electrocution?
    Only some of my old freinds surviving?
    Hooded cloaked figure with electrouting powers?
    (The hooded cloaked figure honestly looked as if an old monk that hummed everytime it was there).
    You couldn’t see the hooded cloaked figures face….
    Does anyone know what this may be about?
    I mean I know some of the people that were electrocuted in my dream and it’s quite creepy..

    • Yamantaka is the electrocuteraldo known as Dalai Lama ..similar dream I had..Terrorist Asian man prowls the world looking for people like you.There is s prophesy about him also known as Devil like..watch out cut to Bible asap

    • I’m honestly not a expert but I thought this could help.
      I think there is a issue ir problem/ situatiin that need to be addressed; but you might not know if it yet, due to the omniscient black figure that you saw that perhaps representing the mystery of the problem.
      When presented with the 3 exits in the bathroom might illustarte the ways out of the situation – but you have to decide which door to go through. If you decided on the wrong door you might end up like the girl, brainwashed and controlled by the situation.

      If you dont address the problem it might being to affect the people around you. From what you said the boys in the cabins were unphased by the situation as well as the classroom you entered. It only effected the classroom when you got into it. This might imply that this mysterious problem ( that you might not know of yet) can affect the people around you hence why specific friends were electrocuted.

      Sorry for the long interpretation. This DEFINITELY MIGHT BE WRONG but I thought some of this might help.

  8. My boyfriend and i live together, in my dream i was living with him, he showed me the beautiful shower, and the beautiful jacuzzi, i asked if we could go in the jacuzzi he said yes, i went to go talk to two of my friends about going in the jacuzzi and as i was walking back into the bathroom a fan fell onto the jacuzzi before i even walked back to the bathroom i seen a large electricity bolt, i ran to my boyfriend who was already in the jacuzzi and i started crying right away cause i heard him scream and didnt kno what to do, he slumped over and i flew up put my sleep and grabbed him, im still torn.

  9. Just woke up, heart still racing. Buddy and I were driving in his convertible with the top up. Just as the sun was setting in a cloudy sky. Friend was wearing a bright yellow Adidas shirt. Driving over a eight lane bridge. The bridge narrows to 2 lanes then one then to a narrow concrete path that abruptly ends leading no where. A couple is holding hands at the end of that ledge. Sky is black. No wind.They look happy. They are about 150 meters ahead of us. There are railway tracks on the road that we are on that lead to the end of the ledge. I notice lighting, more like a ball of electricity coming from not the sky but ahead of the couple. I hit my friend on his chest and tell him to back up the car and avoid the rails. The couple which is now about 100 meters are running towards us to their car. It hits all around them nothing happens to them. The rails catch the electricity and I see it coming towards our car. As we reverse we pass a car that was following us. The electricity ball comes again. This time hits the couple, they start moving akwardly and drop. I watch as it comes towards our car. Knowing I shouldn’t touch metal I worry about my friend and the electricity hits our car. I see it periodacally go through my friend. My friend is getting electrocuted. The car veers to side of the bridge. The partition stops us fron going over. I try to help but I can’t do anything but push him to no avail. The car is constant being bombarded with electricity. Before the car blows up i wake up.

    • In my dream me and my family were in the hospital. And there was a room that had an electrocution machine. The nurses were going to use it to electocute my brother. The next day in my dream, my brother was alive!! I asked him how he was alive and he said cauliflower. Then my alarm woke me up so the dream ended.

  10. Wellll, this part if the dream is kind of funky and I really an troubled by it. If anyone has any insight, I meditate A LOT these days and have somebweird reaction from my body that makes me wonder about a few things (i.e. numb feeling over the arms, head, thighs, buzzing in the ears, etc.).

    Before everything, that was a vivid dream, I was nit aware I was sreaming but everything was ezceptionnaly clear and I could live every feeling and sensation that the me in the dream was passing through.

    So, I went to a school annexed to a hospital and tried to learn how to master my inner self and energy and I really wanted to know how to master it and project it in the ohysical world. After a few atempts at infiltrating a studying room, I tried to convince a searcher that I had an ability and I thought I had 2 : 1 of. Gripping any surface with the projection of my blue aura at the tip of my fingers ( but like a suction disk).

    (This is where it gets really interesting) Second ability would be when I was “sharpening” one side of my hand against the opposite palm and doing the opposite over and over again, I got charged with blue electricity shredding on the surface of my hands and when I was pressing my thumbs together and my index together, the openining between my 2 hands focused the electricity and I could see a mass in the middle of it.

    The doctor invited me to discuss the thing in her office. After trying and trying again, it became harder to manifest it and the form in the middle became every time clearer. It was an eye pointing directly into me. I felt like it was piercing through my whole being. The eye was blue, just like the electric charge.

    I tried again afterward, and could get the feeling of charging it up. My mom came to look after me (I’m 22 and not at home since forever, we still talk to each other but I moved 5500km from home soooo). I tried to do the trick one last time and had to position my hands a bit differently but after a few seconds, I could feel something was wrong. My eyes were closed so I couldnt see it, but instead of a charging bolt if lightning, I was draining some gastric juices and blood fron my mothers body (came out of the mouth). When I stopped (r8ght after I realized it), my mom puked everything she could and I did ouke the same exact thing. Red clots of blood and viscous green-yellow bile.

    I woke up not long after I caught back my breath. Wth was that dream, is it relation to anything?

  11. Ok so here is my dream. I once had a dream where I was convicted of murder, and sentenced to death by electrocution. When I was about be to killed, they strapped me to the table, and stuck thick iron needles into both arms, which btw I felt the pain. When I was shocked, it felt like a massive iron bar was being stabbed repeatedly into my chest sideways, in the shoulder, and out the leg area. I woke up sweating when I “died” in the dream, but as I was dying, there was a girl crying on the opposite side of the pane of glass, saying “It wasn’t her, It wasn’t her!” Me being a guy, this confused the piss out of me, and to this day, I still don’t know what the heck it means, even though I have had it more than once.

  12. i had a dream i kept throwing an electrical wire off the cliff with my friends into the ocean, as we did it would turn black all over the water and electrocute us. n then sometimes i would get in the water and have someone throw it in, n then these people were having a dance show in the ocean so i threw a wire in.

  13. Just awoke from nightmare. A tree fell onto a power pole knocking the power pole to the ground. Live wires everywhere. My 6 year old son hopped on his bike to go browsing. He nearly walked right on the downed power lines. My screaming for him to please stop is what saved him from certain death. There was a lot of other things going on before and after that point . But my son nearly being electrocuted was terrifying . I was sobbing uncontrollably in my nightmare 🙁

    • Had similar dream in august 2015. during dream I was outside with my grandson and father; great grandfather. We were outside and I noticed people rushing out of a building or house. The people were screaming about an earthquake. I did not feel the earthquake; i live in California. As the people ran around, my father asked “What is this”. Palm trees were falling down and knocking down electrical lines and power poles and wires were all over the place. After the dust settled i turned around to grab my grand soon but he was crawling away under the wires. i screamed for him to stop and not move; but it was too late. he touched power line and zapped him. I woke up in a sweat and my heart was hurting. I thought i was having a heart attack. Sadly my grandson has been diagnosed with brain cancer this month Sept. 2015. Operation, radiation, Chemo; a living nightmare.

  14. Had a dream I was drowning and felt like I was being electrocuted I kew it was a dream but I couldnt wake.up

  15. I dreamt of getting electrocuted I also could hear screaming of my sisters name and myself I didn’t see any faces but myself and i woke up and can’t seem to fall back to sleep

  16. I had a dream where I got electrocuted by the welding machine… smoke was coming out of my gloves.

  17. I had a dream recently that I was pregnant. Close to giving birth and I ended up in a bathroom I have never seen before and I electrocuted myself and the unborn baby. Please help me understand this dream.

  18. In my dream my son foned me wen he was in the bath the stereo fell in and i seen is feet shaking then stopped wen i got home my other sons was there but my son wasn’t in the bath he was no where to been seen wot do it mean x

  19. I had a dream that i was hearing a person screaming down the kitchen. As i went down i saw a guy screaming in way way his voice even can’t be heard + he was holding a wire. So i directly looked into the table that was inside the kitchen (he was on the door) and as i was approaching to help him he held me with his 2 hands on my grey hoodie. I woke up SCARED

  20. I had a dream that my boyfrnd friend electrocuted 3 people including me by tying up in ropes like we were puppets . He flipped the switched and I saw each one of us being electrocuted and dying. Weird thing is I didn’t dye in the end. What does this mean? ?

  21. So I had a dream that I walked into our bedroom and the wall ac unit had sheared off the wall. I went over to “fix” or unplug the wire and got electrocuted and “consciously” fought passing out but ended up passing out in my dream anyway. When I woke up water was flowing into my room from a broken pipe (I guess) and I tried to scoop it out and dump it in the sink and when I thought it was slowing down, I realized it was flowing towards another outlet with another wire..

  22. I dreamed that I got electrocuted through my ex lover, who first got electrocuted by a dragon. what could this mean?

  23. Chastaine Mitchell on

    Alright so i had a dream that ii had to electrocute the evil out of sumpne with a wire and when i did the dark sks turned blue and the evil left him. Whats this mean?

  24. This is my second Electrocution dream in the past 3 years. First dream I saw myself on my living room floor trying to reach for the telephone cord and the outlet started to spark and the whole floor was taken over by electricity along with my body. In the dream I felt the electricity and saw my body shaking and my left hand was holding part of my lower back there was pain on that spot. I think it was my left kidney I was trying to protect. Now the dream last night was about a woman targeting what it looked like a family I think. well she fired at them with a machine gun and them threw 2 army bombs at them one of the bombs nocked down a telephone pole and the cables landed on me.. that’s when I got Electrocuted ;-( in my waking life I am going through a lot of stress so it must have something to do with that.

    • I dreamt that I was in my sister’s two-story home. I walked down the wooden stairs. At the last step there were two pieces of wood that my dad is trying to hammer in because it was slipping off. There were grass inside the house all over the first floor. Some parts of the grass far away from the water hose the grass was dying. So i decided to water them knowing about the electric sockets on the side and in the floor. I still did it to save the grass. The water seeped into the sockets. I walked up the stairs and looked down. A man in a police uniform happened to just be standing down there got elecrocuted. I thought maybe I should wait till it dries out to go back down. I walked up the stairs and saw my nephew on the toilet.

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