Egypt Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Egypt Dream Symbol – Dreaming of Egypt can represent a part of your character that expects yourself and those around you to behave well, and in socially accepted ways. You may also expect others to see how your ideas and actions are superior to everyone else.

Ancient Egyptians in a dream can mean there is some part of you that is out your own control. Who have you given your power to in this part of your life? It is time to take it back.

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  1. Me and Jordan who I just knew to be jordan in my dream where on the run we’d keep eachother safe in Egypt we were the hunted kind easy targets, we’d whisper truths to eachother about religions of all kinds although how this actually helped us I don’t now know, we was looking towards the Egyptian pyramids and saw 3 men with guns and headscarf’s, he said run hide il take Care of these so I hid behind the recycling banks and across the way was an Aldi’s I don’t know what happened to Jordan because I woke up from my dream but their was something so strange about Jordan I was only young and he was much older we could have very easily have fell in love he was so magical

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