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Egg Dream Symbol – Dreaming of eggs represents change, creativity, fertility, and birth. When eggs are a feature of a dream the one thing that is certain is that change is around the corner. Eggs are a message from your subconscious that your inner potential about to unfold. It is a time to use the lessons of the past to deal with any obstacles on your path. You have the tools to deal with anything life throw at you. Do not show fear.

Eggs also bring messages of your potential and all the possibilities you have in your life. It is a sign you need to separate different parts of your life so you can move each part forward in the ways they require for success. It is a time to be fearless. You will need to face any fears with strength and courage to achieve your goals.

egg-dreamsEggs can symbolize spiritual growth and development. They can be a symbol of change and progressing your life. They can also prompt you to take a good look at your life and you may decide there are things that hold you back. This may even prophesize a whole new start that brings you closer to your goals. It is time to action your plans.

Eating eggs can mean you have been isolating yourself from the world. Do you hide yourself away? Do you doubt yourself? Are you worried about how the word perceives you? Cracked and broken eggs can represent the fragility of your world. But, they can also mean you are comfortable with who you are and enjoy our own company.

When you dream of laying an egg this can symbolize something holds you back in life. It can also mean you will receive a bonus for your had work from your employer, at school, or in a recreational pursuit. When you lay the egg in a dream this means it will take you awhile to realize the impact of a situation. There may be a delayed emotional reaction when you do.

A chicken that cannot lay an egg symbolizes there maybe challenges to new beginnings. Be persistent and you can work through these. It can be the universe testing your true desires. Dreaming of a chicken farm it is a warning you have potential you ignore. It is time to step it up and put in the effort required for success. Nothing comes to those who sit back and wait.

Seeing eggs in a basket suggests there is a chance you will receive that promotion or an offer that will advance your career. It can also mean you will come from the depths of despair to act with renewed motivation. One egg in a basket is a sign you have choices to make to move forward. Hot eggs remind of the passion you have for those you love. But, beware, avoid extreme mood changes. Do not let jealousy rear its ugly head. Cold eggs, can remind of communication breakdowns with others. Are there relationships that need mending? Are you aware of how you communicate with others?

Beating eggs is a reminder of the side you hide away from the world. Do you do this? Why? You need to face the world with courage. Be the person you really are. For, until you do, you cannot move forward. Cracking an egg indicates there are parts of your life out of your control. It can be that you need to think more before opening your mouth. Do you know what I mean?

Peeling eggs symbolizes new beginnings. Tapping eggs to break the shell can mean there are parts of your life that worry you. You need to consider what changes you can make to move forward. Throwing eggs, or having them thrown at you, is a sign you need to be more considerate of others’ feelings if you want to achieve something dear to you.

Dreaming of an egg timer brings rebirth. This is a sign of the way time moves on. It can be a sign of the emotional turmoil you may be feeling and that time is running out. Can this be related to you? It is time to sort out your feelings so you can grasp new opportunities. Do not let negative feelings hold you back. Do not use them as excuses to fail.

Baking a cake and cracking an egg into the bowl can mean you are being thoughtful in how you communicate with others. It can also mean that others see you as a leader. Though this may often surprise you as this is not what you consciously want to achieve. Does this happen to you?

Dreaming of bird’s eggs represents different parts of your life. You may need to approach things with a different perspective to achieve what you need to at work or in your career. This can be a reminder to stop and think things through. Look at the issue from all angles. Duck eggs mean there is prosperity and abundance on the way. There will be success. Quail eggs signifies true wealth and a lavish lifestyle will be your reward for success. It can also mean you will travel to a cold county. DO you plan a trip to Scandinavia?

An ostrich egg signifies there is something around you that is stagnating. You need to either move it forward or remove it from your life altogether. Eating gull eggs is a sign you currently feel peace and contentment in your life. Pheasant and emu eggs can symbolize your childhood. It can be a message it is a time for change to help you grow up. Have you been avoiding change? Is there some conflict in your life? You may need to remove those who cause conflict around you from your life.

Selling eggs at market is a sign you have a good network of supportive friends and family around you. They are there whenever you need them. They let you know things will always work out in the end.

Dreaming of an egg yolk is a sign that you will prosper. Eating the yolk can mean there are good things in your life right now. It is a time where everything you do will work in your favor. You have the strength of character to make the right choices and follow through. This is a reminder to take advantage of all opportunities that cross your path.


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  1. I dreamt that I was sharing eggs to women. There were so many eggs and I was sharing the eggs to reach everybody. In that dream the eggs did not reach all and I decided to reduce the number of eggs each person gets so it would get to everyone two pieces each. But some women sensing it may not get to them clustered around the eggs wanting to seize some to themselves. I managed to calm them down and ensured them it would get to everyone. But there was this particular woman that was so stubborn and refused to let go of the eggs she was holding unto. I rebuked her fiercely and in my annoyance barred her from receiving any eggs. I shared the eggs two two each even reducing the number of eggs I wrapped in a package for myself so as to make sure others got something. Suddenly, an ugly looking donkey belonging to one of the women came inside the hall and sat by a corner. As I was calling on the women to come and take their eggs, I saw some ugly emaciated and hungry looking women coming into the hall too. I the confusion that followed, the donkey with the head of a camel rose up and snatched one of the eggs in its mouth. I hurriedly chased it away from the hall. I also observed there were some broken eggs in the heap of eggs but I don’t know who broke them.

    Can this dream mean something?

    Somebody help please.

  2. I can’t find an explanation for this dream, so I’ll just put it here. Please reply with the meaning if you know it!
    So this dream is obviously a little disturbing, just a warning. There is blood involved.
    I had a nightmare last night that a woman was about to give birth. She then birthed a large, hideous, dark red egg. She was visibly angry that she “went through all that just for an egg?!??!!?”. The egg is blotchy and bloody, and the doctors crack it open to reveal a dark red yolk. It should be noted that while this dream sounds silly, I was in a state of great fear both in the dream and in waking life.

  3. I was always dreaming that someone is telling me that it is time,i cant see him or her,sometimes its a woman voice with very scary tone and sometimes a man,they kept on telling me it is time get ready,i dont understand why i kept having this dream for years,before they told me it is time,sometimes they bring me to places,theres a flood, then recently ita massive earthquakes all over the place,and lots of people are crying for help but they told me to stay on the path and keep repeating the words they are telling me then i will be safe,

  4. Claudette Rudd on

    I dreamt of catching hatched bird egg shells. They were little blue egg shells and I was happy when I caught them. My hands were full so I put them in my pocket and when I went to get them out to show family, they were crumbled. What does this mean???

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