Eel Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Eel Dream Symbol – Dreaming of eels is symbolic of your masculine energy. The masculine side of your emotions. Eels bring messages you are well balanced. Your relationships should be healthy if you dream of eels. Women dreaming of eels can mean you need more understanding from the man in your life. It can also represent a lack of trust in men due to past hurtful relationships.

eel-dreamsSeeing an eel swimming means you are flexible and adapt well to whatever changes life throws in your way. This dream can mean you need to be open to new opportunities that cross your path. These may possibly be in your social or love life.

Eating eels represents fertility. You may be wishing for a child and to become a parent. It can even represent a woman’s biological clock running out of time. Touching an eel signifies missed opportunities. Eels in muddy water or in unusual places is a sign you may feel out of your depth. You may have taken on too much. You may feel overwhelmed. Or you may feel out of place.

A man seeing a dead eel is a sign you repress your feelings. You may not be dealing well with the weight of your responsibilities. You may think you do not live up to you own standards. To what you want out of life. This may be a time for re-evaluation. Do not be hard on yourself. It can be a time to make changes.

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  1. Susan Wunderlich on

    I had a dream that an eel was in a tank in a hospital with electrodes attached to it. Then the other end of the electrodes were attacheded to me by a heart doctor. The doctor then gave a command and the eel sent out a charge and I saw the current pass between our bodies. While still attached, the eel and I were moved out of the room together. We passed nurses and went into a bathroom.

    If I end up with a pacemaker, or something similar, this is a premonition.

  2. I just woke up from a dream about me being underwater being able to breathe and I was trying to scare away an eel but ended up getting chased. I also had a shield for some reason. Seems like a weird dream but is there a huge meaning behind it?

  3. I had a dream that some how in my room a hole was made because my friend took up my old carpet and then a hole was made some how. Afterwards water ran up and flooded the whole room. I don’t know how but we ended up on two separate beds and I was screaming out to him and then out of nowhere I saw the eel. It was pink. Bright neon pink and had a weird koi fish looking head but it was an eel. Long story short. I tried to escape and make it to the other side but I couldn’t and ended up being alone in the dark waters and soon as the eel bit me I woke up. Explain please someone.

  4. I sliced my leg open for something and pushed on the outside of the incision. An eel looking creature with teeth came out behind my muscle mouth open all those little fang teeth. Wrap leg in tape call ambulance they don’t believe whatI’m telling them. There’s more but phone needs charging. Love this site.

  5. Reagan Williams on

    I had the weirdest dream that i was on a boat during a storm and this big ass eel swam under the boat and i petted it. It turned around and started chasing me and i tried to run away and jump on another boat, but the eel had a human baby in its mouth and gave it to me. Then it opened its mouth again and it had no teeth. It was hungry so i poured down corn chips in its mouth and it went away.

    It was so vivid and weird. Lol

  6. Eels were climbing the walls going room to room. I grabbed one knowing it might bite and it bit me.

  7. Last night I dreamed that I was swimming in the water going to my younger sister to get $100 from her because my youngest sister owed me so she asked my younger sister to pay me back cuz the youngest sister didn’t have any money on her. As I was trying to swim toward the other end of the dock to grab the money, my husband said watch out, there is something in the water with you. The water was very murky, a very dark green like seaweed color. I liked around and saw tiny little eels around me. I tried to swim away but they all kept chasing me and there were thousands of them. They kinda kept coming and pushed me further away from the dock. I was so scared so I tried to swim back to the dock but they kept coming back at me trying to push the current of the water away from the dock. I finally fought and swam pulled myself on the dock but they still tried to get me. They coiled themselves around my ankles, hands and tried to jimm up on my body. I pried all the coiled eels off of me and get up.
    What does that mean?

    • Peter Perez on

      I dream about eels which is covered with thick cloth when i pull off the cloth i realized that i have jump off my bed and have a severe back pain when i suddenly jump backward and wakeup it is really painful. Abbrassions and muscle pains on my back after waking up. It was really a nightmare on my part when seeing lots of eels underneath the cloth. It really took me by surprise.

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