Earthquake Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Earthquake Dream Symbol – An earthquake is a disturbing symbol in a dream, denoting life changes that may be catastrophic. It represents very physical things. Everything that causes your sense of stability is or may soon be in jeopardy, as indicated by the literal ground beneath your feet giving way in your dream. Notice the damage caused by the earthquake in your dream.

Earthquake dreamsThis could indicate the other people and things that may be affected by the change, or it could signify the things you hold dearest and which you would be most afraid to lose. Alternatively, an earthquake dream could indicate insecurity in your life’s current circumstances, rather than an impending change.

Alternatively, to dream about an earthquake, where the ground in shaking violently and building as falling down, can be signs that you should not get too comfortable in you waking life. Even though everything in your life may seem like it is in place right now, you never know when the next tragedy may strike.

Earthquake dreams are usually not foretelling dreams designed to warn you about a real earthquake. The world in your dream represents your stability and security around you. Seeing everything being shaking to the core by the earth moving rapidly is a sign that no matter how strong everything is you should never become over confident.

Life often has a way of throwing us curveballs like family tragedies, divorce, and other unforeseen events that can catch us off guard. This dream may be reminding you to appreciate what you have right now, while you have it.

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  1. Shyamander on

    I saw a dream in last night that all building broken down and I hold all of my family members . Due to thunder and earthquake all buildings collapse​d. We all family members start god Pooja to save our life but our building also collasp and all members saved only I died I chant the god mantra and after it I was flying in the sky and suddenly I drop in a house where same manta was chanted and I took the birth in his house. Every one was haapy at that home I saw my new family there I have taken new birth
    I again fly to saw my family I saw a lot of building was damged my son was crying my daughter was eating bread in relef camp. I cannot understand what is this

  2. I had a dream of seeing a tsunami from a far. Then I was floating along with it. I felt unafraid and calm. Then later I felt a little earth quake and saw enormous cracks in the ground that opened up and people were falling in. I felt courage and felt like I needed to do something to help others. What does this mean?

  3. I had a dream I was in the house with my boyfriend all of a sudden a bug earthquake hit I was yelling for him and he got mad telling me it was my imagination I started looking for my son and grandson my boyfriend got even madder yelling at me to calm down I turned around and told him thier my children he said go then but don’t expect me to keep paint all ur living expenses. If u leave say goodbye I started crying and told him he’s my son I woke up crying

  4. Yesterday, January 3rd 2018 I took a nap midday and in my dream I was excited to see my cousin had moved close-by. So I went to visit her at her job (cashier) at a local corner store when all of a sudden we both felt the ground shaking. Instantly we knew it was an earthquake because we grew up in 2 different states that are prone to quakes her being from Seattle and me from San Francisco so we sprung into action and got the hell outta dodge. Anyways no one was hurt even tho it was a pretty powerful quake it woke me up with an eerie feeling…. Long story short the next day January 4, 2018 at 2:39am a 4.5 magnitude quake shook which I didn’t feel because I was on the freeway coming home.
    Kinda trippy…..

  5. I just had a dream that while brushing my teeth a big earthquake occurred and I can see outside the window the big waves from the river. Though I’m panicking already, i managed to finish what I was doing that time. Then I just got awake. What does that mean?

  6. Leslie Johnson on

    So yesterdas I took a nap and was awoken by a dream of anew earthquake while I was driving across a bridge and just so happens we ended up having ano earthquake later on that day in a small town in delaware where that rarely happens I’m a little spooked

  7. I had a dream that I was laughing and drinking wine with my family when I noticed an owl starring at me outside. I starred back for a while and when I went to walk in the kitchen to tell everyone that’s when the earthquake started I made it to the laundry room and braced myself because it felt like the whole house was moving. I remember yelling hold on to my family members in the house but I could not see any of them. When things stopped I walked out and realized the part of the house that I was in was moving. So I walked up to the house and opened the door and everyone was in there happy, there was not much damage. Then I woke up…..

  8. Had a dream that my daughter was dead. Because of an earthquake. She slowly fell on a road cliff while the road is slowly cracking and falling down. But i also saw others died too. And the weird thing is… My daughters age now is not the same in my dream. I dreamt that shes a teenager. And that happened. Can anyone tell me what that means?? Pls???

  9. I dreamed there was an earthquake in my town but the bridge was out and I could not get to the location. When I finally arrived the earthquake was over and my neighborhood had been affected I woke up before I was able to tell for sure if my home was destroyed but the closer I got the more damage there was. (When I woke up I turned on the news and Mexico had suffered that first eq.)

  10. i dream last night my house got claps , i am staying in rented house. we all escaped including our house owner wife but house owner could not come out he was buried . we were searching him under debris but suddenly i waked up.

  11. I saw a dream about an earthquake.It was like suddenly everything was shaking but like in a slow motion way so you had time to leave yet it wouldnt stop shaking and I remember how everyone in my house stayed calm and I was the only one terrified.I told my mom why don’t you open the door so we can leave while we can ? She said it’s not worth it bc it’s gonna get us before we are even out.So I decided to risk I opened the door I took that risk and got out by myself.However when I was out i was standing outside my home but suddenly nothing was shaking.I was shocked.then i go to this center where they offfer shelter and i find there all my highschool mates and college ones and strangers .All had felt the earthquake.There was a stranger with blue eyes somewhat bald guy that keept lookin at me with his piercing eyes.He offered me a bag to put my clothes but i did not accept was not mine.Then i left.When i left the place it seemed like i was in a prison and at the door the guard saluted me and gave me my former jackett.When i was out i felt relieved.But the streets were empty

  12. I just had a dream that the earthquake was a swaying one for a very long while and must of been around 9.0 I thought in my dream. I rushed to get my daughter out and it was all over with, the earthquake stopped but not much damage. I was pretty scared though. Also in my waking life, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get a new job across a few statelines. So I think that’s what it means?

  13. i had a dream that suddenly there was a earthquake and some thing steel like fell all over my head . i was also with my mom and two children. i thought we would be burried but i could remember and called aloud my root guru. suddelny awake.

    • I dreamt I was in a park with small children suddenly there was an earthquake and when I looked into the sky I saw a big wave with big sharks who were about to swallow people who were running I went straight to the wave as I felt I could not run anywhere as I was giving up think I was drowning the water got into my nose and something lifted me out of the wave and out of the sharks. To me this is victory that I have won the battle I’m against. When I woke up my body was aching all over. I still look into the sky and imagine a big wave and sharks

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