Earth Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Earth Dream Symbol – Dreaming of the planet earth being above or below you is symbolic of all creation. Dreaming of the earth’s crust is a reminder of the support and love that surrounds you.

If you see the earth from above, this is a message to let you know that you are using all the resources and opportunities available to you at this time. It can also be a reflection of how others see you as you walk through life. You may need to consider the consequences of your actions on others before you make life changing decisions.

Seeing the planet earth as round indicates you may be looking to be accepted socially. Dreaming of flying around the planet earth can mean you are looking for something new to fulfill your subconscious. It may even be a new hobby, a new lifestyle, or a new relationship.

Being buried beneath the earth is warning that you need to reassess your goals for they may be unattainable for you. They may be beyond your reach. You may have to break them down into smaller goals with specific things to achieve to take you to where you want to ultimately be.

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  1. I had a dream i was revolving with earth because we never feel how it is to be at the bottom of it, that’s what i experienced. Feeling us rotate from the sides to the bottom but not being upside down.. to add to that i was in complete darkness and when i went to open the curtain it took me a while to reach the light but once i did it shined so bright. I then told someone about it in my dream thinking i was awake and they told me it’s god trying to reach me and i said wait a minute this isn’t real either it’s after 6pm (coworker) and i wouldn’t be seeing you because it’s like 2am right now and i woke up.

  2. I’ve dreamt of two full moons and an eclipse but instead of sun or moon, earth is being eclipsed. I saw the earth moving. I’ve witnessed the start and end of the eclipse. I was with my boyfriend the whole time and he tried to capture the moment but was too overwhelmed by what’s taking place that he failed to capture it

  3. I had a dream that the earth floated out of orbit and as it floated all the pther planets kept knocking it futher away from the solar system.. then a black hole emerged and all matter was sucked into it.. including myself., thought I would die but I spiralled inside the whole until the earth was made new.. all was new besides a rug I sit on when I’m working.. and I was told not to damage it, since the future generation had to learn how to make them from that none..

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