Duck Dream Symbol


Duck – Dreaming about a duck is typically a sign of good fortune to come. Ducks are considered one of the most delicious and valuable birds. Dreaming about eating a duck indicates that you are about to celebrate something important. Dreaming about ducks flying above you is a sign of obstacles being removed from your path.

Depending on the size, number and color of the ducks you might enjoy wealth, love, a promotion or some other boon in your life. To understand colors and numbers and their meanings in dreams, you should consult a competent source. Ducks are rarely seen as anything other than a positive symbol.

Other Interpretations

To dream of ducks can mean you or others around you are aware of the truth of the world. Some may call them conspiracy theories. But being aware can give you inside information if you ever need it. Duck can symbolize being prepared for whatever can happen.

duck dreamOn the other hand, duck can represent gossiping and backstabbing others, or you may rebel against knowing such things as the conspiracy theories. Knowing what to believe can turn your world upside down. Is there someone that annoys you, who will not leave you in peace? Has information you know made you see the world differently? Do you worry about things out of your control or sphere of influence? Look closer to find better ways to balance what you think and feel.

Ducks can also bring you a spiritual connection to remind you of a spiritual connection when flying in the skies or of what lies in your subconscious if they are swimming on water. These birds can swim, walk, and fly and they can visit to remind you of your own flexible attitude and your ability to adapt to any changes in your world.

It is about your perspective and taking control to make changes work best for you. Or, duck can warn that you are setting yourself up for a fall. Do you feel targeted? Is there a situation you are ‘ducking’ out of?  Or, is what someone says the opposite of what they do?

When Duck crosses your path

Duck crosses your path to catch your attention for there are opportunities to explore. She reminds if you do not take swift action you will miss out. Do not procrastinate if you are interested.

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  1. Had a dream in a familiar setting that a black duck was following me around as if it wanted to be my familiar… It came it me when I called it’s name to reveal it’s fully black plumage. Black is a color I wear frequently, and I’ve seen that this can affect the symbolism of the dream. At one point it came up to me and I knelt, it hopped on my lap and gently nudged my nose with it’s beak. Her name is Lila

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