Dropping Dream Symbol


Dropping – Dreaming about dropping something symbolizes the need or danger of losing an item or idea. It indicates the need for protecting your things and acting on ideas before the moment is lost to someone or something else. If you dream about dropping from a height, see falling.

If you dream about someone else dropping something it could mean that a fortune is going to come to you from someone else or it might otherwise mean that something bad is going to happen to them. Dropping things might also indicate freedom from slavery, whether that slavery is to money or possessions or something else, like ideas.

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  1. I had a dream about someone handing me a big long wooden box and as I went to hold it with both hands it was too heavy so I dropped it and then I woke up.

  2. Hi I dreamt that I accidentally dropped my phone from a high rise building. When I rushed down to go and pick up the pieces I noticed someone had picked it up and it was intact. They handed it over straight away and phone was functioning as normal

  3. while i was taking a nap earlier today 5/31/17 i had a dream where i bought peaches but i kept dropping them and i dropped them like twice.

  4. I had a dream where I was holding onto a huge log up in the air with both hands and a fork in my mouth. The fork had some margarine . There was a little man standing on the ground and looking up who threatened me and I let the fork drop. I latter lost grip and before I could fall down I awakened. Pls help me interpret this dream.

  5. I had a dream that I was carrying a disabled person and I kept dropping them. I was in a house and dropped them while walking down the steps outside, and again when I tried running on the ground. What does this particular dream mean? I’m not sure if it matters but they had small chains around them that wrapped around me to keep them up. Every time I dropped them I had to lie down on the ground to put the chain back around me, and then I’d hook the chain back together so I could pick them back up.

    • I’ve had this dream lately too. I am an in home senior caregiver and I’ve had dreams about dropping the elderly lady I work for. I want to know what it means too

  6. I had a dream, and it kept flipping to different settings, one where I was playing Skyrim and I somehow accidentally dropped all my loot from my inventory, then I was in a grocery store spending a lot of time and effort picking good fruits and vegetables and dropped this huge bag everywhere but this time I had friends to help pick them up for me, then the same thing in a classroom setting and again in the kitchen and shower. I just kept dropping stuff over and over. It was weird and not sure what it means yet.

  7. I had a dream about a week ago that took place in my dads house. Whom I haven’t spoken with in over years in actual life. There was a family party going on and I remember walking inside the house complimenting all the decor to myself. I walked in to one of the rooms and in there were my two brothers looking for something. I bent over and grabbed a $20 dollar bill and a quarter and gave it back to them. After that I woke up from my dream. What would the money symbolize? I was thinking the year 2025

  8. The other day I had woken up from a dream of someone dropping or throwing one of thoes weights to work out with on my back. I have no idea what that means

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