Dreams Starting with W


“W” – “The letter W may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building…”


Wadding – “Dreaming about wadding does not mean anything broad enough to include in this glossary. However, if wadding holds…”


Wading – “Dreaming about wading in the water is symbolic of childhood and play time fun. Many people have very fond memories of wading…”


Wafers – “Dreaming about wafers is significant to some Christian groups around the world. Some Christians actually believe that a priest…”


Waffle – “Waffles can mean one of two things. Either the dream pertains to something that is completely ridiculous or it has something to do…”


Wager – “Dreaming about making or taking a wager indicates that there is something about which you are uncertain in your life. However…”


Wages – “Dreaming about wages is indicative that you feel as if you are not being paid enough for your work. In general this is true of…”


Wagon – “Dreaming about a wagon is reminiscent of day gone by that were much simpler than the modern era of automobiles and airplanes…”


Waif – “For waif, see poverty or Vagrant.”


Wail – “Dreaming about a wail –especially the wail of a child– indicates that you are filled with anxiety that needs to be released. This anxiety…”


Waiter/Waitress – “The waiter is a server just like the valet. See Valet.”


Waiting – “Dreaming about waiting can be a very long and laborious feeling. In general if you are waiting in your dream you are also waiting…”


Wake – “Dreaming that you are asleep and then wake up is a natural thing that happens all the time and means nothing. However, if you feel…”


Walkie Talkie – “For walkie talkie, see Telephone and Undercover.”


Walking – “If you dream about walking it indicates that you are on a short journey to fulfillment. This is good because it means that you are…”


Wallet – “The wallet represents financial issues in your life. For more information, see Bank.”


Wallpaper – “Dreaming about wallpaper is a sign that you need a quick reinvention of your life in some easy and simple way. This might…”


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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. Stephanie Merida on

    I had a dream about a guy spreading holy water over my head and then he stroked my left breast after words

  2.  My son will be five years old next month. I’m a single mother, he is my only child and we are extremely close. In my dream I walked into his room on the second floor and he was outside of the window walking back and forth on what I assumed to be a plank of wood affixed to the side of the house. He didn’t notice me at all, he was just obliviously walking back and forth out there, seemingly in good spirits. I was horrified and panicked. I wanted to rescue him but I was afraid to go up to window and open it or scream for him to come back inside, for fear that I would startle him and he would fall to his death. I watched in terror, paralyzed with fear and not knowing what to do, as he happily walked back and forth outside of that window. Eventually he just came back inside. He was safe! But when I left the room it happened again. All of those same intense feelings flooded back in and overwhelmed me as I watched an encore of his dangerous stunt. Once again, when he was done he came back inside. I ran to the window to grab him as he was coming inside. When I grabbed his hand the window pane shifted and separated (I’m not sure how else to describe it) and cut off the tip of one of his tiny fingers, from the first knuckle up. The piece of finger landed on the bed. I can still see it so clearly. There was not much blood and he did not cry. I immediately grabbed his hand and wrapped it in my shirt to stop the (lack of?) bleeding. I carried him to my mom and told her to call an ambulance and headed back to his room to retrieve the severed piece of finger to put it on ice so it can be reattached (seriously) and that’s it!! I woke up in tears and it took me a while to realize it was just a dream. I’m actually scared to fall asleep tonight because I fear another nightmare. I cannot remember ever feeling more helpless or more scared in my life. This dream has really shaken me. But what does it mean?? Help

  3. hi, I am a 41 years old female, separated with a 12 years old son… I have this dream about water, like a flood, it has been repeating with different situations…. what could that mean?

    • I think it signifies your emotions..turbulent….running and spilling over…depends on “other” situations in the dream..:) Hope that helps…and best wishes..

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