Dreams Starting with L


“L” – “The letter L may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building…”


Label – “Labels are supposed to be telling features about people or objects. In your dreams you may come across an object that is…”


Labor – “Dreaming about labor is usually a simple representation that whatever projects you pursue will be difficult and require a lot…”


Labor (Birth) – “If you dream about giving birth it means that despite the long and painful process that gets you there, the end result…”


Laboratory – “Dreaming about a laboratory means that you need to do a little experimenting in your life. Perhaps you are uncertain…”


Labyrinth – “The labyrinth is representative of the great maze of life. In most of its manifestations, the labyrinth is not solved…”


Lace – “Lace is a sensual artifact in popular culture that is often associated with undergarments and bust lines. As such, it is linked…”


Lacrosse – “To dream of playing lacrosse symbolizes teamwork. This is an important quality to have, and the feelings you have…”


Ladder – “The ladder is a symbol of climbing to the top of an abstract representation of life or the world. Perhaps you are trying…”


Ladle – “Dreaming about the ladle is symbolic of being given nourishment. Depending on the aspect of the ladle and what is in it, it could…”


Ladybug – “The ladybug is considered the luckiest of all insects. To see it in your dreams means that you are protected from the…”


Lagoon – “The lagoon is a place of great beauty and peace. It is sheltered from the weather and constant pounding of the waves. Because of…”


Lake – “The lake is similar to the lagoon in that it represents a worry free environment in which to enjoy yourself. Dreaming about a lake…”


Lamb – “The lamb is a symbol of peace and helplessness. To dream of the lamb could mean that you are vulnerable to attack, but…”


Lament – “Dreaming about a lament is a pure symbol that means exactly what it seems to. This could mean that you will soon…”


Lamp – “The lamp is a symbol of light in the dark. It is a type of protection against evil forces and also a guide for our footsteps…”


Lamppost – “A lamppost is an island of protection in the midst of dark and terrible evil. Dreaming about the safety of light that…”


Lampshade – “Just as a lampshade filters the light of a bulb from being too harsh to our eyes, it also focuses it into a useable…”


Lance – For more about the lance, see Jousting.


Land – “Dreaming about land can mean many different things, depending on the dreamers themselves. For most land represents…”


Land Mine – “Land mines represent potential problems that are on your path and need to be avoided. It is sometimes difficult…”


Landing – “Dreaming about landing in a plane or a boat is symbolic of safely arriving back to the protection of that which…”


Landlord – “Dreaming about your landlord is indicative that you are behind on rent, either literally or in a more allegorical…”


Landscape – “Dreaming about a landscape can have meanings that are as varied as the landscapes themselves. In general…”


Landslide – “A landslide is a catastrophic thing to have happen in your dream. It symbolizes that everything that you thought…”


Lane – “Dreaming about a lane is symbolic of the path that you are taking or must take. If you dream about walking down a lane…”


Language – “Dreaming about a foreign language that you do not know is a symbol that you are…”


Lantern – For Lantern, see Lamp.


Lap – “Running a lap around a track represents doing the work required to make a difference…”


Lap Dance – “The lap dance is a symbol of heightened sexual tension and social fun, which is out of reach…”


Lapis – “Lapis is a semiprecious gemstone that is symbolic for protection from evil…”


Laptop – Computers are a symbol of community and social relationships in modern society. Laptops are an easily mobile form of computers.


Laryngitis – “Laryngitis is usually only dreamt of in connection with the loss of the ability to speak. It is common…”


Laser – “Lasers are a symbol of a straight path. This path can be a path of destruction, healing or discovery…”


Lasso – “The lasso is a symbol of the American cowboy. Dreaming about this particular object…”


Late – “If you dream about being late it is a symbol that you are worried about being able to continue…”


Laughing – “Dreaming about laughing is a sign that good times are on their way. If you dream…”


Launch – “Dreaming about a launch usually refers to a spaceship or rocket being launched…”


Laundry – “Laundry is a symbol for regret, sin and uncleanliness. If you dream about a pile of…”


Lawn – “A person’s lawn is often a direct indicator of the seriousness with which they take…”


Lawn Mower – “The lawn mower is symbolic of destructive power toward nature. If you dream…”


Lawsuits – “Lawsuits are symbols of loss of wrongs that have been committed against you or someone…”


Lawyer – “Dreaming about a lawyer represents protection from the forces that are against you…”


Laxative – “Dreaming about a laxative is never a pleasant experience, especially if you have…”


Leader – “Dreaming about being a leader means that you are ready to take on more…”


Leak – Dreaming about a leak can mean three things. First, it might mean that a secret…”


Leaning – “Dreaming about leaning is the ultimate symbol of teamwork. If you dream…”


Leaping – “Leaping is the ultimate symbol of taking a big risk and letting fortune fall where it…”


Leash – “Leashes are symbols of confinement. They can also represent latent sexual desire for…”


Leave – “Dreaming about leaving some part of your life is exactly what it sounds like. It means…”


Loveseat – “Dreaming about a loveseat is a symbol of a relationship. If the loveseat is empty, this…”


Luck – “Luck by itself is a vague dream symbol, but sometimes lucky events happen to us in our dreams…”


Luggage – “There are many layers of symbolism in the dream sign of luggage. It symbolizes the necessities…”


Lullaby – “A lullaby is a soothing, loving dream symbol that reminds you of the care and support…”


Lumber – “Dreaming about lumber is a symbol of natural resources and the ability of the earth…”


Lumberjack – “A lumberjack is a dream symbol that has many different meanings, depending…”


Lunatic – “Most of us do not feel quite sane in our dreams, or feel that the people around us must…”


Lunch – “Lunch, the meal at the middle of the day, is a time when we connect with friends…”


Lungs – “Our sensation of breathing in our dreams often follows our outward physical experiences…”


Lust – “Lust is a dream symbol deeply tied with our sexuality and instinctive self. To dream that you are…”


Luxury – “Many of us dream of physical goods and luxuries that we do not have, and that we wish…”


Lecture – “A lecture is a dream symbol of gaining information and wisdom…”


Ledge – “If you dream about a ledge, this indicates a risk and a dangerous situation. You may feel…”


Legislature – “A legislature is a complicated dream symbol which is often somewhat…”


Lego – “Lego is a symbol of childhood play, innocence, and creativity. Dreaming of building with…”


Legs – “Legs are an important mode of transportation in our dreams, and one of the main…”


Lending – “Dreaming of lending something to another person is an indication of your perception…”


Lens – “A lens is a way through which we see the world. In a dream, a lens is a symbol…”


Leprechaun – “A leprechaun is a symbol of good luck. Dreaming of a leprechaun…”


Lesbian – “Dreaming about being a lesbian is an indication of a need for sexual…”


Letters – “Letters are a dream symbol of communication, especially between loved…”


Levitation – “Levitation is a dream symbol of enlightenment, often associated with meditation…”


Library – “A library is a dream symbol of amassed knowledge. If you dream of being…”


Lice – “Dreaming about lice is a symbol of pernicious irritations that are hampering you…”


Lick – “Taste is an important way in which we gather information about the world…”


Lie – “Truth and lies are very important in dream symbolism, and should always…”


Lie Detector – “If you dream of going through a lie detector, this indicates a feeling…”


Life Jacket – “Dreaming of wearing a life jacket is a symbol of holding onto safety…”


Lifeguard – “A lifeguard is a dream symbol of safety in a risky situation. Dreaming of a lifeguard…


Light – “Light is a dream symbol of understanding and knowledge. Turning on the light…”


Light Bulb – “A light bulb is a dream symbol of understanding and knowledge. Turning on…”


Lightning – “Lightning is a symbol of raw energy and power, which can be both generative…”


Limousine – “A limousine is a dream symbol of wealth and luxury. If you dream of riding…”


Limping – “Legs are an important mode of transportation in our dreams, and one of the main…”


Line – “Dreaming of a line is an indication of limits in your life and boundaries which you…”


Lingerie – “Lingerie is a symbol of sensuality and sexuality. Dreaming of wearing sexy lingerie…”


Lip Balm – “Dreaming about lip balm is a symbol of the importance to you of your outward…”


Lip Synching – “Lip synching is a dream symbol of frustrated creativity and communication…”


Liposuction – “Liposuction is a dream symbol which is extremely connected to your own self-image…”


Lips – “Your lips are a symbol of several different things. First, lips are a dream…”


Listen – “Listening is an important dream symbol of communication. Many times, our communication…”


Litter – “Dreaming of litter and trash outdoors, on a trail, or on the side of the road…”


Liver – “Your liver is the great cleansing organ of your body. Dreaming about your liver…”


Living Room – “The living room is a symbol of shared space and communal time…”


Lobotomy – “Dreaming of a lobotomy is a dream symbol of insanity, or a feeling of insanity…”


Lock – “A lock is a dream symbol of the forbidden or the untouchable. This dream may…”


Locker – “A locker is a dream symbol of a safe place where you can protect things…”


Locket – “Dreaming of a locket is a symbol of something that you want to hold close…”


Locksmith – “A locksmith is a dream symbol of breaking down barriers and gaining…”


Lollipop – “A lollipop is a dream symbol of immediate, appetitive desires. The desires represented…”


Lose (Losing) – “If you dream of losing something, this indicates an insecurity…”


Lost – “If you dream of that something has been lost, this indicates an insecurity…”


Lottery – “Dreaming about winning the lottery is a hopeful and beneficial dream symbol…”


Loud – “If you dream of something that is very loud, this indicates something…”


Love – “Love is a broad and overarching dream symbol. The obvious meaning of this dream…”


Love Note – “A love note is a dream symbol of communication between you…”


Lover – “Your lover in your dream is a powerful dream symbol, and the exact meaning…”


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