Dreams Starting with I


“I” – “The letter I may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that…”


Ibis – “The ibis is a sacred symbol of protection and luck. To dream about the ibis represents a period in your life where you will be safe from all harm and disease…”


Ice – “Ice is a symbol of distance between two people. It can also represent surprise or injury. If you dream about ice breaking it means that you will soon come to know…”


Ice Cream – “Ice cream is one of the greatest comfort foods. Dreaming about it is a sign of good cheer in your days to come. Although things may seem depressing…”


Ice Cream Truck – “The ice cream truck is a symbol of childhood wishes and a carefree lifestyle. Dreaming about this particular object in your dreams means that…”


Ice Cube – For Ice Cube, see Ice


Ice Pick – “The ice pick is a symbol of climbers of high and treacherous mountains. To see the ice pick can mean two things. First, if might represent the fact that…”


Ice Sculpture – “Dreaming about an ice sculpture is a symbol for transience. Something in your life that you have always believed to be permanent and solid is…”


Ice Skating – “Ice skating is symbolic of graceful, free motion and the power and importance of inertia and balance. If you dream that you are ice skating proficiently…”


Iceberg – “If you dream of an iceberg, this is a sign that the obstacles facing you are actually much larger than you presently realize. In order to overcome these…”


Icicles – “Icicles represent difficulties hanging over you, which often involve emotional or energetic blockages. These threats formed little by little, which is why you…”


Icing – “Icing on a cake or pastry is a symbol of outward appearances. If you dream of carefully decorating a cake with icing, this is a symbol of the care and energy…”


Identification – “If you dream about being asked for your identification, this indicates that you are being challenged in a way that you find somewhat threatening…”


Idiot – “If you dream that someone else is an idiot, this signifies that you have an expectation, either for that person or for something in your life that they symbolize…”


Idle – “If you dream of being idle, you may be experiencing a sense of uselessness or helplessness. Alternatively, you may have been working too hard recently…”


Idols – “To dream about idols signifies a spiritual opening and awakening to new and previously unexplored possibilities. If you feel uncomfortable about the idols…”


Igloo – “Dreaming of an igloo signifies lethargy and a retreat from the circumstances around you. Cold often symbolizes a cessation of activity due to a lack of energy…”


Ignition – “Dreaming about the ignition of a vehicle is a symbol which is connected to your motivation and ability to accomplish your goals and your control over…”


Ignorance – “Dreaming about ignorance is a symbol of a feeling of insufficiency. Perhaps you were told in school that you were stupid or couldn’t learn well. If these…”


Iguana – “An iguana is a symbol of hardiness and survival in tough circumstances. IF you dream that you are an iguana, or are connected to an iguana in some…”


Illness – “Dreaming of an illness represents an obstacle or blockage in your life. Notice where in your body the illness is and what the symptoms are, because these are..”


Illumination – “To dream of illumination, or the lights coming on, is an indication of understanding, competence, and inspiration. This is a beneficial symbol that…”


Imitation – “If you dream that you are imitating another person, this is a sign that you do not feel confident in your own identity, and you feel that adopting…”


Immaculate Conception – “An immaculate conception dream is one in which you dream of becoming pregnant without having sexual intercourse. Sometimes…”


Immobile – “If you dream that you are immobile, this is an indication of a feeling of ultimate powerlessness in your life. Perhaps someone in your life is frustrating…”


Immortal – “If you dream of being immortal, this is a sign of feeling fearless, capable of accomplishing anything, and beyond the threat of harm. There is probably…”


Impale – “To dream of being impaled is a sign that you are afraid of letting someone or something in to your situation or your psychological space. This is a dream…”


Impeach – “If you dream about someone else being impeached, this is an indication that you struggle against authority – either that particular person’s authority…”


Imposter – “An imposter in your dream is a sign that someone in your life is not who they appear to be, or that they are untrustworthy in some way. If you dream…”


Impotence – “Dreaming of sexual impotence is a sign of sexual frustration and moral or cultural taboos on your sexual desires. It is important to be honest with…”


Imprisonment – “Imprisonment is a straightforward symbol. In some part of your life, whether it be in a relationship, in a business endeavor, or in a creative pursuit…”


Inauguration – “Dreaming of an inauguration is a sign of assuming for yourself a new role or responsibility in your life. This is a powerful and beneficial dream…”


Incense – “Incense is a powerful symbol of sacredness and purity. It is often to be found in churches and temples, and is commonly used in meditation and…”


Incest – “Dreaming of incest is an indication of a family relationship that needs more attention, or perhaps a very close friendship that you have never considered…”


Incoherent – “Dreaming about being incoherent is clearly an indication of frustration at a communication failure. If you are the one speaking incoherently, this…”


Income – “One’s income is a very personal and sometimes uncomfortable symbol to dream about. It may indicate financial worries or struggles. Even if you do…”


Incompetent – “Dreaming that you are incompetent is a fairly straightforward dream symbol of your insecurity. The matter in which you feel incompetent in your…”


Incubus – “An incubus is a male sex demon in mythology. To dream about an incubus indicates guilt or anxiety about sexuality. An incubus dream is not an indication…”


Independent – “To feel independent in your dream is an indication of your self-image as regards your ability to accomplish your goals. This is a positive symbol in…”


Indian – “The meaning of your dream about an Indian depends on your cultural background and heritage, and your perception of the Indian culture. It also…”


Indigestion – “Dreaming about indigestion represents difficulties with your subconscious and your instinctual abilities. Your stomach often represents instinct…”


Infant – “An infant represents new life, new hope, and new possibilities. As such, it is a positive sign of things to come in your life. It also represents responsibilities…”


Infection – “If you dream about an infection it is an indication that there is some negative influence in your life, probably unidentified as of yet. This negative…”


Inflate – “To dream of inflating something may be a negative or a positive symbol, depending on the other circumstances in the dream and the emotions surrounding…”


Inheritance – “An inheritance in a dream is a symbol of legacy, and an identity that is connected to your history. There is often the promise of unexpected good…”


Initials – “Dreaming of initials often represents a person with those initials. It can also indicate an object, event or place associated with those letters. The exact…”


Initiation – “An initiation is a symbol of acceptance and entrance into a group, possibly accompanied by a change in identity. This may be a hopeful and positive…”


Injection – “An injection in your dream is an invasive symbol of something forcibly being put into you, whether it is into your body or into your psychological…”


Injury – “Dreaming about an injury, or dreaming that you are injured, is a sign of insecurity in your psychological health and wholeness. It may also indicate…”


Ink – “Dreaming about ink is a symbol of communication. It is also a symbol of permanence, as ink cannot be erased…”


In-Law – “Dreaming of your in-laws is a very personal and individual dream symbol. The meaning of this dream…”


Inn – “An inn is a place where you stay on a journey. As such, dreaming about an inn is a crossover dream symbol…”


Inner Tube – “Dreaming about an inner tube is a symbol of water-based recreational activities. As a flotation device…”


Inquisition – “Dreaming about an inquisition indicates a feeling or fear of being judged unjustly or wrongly…”


Insanity – “Dreaming about insanity is a sign that you are not in control of your thoughts or emotions. In waking life…”


Inscription – “Inscriptions are strange dream symbols because they are not able to be read in dreams. Our language center…”


Insects – “Insects are dream symbols of the elements of our lives that we find so foreign to ourselves that we perceive…”


Inside – “To dream of being inside a house or building is a sign of safety. You may have this dream symbol appear…”


Inside Out – “Dreaming about something being inside out is symbolic of that thing being the opposite…”


Insomnia – “Dreaming about not being able to sleep means that you have something especially difficult or stressful in your life…”


Instant Message – “Dreaming about receiving an instant message is indicative of the fact that you have lost your humanity…”


Instructions – “Dreaming about reading instructions is a very important message. In fact, if you can remember the instructions…”


Instruments – “Instruments are some of the most important symbols in our dreams. There are many types…”


Insulation – “Insulation is a protection against the elements, and an essential item that keeps…”


Insult – “Dreaming of being given an insult is a signal of the thoughts you actually have about yourself…”


Insurance – “Insurance is a very modern and utilitarian item, and as such can be a complicated dream symbol…”


Intercom – “If you dream about an intercom, this indicates that an important message is coming…”


Interest – “If you dream about earning interest on an investment or in a savings account…”


Internet – “The internet is an important resource for almost unlimited information and knowledge…”


Interpreter – “Dreaming about an interpreter is a symbol of communication, and often of frustration…”


Interrogation – “An interrogation is a stressful and negative dream symbol which often is accompanied…”


Interrupt – “To interrupt someone is an indication that you think what you have to say is more…”


Intersection – “An intersection is an important dream symbol about your journey to accomplish your goals…”


Interview – “If you dream about an interview, this is an indication of using communication…”


Intoxicated – “There is a common saying, “in vino veritas,” which means…”


Intravenous Drip – “Dreaming about an intravenous drip, or IV, is a symbol of being in desperate…”


Intruder – “To dream about an intruder is a sign of danger and threat to your inner…”


Invalid – “Our personal, physical strength and mobility are important in our psyche…”


Invasion – “To dream of an invasion is a symbol of threatening danger on a very large…”


Inventor – “To dream of an inventor is a symbol of creativity, especially creativity…”


Inventory – “If you dream of taking an inventory of your possessions, this indicates…”


Investment – “If you dream about making earnings on an investment, this is a symbol…”


Invincible – “Dreaming that you are invincible is a beneficial and auspicious dream symbol…”


Invisible – “Dreaming that you are invisible is a sign that indicates your feelings about your…”


Invitation – “An invitation is a dream symbol that has several different possible…”


Ipod – “An iPod is a dream symbol of the power of having knowledge and entertainment…”


IQ Test – “Taking an IQ test in your dream is indicative of a perceived need to prove yourself…”


Iris – “If you dream about an iris, this is a dream symbol of hope in the midst of adversity…”


Iron – “An iron is a dream symbol with several meanings, as there are several different…”


Ironing – “If you dream of ironing your clothes, using steam to remove wrinkles…”


Irrigate – “Dreaming of irrigating a garden or field of crops is a symbol of stewardship…”


Irrigation – “Dreaming of irrigation in garden or field of crops is a symbol of stewardship…”


Island – “An island is a dream symbol of solitude and self-reliance, oftentimes…”


Itch – “Dreaming about an itch may be a symbol of something that has been irritating…”


Ivy – “Dreaming about ivy is a symbol of natural abundance and beauty, and sometimes…”




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