Dreams Starting with E


“E” – “The meaning of the dream symbol for the letter E is a highly personal matter. It may represent a person whose name begins with the letter E, or it…”


Ear – “The ear is a symbol of communication and understanding. If you dream that your ears hurt, this indicates difficulty in communicating with…”


Earthquake – “An earthquake is a disturbing symbol in a dream, denoting life changes that may be catastrophic. It represents very physical things…”


Earwig – “Dreaming of having an earwig in your ear indicates a deep feeling of violation related to communication. Perhaps someone repeated something…”


Easter – “The meaning of your dream about Easter depends largely on your own feelings and experiences with this holiday. In general, Easter represents…”


Eating – “To understand your dream about eating, you must take into account the food you dream about eating. If you dream about eating root vegetables…”


Echo – “To dream of an echo represents a frustration in communication. Perhaps you feel that you have to repeat yourself over and over again to be…”


Eclipse – “An eclipse represents a moment of darkness and doubt. You may foresee a failure in your business or personal life. For the moment, there are no…”


Ecstasy – “Ecstasy in dreams is a powerful emotion, just as it is in waking life. This dream may give insight into questions you have been having, especially…”


Egg – “Eggs are symbols of new life. As dream symbols, they represent latent potential and the promise of new beginnings. If you dream of finding eggs, it…”


Elbow – “Elbows are often associated with pain or awkwardness. Elbows are useful for carving out personal space in a crowd, and seeing your elbow…”


Election – “If you dream that you are elected, then you either feel or desire the approval of others. You probably feel you have the approval of others…”


Electric Guitar – “Dreaming about an electric guitar is a positive symbol of your confidence and ability to make yourself heard and understood. It signifies…”


Electrocution – “Electricity is a dream symbol of energy and power. It can be a very positive symbol, but the dream about electrocution is a danger…”


Elephant – “An elephant is a symbol of patience and memory. It can be an indication that you need to slow down and contemplate a future plan of action…”


Elevator – “An elevator ascending symbolizes a rise in status, power, or financial security. This is an inspiring and exhilarating dream symbol…”


Elope – “Dreaming of elopement signifies taking control of your life, sometimes at the expense of other peoples’ good opinion. Perhaps you have been trying…”


Email – “To dream of email indicates a certain level of anxiety connected with communication. Rather than a warm and personal communication such…”


Embarrassment – “Embarrassment in dreams, as in waking life, is a powerful and uncomfortable emotion. The significance of this symbol depends…”


Emotional – “While dreaming, the subconscious is able to speak freely, as it were, without the filtering voice of the conscious mind. It is therefore…”


Emptiness – “This dream’s meaning depends on what in the dream is empty. An empty vessel that you expected to be full of liquid denotes loss…”


End – “To dream of the end of a road signifies that your current path, or a path you are contemplating, will lead to a dead end. This symbol may also…”


Enemy – “A faceless or anonymous enemy in your dream symbolizes a threat to your goals, your ability to reach your goals, or your identity. The…”


Engine – “An engine of a car symbolizes the energy and power with which you move toward your goals. If your engine is failing in your dream, this…”


Epidemic – “An epidemic denotes a widespread threat to the stability of your life. It can indicate a feeling of insecurity in a relationship, or worries about…”


ErectionAn erection is a symbol of creative male energy. It is also a highly sensual sign. Dreaming that you have an erection denotes the instinct to…”


Escalator Dreaming of an escalator signifies motion between different states of mind, or different states of circumstances. If you are traveling upward…”


Escape – “To dream of escape indicates dissatisfaction or fear associated with your current circumstances. Perhaps you feel trapped by a circumstance…”


Espresso – “The meaning of a dream about espresso varies depending on your own feelings and experiences with the drink. In general, dreaming…”


Evacuation – “If you dream that you are evacuated, this signifies some need to be removed from your comfort zone. It could be an indication of loss, and…”


Eviction – “A dream about eviction represents a powerful rejection. The person who rejects you in this dream is someone you ought to be able to trust…”


Evil – “If you dream about something or someone evil, this indicates something taboo that you fear to address within yourself. Perhaps this is something…”


Ex – “To dream about your ex is an indication that you need to examine your current life in light of events that have happened in your past. Perhaps you have…”


Exercise – “Exercise is a symbol of health and active energy. To dream about exercise may mean that you have the strength and tools you need to…”


Exhibition – “To dream that you are viewing an exhibition can be an indication of discovery and gaining wisdom. It can be an indication that you are…”


Exit – “Dreaming of an exit is an indication of escaping from the current circumstances. If you dream that you are looking for an exit and cannot find…”


Explosion – “An explosion can be a powerfully positive or negative symbol. It always symbolizes destruction, so the value placed on the symbol…”


Eyeglass – “Dreaming of eyeglasses signifies a need for clarity about a subject. It can indicate frustration at not understanding something, or a feeling…”


Eyes – “Eyes are a symbol of understanding and knowledge. If you dream of opening your eyes, this is a symbol of awakening to a new depth of…”


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