Dreaming about a Pandemic – CoronaVirus Spreading


With the recent news about the coronavirus starting to spread from country to country, a lot more people are going to start dreaming about the end of world scenarios which involve trying to survive this dangerous virus.

The good news is that dreaming about an infectious virus does not necessarily mean that this worst-case scenario will come true, however, it is important to pay attention to what your unconscious mind might be trying to tell you.

Your Dream Reflects the Current Environment

Have you ever wondered why dreams about pandemics and viruses occur when there is a big outbreak of disease? The media plays a big role in stirring up our inner fears and anxieties when it comes to any kind of negative news. Your unconscious mind will start to pick up on this anxiety and it will cause you extra stress throughout the day.

Questions will race through your mind about whether you are prepared for a natural disaster and how you can protect the people you love. Anytime you see sensitive images in the news like terrorist attacks, pandemic outbreaks, or natural disasters, it is normal to have dreams about these events.

Are you Prepared for the unexpected?

Perhaps your unconscious mind is giving you a warning that you need to prepare yourself in case something was to ever happen that could cause a disaster. Do you have a first aid kit in the car? Do you have extra canned goods in case there is a disaster that causes a shut down in the grocery stores?

Anytime you dream of a pandemic or virus that is spreading it is important to ask yourself what steps you can do to prevent it. Developing habits like washing your hands daily, and avoiding contact with your mouth and nose can prevent against regular cold and flu that affect people throughout the year.

Most families should store canned goods that can last a few years in case there is an emergency that prevents you from gaining access to food. Perhaps going to the grocery store and buying an emergency food supply can give your unconscious mind more peace that you are prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

Have You Been Consuming Too Much Media?

Sometimes when our brains are overloaded with too much information, we end up overreacting to situations that are not as bad as they are. For example, when the ebola virus was spreading in Africa, a lot of people around the world were extremely scared of the virus, when the reality was there was little chance of catching the deadly disease.

While the coronavirus (Covid-19) is more like the common flu that is very contagious, it is important to understand that most people who have the virus end up with mild symptoms and they make a full recovery. If you just pay attention to the media and see all the hysteria happening around the world, you might miss some of these important facts that you need to consider.

Sometimes when we dream about stressful events and barely make it through a traumatic situation alive, it acts as a way for our unconscious mind to help release some anxiety and stress that we have built up in our minds.

Final Thoughts

Whenever there is a natural disaster, pandemic, or terrorist attack there is a high chance that you will end up with a dream about these events if you are exposed to the event through media.

Do not panic and immediately assume that the dream is a prophetic dream that is telling you the future. The best way to react to a serious dream about a pandemic or coronavirus is to take time to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario, so in the back of your mind, you will feel prepared.

By doing little things like buying a few extra face masks, keeping extra canned goods at home, and having a medical kit, it can help reduce the anxiety that you might not know is present.


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