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Sun Dream Symbol – The light of the sun makes all life possible on this planet. Our planet orbits the sun in perfect proximity, and any deviation from that orbit would make this world uninhabitable. If we were too far away, the planet would be too cold. If we were too close, the planet would be too hot. Earth is the Goldilocks of our solar system. Our distance from the sun is the equivalent to the porridge is “just right”.

sun-dreamsThe sun throughout history has long been the object of awe and worship. Many cultures such as the Hindus, Greeks, and Romans built great temples to the sun. Egyptian culture grew around the idea that the sun was the center of the universe as was personified by the sun god Ra. He was believed the creator and ruler of the world. Jesus, in the Christian tradition, is the Son of God and like the sun, is the Light of the World. The face of God, as described in the Bible, is said to shine brighter than a thousand suns and cannot be looked up by man.

From ancient days to our current times, people called Sun-gazers stare for extended periods of time into the sun for its purported health and spiritual benefits. Sun-gazing however, as a warning to the reader, is not recommended by the health community and can be very dangerous causing permanent eye damage or blindness. The sun is representative of the illumination of the mind and spirit. To dream of gazing at the sun means you are looking for answers and trying to gain wisdom.

The daily journey of the sun from first light in the morning has been an allegory for the life stages of man: from birth to full maturity and eventually to sunset and death. Where is the sun in your dream, just rising or high in the sky?  Was the sun in combination with a child or an adult? Depending on the location in the sky it can indicate a new activity or child being born, usually a boy. Being low in the sky, late in the day, can mean the conclusion to a cycle.

Overexposure to the sun can be dangerous. For a human, the inability to keep the body cool can lead to Sunstroke. Plants and animals with no relief from the scorching sun will become dehydrated or die from lack of water. Dreaming that the sun is beating down on you in an unpleasant way could necessitate that you need to change a situation fast. Or quite possibly, face detrimental consequences.

Dreaming of the sun’s heat increasing at an alarming rate should not be ignored and taken as a warning.  It can be a call to pay close attention to or seek immediate medical attention for you or the person you are dreaming about. For instance: high fever, rashes, hot flashes, flushing, high blood pressure, or heartburn are all excess of heat within the body. These can be indicators of very severe health issues.

To dream about the sun is in most cases, a very fortunate omen. It is the male creative energy. The sun heralds blessings and messages of good news. If the sun breaks through after a storm, it promises peaceful times are now at hand. You should bask in the sun and your good fortune, and be appreciative for your health and well being.

Additional Sun Dream Meanings

Dreams that feature the sun are about success. It can also signify a deep understanding of the world around us. The sun is the source of all life and also represents good health, vitality, and creativity. Sunlight streaming into a room brings thoughts of rest and relaxation.

Seeing the sun in a dream signifies freedom and prosperity. A dark looking sun in a dream can mean there are financial or real estate gains on the way. Seeing the sun through the clouds is another sign of abundance and prosperity soon entering your life. Dreaming of the sun falling into the water symbolizes you will have a long, happy life. But, you may be made promises others do not ever keep.

Seeing the sun and the moon in the sky together can symbolize there will be problems in your family life. This could be with your marriage. You may need to commit to spending quality time with the ones that are important to your life. A red sun warns of danger and a darkening sun warns there are frustrating times ahead. You may need to keep your stress levels under control. The brightly shining sun can mean that all is well in your life. Things are going well personally and at work.

When you dream of the sun hidden behind the clouds you will always have to work hard, but your effort will be richly rewarded. Seeing the sun high in the sky can mean there is a war coming close. Are you fighting with someone in your waking life? Seeing a clear sun symbolizes abundance and great success. Your life will be filled with prosperity. Seeing the sun clouded with fog means you have the ability to overcome any disappointments.

Seeing the sun’s reflection in the water warns that someone will make you a promise they may not intend to keep. Do not count on them keeping their word. Wearing sunglasses is a sign of your optimism for your plans for the future.

Sunbaking at the beach in a dream warns that you should not make impulsive decisions. You need to take the time to think things through. Seeing a sunrise can mean you are surrounded by joy and happiness. This is a time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Dreaming of a bright, red sun can warn of possible ill-health and even death.

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. Ireen banda on

    I dreamt of both the sun and the moon moving it was bright and lovely to see but other people could not see it even when I tryd to tell them they could not believe me then afterwards the moon broke into two the other piece fall in my hands in form of Eucharist which I took part of it and ate got another piece gave to my sister and left the other sister and went to give my brother. Please what does it mean its confusing me?

  2. Ram Dinh Sang on

    My gf dreamed this. ‘ while she is looking at my photos on her phone ,she sees the six suns raising from the mountains and and that suns were fall on here holding phone and broke it. She says i can no linger watch you pictures n sad. Is there any meaning plss.

    • Ireen banda on

      I dreamt of both the sun and the moon moving it was bright and lovely to see but other people could not see it even when I tryd to tell them they could not believe me then afterwards the moon broke into two the other piece fall in my hands in form of Eucharist which I took part of it and ate got another piece gave to my sister and left the other sister and went to give my brother. Please what does it mean its confusing me?

  3. Kamini Singh on


    I saw a dream last night, that left me clueless, I was taking to the SUN, and i asked to light more fire and the SUN did the same, The building was on fire but not my floor, However, when i saw that that there is fire in the building i went outside and asked SUN to stop this and then it got stopped.
    This is the one scenario that i am sharing, There are dreams of temple and Lord Shiva that i see continuously.

    • When I was 3 yrs old I would wake up from a dream gasping for air dreaming I drowned in the middle of the ocean i could see the the sun in a blue sky going further away as I went deeper down I could feel my nose throat then chest burn like my insides were on fire. When I woke up my chest hurt and i would have to catch my breath

  4. Heather Calla on

    I’ve just awoken from a nightmare-ish dream where I was at my grandmother’s house and the clock says it was 1:30am but the sun was still out shining bright and hot. This instantly caused me panic so I went out to drive around and cops were out hugging one another and everyone was driving erratic.
    I came back to my grandma’s to see that the sun was falling into the horizon and finally it was night time out and I felt at ease and as soon as I looked out the corner of my eye it was becoming daybreak again.
    An older gentleman who I’ve never seen before walks in and says he’s going to Alaska because it’s the best thing to do and just leaves.
    Needless to say I was really relieved when I woke up and figured out this dream was not real. I can’t find any good meaning for this and these dreams happen somewhat frequently.

  5. last night i dreamt i was on a beautiful island somewhere off the coast of northeastern africa. i have been there in dreams before. my mentor Ian who i have been estranged from was also there. as evening approached i looked to the western sky to see a bright orange sun falling through the glowing sky into the horizon at ocean’s end – – side-by-side with the sun was what i imagined to be the moon, or its shadow because it was black. they disppeared together behind the water before we could get a picture.

  6. Last night as I was falling asleep just on the cusp of dreaming and being awake,For a moment I dreamed I was looking into the sun. It was so bright, and I could see the circle of burning blue and yellow and orange. It felt nice to look at but was so bright that I had to look away and when I did I opened my eyes in my room And everywhere I looked into the darkness there was a little circle as if I stared at a flashlight or something. It went away after a while and I fell back asleep but weather or not my eyes were open or closed I could still see the circle of light.

  7. Alizay Mughal on

    I had a dream that the sky was dark and both sun and moon was their. The moon was big white and shinning and the sun was a little oranges yellow.below my feet was water. The thing that irritated me was the sun . The sun had a whole galazy in it . I have been very worried that what does my dream means

  8. I had a dream of me but conciously me looking up out my window just woken up laying down as a big bright orange/red sun, which seemed to be a sunset, starts to very rapidly rise, I had to follow it with my eyes and then as it got out of view from my window I had to move my body as well. The sun was clear (as in nothing was on it) when there were no clouds but as it passed through the clouds it transformed into an animal and then burst. Then as it came out of the clouds it became normal again but still in the state as before. Big orange and red but it stopped.

  9. I had a dream about 3 suns, the sun was bright and it was a little behind a cloud..the cloud was white with rays from the was so pretty..

  10. I dream a clear ”Three Suns” under beautiful clouds. And after a while a see eclipse. What do you think about this dream? Thank you in advance. – Marc

  11. i had a dream about the sun on fire .-. like idek how thats possible but i had a feeling of the world about to end and I was the only one panicking and everyone around were like ok cool and at the end of the dream it turned night time and the sun “cooled down” and there were helicopters just putting a ton of what looked like oxygen ? im guessing into our air. it was so weird idek lmaooo

  12. I had a dream this afternoon. Solid black sky with a beautiful solid orange sun/moon. The sun/moon was in the middle of the sky. The sun/moon was like a fast forward orbit moving side ways to my right. Also a sizzle of electric orange light was beside the sun/moon & moving with it too. I’m not sure if this was the sun or the moon because – the sun doesn’t come out at night & I’m not aware of a solid orange moon?

  13. I have this recurring dream every night since last week Friday. In my dream, I would wake up, and look at the window. The sky is dark, but there is a sun in the middle of the sky. But it’s not a normal sun, it’s completely red. A few seconds later, what seems to be like an angel would come crashing down from the sky. As he crashed on the ground, the sun would set very rapidly, and after everything went dark, and that is the end of the dream. I don’t know what the angel means, but know that I found out the meaning of the red sun, I am extremely worried…

  14. Rajat Subhra Roy on

    I dream a semi brightning sun come to me from sky as a giant leg of Bhagwan Shiv. I offer water to the leg. Then I wake up from dream

  15. I had a dream many many nights, i saw three of suns. And after that, i could fly and created everything!!

  16. I had a dream where the sun blew up and died and it only had a little bit of fire on the sun and it was black and orange and cracked. And then It got decently cold and there was snow or ash everywher.

    • I also saw kinda the same dream. The sun was really close to earth and it was falling apart. Fire balls were falling from the sun. I want to know the meaning of this dream.

  17. I had a dream that I was in a concert. Me and all my family sitting in chairs then I try to look up and the sun or some bright light blinds me and when the light is gone no one is in the stadiim. Then I hear what sounded like trumpet sirens I run out the stadium and see people running tall buildings​ on fire and helicopters everywhere. There was people being shot by military and this dream freaked me out. If you can help me to understand this that would be awesome…..

  18. Sir I had a very odd dream,I have seen sun good came to earth in a cab,as am showing to others all are angry very angry with me..
    What this could mean??

  19. Luis Espinoza on

    My dream was very strange, in my dream its was approximately 3 am and the sky was blueish instead of dark, I walked out of my house and saw the sun above the moon and after a few seconds the sun was covered by a huge snake and after that the sun started to fall. What does that mean?

    • The snake represents the devil from the very first book in the bible, genisis, Adam and Eve-the “fall” of mankind. And I know from hearing about it that 3 a.m. is an hour in which the spiritual world is closest to the real world, or something along those lines, its called the devil’s hour. I would do further research beacause this dream is very significant. The snake covering the sun could signify Satans rule of the earth, in which will only last for a temporary time. I believe this is in the last book of the bible revelation. I know this was a very Christian explanation and I hope that it made sense. But dreams are very spiritual no doubt. This dream really stuck out to me out of all of the comments and I hope that you would do further research to discover the meaning becease i believe it can be decoded with research.

    • Rajat Subhra Roy on

      Snake means mother Kundalini. Kundalini means serpentile cosmic energy lying in our nerve system fom the point of woman vagina And Sun is the sign of from ignorence to fulfilment. Yogi do sadhna and raises their kundalini energy from bottom to the top point which is called Sun the prakash of Supreme Self. Here man woman liberated from all distinction. Your dream about Snake head means ignorance cover the sun indicates u r more more materialstic minded and u need to find the hidden truth of the cosmic energy that flows in your body as your soul, the minimization of supreme maximization. The being of supreme being. Aum Namah Shivay

  20. I saw a a less bright, white coloured sun rising.. however the surrounding was not very lit up.. it was a bit less bright surrounding.. I saw myself standing in the window under this white, less bright sun.. it was warm.. that’s it.. what could this mean?

    • Rajat Subhra Roy on

      It means your good time coming shortly in your life. Wake up and offer water to sun god by long pronouncation of AUM and go ahead to your future dreams with full faith on your own self. Aum Namah Shivay

  21. Michael mqai on

    this is my dream:
    I was preparing to go to sleep around 20:35,I switched off the lights. but suddenly I heard something like the earthquakes, when I woke up the clock was rotating like never before.
    When I looked in the windows i saw the flicking of the sun, I stand up and went outside I saw the sun rotating too from east to West. suddenly it came out as usual from the east but in the form of someone in the cross, and the engels were flying around taking people accept me ,I asked what about me ?the voice came out from the sun saying we are here because of you we won’t leave you,you are coming with us,you are the reason why we are here

  22. Hi Stephen,
    Since you are a dream junkie, I’d appreciate any help on this dream.
    Last night, I dreamt I was in my car and blissfully listening to music. I looked out my rearview mirror and noticed smoke and the gas ran out in my car. So , I went to the left signal to turn in and get gas. As soon as I parked my car, the car exploded and I was rescued! I flew out above the car, I was not scared at all. I watched the car burn in flames and then there was a large eye (just observing, like viewing and made me feel like “it’s all good, I got you” kind of feeling) the large eye had no sex. The large eye then turned into the sun and the sky was beautiful. It was not scary at all.
    Thank you!! For any help. (-:

    • Last night I dreamt that was walking a path alone and came up to a stream it was very sunny and warm I had a feeling the ocean was nearby when suddenly I walked up toward myself wearing ancient Native American Clothing. This version of myself was very aware of me and we looked at each other for what seemed an eternity. When others wearing the same clothing came up next to ancient me and they all stood together staring at the sun that had started to turn gold and reddish. almost like an eclipse.
      I could smell and feel the air and sun on me and the ancient me could only feel my hand on my forehead and the sting of the sun in my eyes.
      I could tell the other sun gazers were aware of a presence but not specifically aware of current me.
      I have to say the knowing and seeing both of my selfs at the same time was very unusual. My current self was more startled the ancient me seemed to be pleasantly enjoying the encounter.
      I didnt want to leave, but started across the stream to the other side when I turned to look at what I assumed would be the back of everyone the world turned so that their faces would only show and I would no be able to see the back of them.. very odd.
      I looked forward to see the path ahead still warm with the golden yellow sun and cool clean white sand and no others present.
      Then I woke myself up.

    • I had a dream the sun was parsing through the garden , there was 2 gardener’s was supposed to be on sight they were in the barn asleep. No matter how I tried to wake them to show them the sunlight they were just sleeping. I can’t get this dream out of my head.

    • Rajat Subhra Roy on

      U see the Third Eye Of Bhagwan Shiv in your dreams. Third eye means destroyer of illusion and ignorance. Aum Namah Shivay.

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