Murder Dream Symbols


Meaning: Yikes! Murder? Are you sure? This is a biggie, so bear with me. First of all, whether you killed someone or saw someone kill someone, having death be caused anywhere in the dream depends on who was killed. Basically, anger and resentment that you can’t work out in real life may cause you to dream of murder. Fortunately, people can work it out while they’re asleep and not while you’re awake or we’d have to build a lot more prisons. So, if you killed someone you know, try to make peace with whatever hidden feelings you may have towards them. If you killed a STRANGER in your dream, this may be you trying to kill a part of your own behavior that you feel is self-destructive or shameful. Suicide is along the same lines, but a little more serious, especially if it’s a reoccurring dream. You are most likely exploring how you perceive yourself and your value as a person. This signifies a deep rooted behavior pattern that needs to be resolved. A comforting note– Some analysts believe that because our society has been so desensitized to death, that we may dream of it for more trivial reasons. Still, lots to think about.


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  1. My dream was about an abandoned Police Department. Someone went in to look for the evidence for LJ Simpson the only person available was the cartoon character Cartman.

  2. Joshua hill on

    I have a reoccurring dream. Think it fits the catagory, my family gets kidnapped and the people are all walking free in a large resort building. Nobody seems to notice the guy throwing baby’s from the balcony. I try to tell people but nobody listens. It’s like they chose to block it out. Finically I find family. I can tell it’s them but nobody looks the same. The babies are still falling. I run up to stop him. I can’t hit him. Always get so close and my arm feels like jelly. Like I can’t force my self to move it. Like it’s completely impossible to hit this killer. Then i remember him bringing up my girlfriend and tossing her off. I woke up. I just want to know why. It seems like when I sleep. I either don’t remember the dream. Or it’s a nightmare. And I remember those for a while. Is it to do with anxiety? Or self worth. Cause I have a feeling I have lots of problems with both

  3. I’m dead and I’m assuming I’m in heaven cause I’m up high floating in an over populated area. I see a friends who has been dead for about two years I ask him about my brother who also has been dead for about a year if he has seen him and he says no and points down below to fire and smoke and he says that if you go down there you get scorched 3 times you gotta wait for Jesus arrival.. I then woke up bothered by my dream

  4. My dream: I’m being slashed with razor blades at my throat. him saying he is sorry for what be has to do and then he startes cutting into my throat, jugguler main artery. Being murdered. This is not the first time – I have dreamt other dreams of being murdered. Can you please help and tell me what this means?

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