Death Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Death Dream Symbol – Death seems to be something many people fear. It is the final end to a life. Dreaming of death is usually a good omen as it signifies new beginnings with the death of something you no longer need in your life. Death can mean growth into something or someone new.

Dreaming of death is about change. Usually life changes. It symbolizes the death of old ideas and feelings to make room for the new. It can even mean the end of old relationships with new people coming into your life. Dreaming of death does not necessarily mean death in the physical, though it may sometimes.

dreath-dreamsDreaming of the death of your partner is a sign an old relationship will end to make way for a new one. A dream of a mother dying represents your own motherly instincts and this can indicate these will be challenged soon. It is a message you need more patience to deal with some challenges that cross your path.

If you are staring at your own dead body from above contemplating how to reenter your body, this indicates you are in confusion about your future in real life. You may need to do some soul searching to work out what you truly want out of life. This dream prods you to look deep within for the next steps to take on your path in everyday life.

Dying in a dream can be a wakeup call for your waking reality to get things in order. To set barriers to protect you from those who seek to harm you. Dreaming of dying of natural causes can mean you need to focus on long-term goals.

Dreaming of a stranger dying is a positive omen that brings you financial rewards. It can also mean you need to put something or someone out of your life for there is now no longer a connection. You may have moved on with greater understanding and knowledge, and these have served their purpose in your growth. A stranger dying of old age can be a warning you need to ditch some bad habits such as smoking and drinking from your life.

When a beloved pet dies in a dream it can symbolize your real life. This can represent a healthy phase in your life where you take on new responsibilities. It can also mean you need comfort and support in your real life.

Dreaming of a child dying symbolizes your fears. Children are about new beginnings and your inner child. You may need to listen more to your intuition and bring more joy into your life. Seeing a child laid to rest ready for burial is another symbol of new beginnings. Depending on the age of the child, it can also mean you need to set your goals for that many years into the future.

Dreaming of the death of someone close who has passed in your real life, can be sign of delayed grieving. It can represent your feelings of loss and desertion. You may feel empty and angry you have been left behind to pick up the pieces of life without them. Seeing an older relative in a dream is a warning you need to listen to the advice of your peers. You are not always right. And, you do not know everything about everything.

Being haunted by a dream demon can symbolize your sadness or depression. Your inner demons maybe close to the surface at this time. Visits to your dreams from the devil is symbolic of a strict, religious childhood. You may be someone who has trouble expressing their feelings. In fact, you may repress your emotions altogether. These may be eating you up from the inside. It is time to face them. Exorcise them from your mind.

Walk into the light

Dreaming of a suicide relates to the death of something in real life. This can be a relationship, ideas, or a job. This represents the feelings you need to end something to let in the new. It can also represent you want to change direction or your goals need to change to meet new desires.

Dying in a car crash represents the release of anxiety and the pressure of everyday stress in a busy life. If you die from a fall in a dream, this can indicate what you want out of life is out of reach. This can be because you do not have the insight or maturity to achieve what you need. You may be too dependent on others’ advice or ideas. This is a time you may need to rely more on yourself.

Dreaming of a parent dying indicates you are about to move on to a new phase on your life. Something that has been a major focus for you may come to an end. This is a positive nurturing dream that reminds to let go of all that worries you. Everything will be alright. No longer struggle with keeping the old going. Embrace the new and grow into a positive future.

Additional Dream Meanings

Death is change. All change is death of a sort. That is the reason it is so scary. But take heart, an ending is also a beginning. When one door closes, another one opens, so to speak. The adage goes, “Only a few things in life are certain, death and taxes”. Death is a way of life. And, since no one makes it out of this life alive, there is no use worrying about the inevitability of death. It is best to focus on the message.

Death is defined as “the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism”. That means everything that keeps a living being alive, stops at the moment of death. Your heartbeat, breathing, blood flow, brain activity and metabolism all come to a halt. The physical body will also begin its disintegration until there is nothing left but dust.

The symbols of death are very familiar: skulls, tombstones, ravens and the color black. In literature and the Bible, Death is personified as one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The Hindu Goddess Kali is described as the Goddess of Death, but also the Goddess of Time and Change. The apparition of Death, whose “shadow has not end”, is known as the Grim Reaper, a skeleton in a long cloak. Death with his scythe symbolically represents a clearing away of the unwanted, outworn and unproductive. This is the harvest before rebirth, heralding a substantial change. A situation, which is beginning to resolve, must first be cleared, and the ground made fertile for the new.

To dream of death, you dream of change. It can be alteration, the end of an emotional relationship, ending of a phase or beginning of a new one. Death represents the inevitable transformation of all life, termination and liberation. It is the change in old patterns of thinking, in order to advance in and the development of consciousness.

Whether financially, physically or emotionally, change is not always pleasant and can be painful. Death can mean loss, illness, destruction, demolition and real physical death. To dream of an acquaintance or friend’s death means your relationship with that person is changing or possibly ending.

“Seasons don’t fear the reaper, nor do the wind, the sun or the rain.
We can be like they are.  Come on baby. Don’t fear the reaper.”

Lyrics from Blues Oyster Cult

To dream, of your own death can mean two things: First, it can mean that you are going through a transformation.  Much as the caterpillar going into a cocoon, death is merely the catalyst before a beautiful butterfly emerges. Secondly, if you dream you die, what happens next? You see yourself as dead, but yet you are still you. You are witness to the everlasting life of your soul. This is your soul’s way to tell you that even after your body has died, you are still there. Your body died, you the soul did not. That is actually quite a wonderful thing to know.

Death is a natural part of the cycle of life. The seasons demonstrate this very well. Spring signals new life. Summer is when the nature is at it’s fullest. Autumn brings maturity. Winter is synonymous with old age, and then eventually death. Then, spring comes once again. While people mourn death, no one generally mourns the fallen leaves or the frozen ground. They know in a few months it will be renewed again, as always.

Dead Person/Corpse

Dreaming of a dead body warns of tough times ahead. A corpse represents a loss of trust in love, regrets, a breakdown in relationships, and feeling of guilt and nostalgia.

If there is more than one dead body in your dream, this warns you have insincere friends that are trying to cheat you. You may be listening to the wrong people. The ones that are negative and always have something to gossip about may be the ones you turn to for advice. You need to choose to spend more time with people who have a positive influence on you. Be careful, or you could be cheated out of your material possessions.

This type of dream can bring warnings of failed business deals and sad news. This can be a warning of future financial problems. This could be due to your failings or because someone has manipulated and cheated you. Seeing a dead baby symbolizes the death of something in your life. It could be you have given up a bad habit or changed your whole ideology. Seeing a dead body clothed in black is a sign you will try desperately to save a business deal. This is a warning to be careful of who you trust.

Seeing the dead body of a relative means you miss them from being part of your life. It can also warn of coming problems in your family. Be aware this could tear your family apart if not handled with diplomacy. Dreaming of seeing your partner’s dead body symbolizes their inability to stay true to their word. A woman having this dream can mean you have lost confidence due to other people constantly undermining you. Seeing only the head of a dead body warns to watch out for enemies that pose as your friends.

Dreaming of seeing dead people can also warn you are mixing with the wrong crowd in your real life. Talking with a dead body foretells of abundance crossing your path. You hard work and perseverance will pay off. A body that smells bad warns that there is something disgusting about to enter your life. Be prepared to deal with whatever this is. You may need to be ruthless to eliminate this evil from your life.


Near Death Experience

Dreaming of a near death experience often unlocks the mysteries buried deep in your soul. In a near death experience you can sometimes die or you may feel like you are dying. You need to understand the difference between the two to interpret the dream’s meaning.

When you dream of a near death experience where you or someone else nearly dies, this indicates you will have a long, healthy life or your health will improve if you have been sick. If you come back to life, this can mean you have struggled hard to achieve your dreams. This will be rewarded. This is the type of dream that visits when you are at the lowest time of your life. They come to remind you there is “light at the end of the tunnel”.  Do not give up. You need to persevere. Dreams of near death experiences are very positive dreams. You need to follow your gut instincts.

If you speak to someone who has died, try to remember what you talked about. This is important as it will directly relate to the message your subconscious is sending to alert you in your waking life. It may even be that this is a reminder of something that person told you while they were alive. You may have forgotten their advice and you need it at this time in your life.

Do not let these types of dreams leave you feeling fear. They come as reminders that the world works in unusual ways. Pay attention to these dreams as the bring many messages that will benefit you. Feeling as though you die in a dream is a sign you need to take better care of your health.


Dreaming of a funeral can reflect your waking fears that someone you care about is going to die. This does not mean that someone is really going to die. It usually represents that some aspect of yourself has died. Or, something in your real life is ending. This can be the end of a relationship or you may be repressing your feelings. You need to face these head on so you can move your life forward.

A funeral can also mean you are finally coming to terms with old hurts and feelings of resentment. It is a time to start anew. Consider the characteristics of the person being buried to get a clue to what parts of yourself need addressing or healing. It can also represent a preoccupation of a loss in your life. You need to lay it to rest and move on.


Dreaming of being in a graveyard surrounded by graves and tombstones, represents that you do not have a fear of death. This is a positive sign your life will improve. It is important to pay attention to the details of the dream to get a deeper understanding of the meaning. Dreaming of graves and tombstones can mean there are major changes coming to your life. These may be negative and you can experience a loss of some kind. Once you get through this, things in your life will improve and you can see with greater clarity.

Bringing flowers to a grave can mean you have a sensitive soul. If the soil is disturbed when you bring flowers to the grave, this can mean you will know great happiness spending time with your family and circle of friends. Arranging a grave can mean you are still grieving for a great loss in your life. It is time to come to terms with the loss. We have to accept both the negative and positives to move forward into the future.

Graveyards are a sign you are progressing your life forward. It signifies the end of bad habits and behavior. Negatively, this can represent loneliness, negativity, fear of death, and anger.

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  1. A bully becomes a demon in your dreams and knows your weakness min was my metal rods she ripped them down I started to die and go to heaven then she pulled me to hell I woke up scared and afraid

  2. Richmond Bediako on

    I had a dreaming mourning my dead father in the cemetery. I woke up out of the dream with tears all over my eyes. What’s the meaning please?

  3. I had a dream last night that I was a childhood friend’s tombstone, the weird part was is that I didn’t even know this person. I was talking to her mom reminiscing about the past and looking at old pictures. I’m not sure on how I should talk this? What do you think?

  4. I had a hard time last night. Then i dozed off and i dreamsd of a tower and many people insanely and seems like enjoying some are scared some are happy and pulling the rest tk join them to jump off the building like bunger jump but to their death. Most are laughing and shouting and seems like ready to jump. They seem like having fun despite its a suicids jump. So scaryyy. Because so manyyy people jumping off the building like 40-50 storeys high

  5. My thirteen year old son had a dream last night that he was about twenty years older as an adult and was visiting my grave – the date of death on the tombstone said Jan. 5, 2018 – is this a preminition that I’m going to die soon?

  6. Creative Dreamer on

    Can you help me please?
    I had a grim reaper dream.Basically me and my older sister were stuck in a building and the grim reaper said that only one us can go and the other will escape,get out.So my sister put out her hand in his and before they went I put my hand on his as well.
    We faded into like the future or something.There the grim reaper was a person and so was I.I was taking “revenge” on him but I was in a relationship with him.And after that we(like my family) were trying to kill my uncle or something but he kept on escaping.
    What does this even mean?

  7. I dreamt about my boyfriend’s dog running up to me. She stopped and whimpered then I thought she was getting sick. I realized it was too much fluid, like all of the water in her body flowed out of her all at once. It seemed only a few moments and she was a dried corpse. It was very realistic. When I woke I felt very sad and empty. Any opinion on the meaning of this dream would be helpful.

  8. Jessica Rosales on

    My husband told me that last night he had a nightmare, he dreamed about our son being swamp in a mud and when he pull up our son he saw our son not breathing but he do CPR and the breathing come back to our son.. And then this morning he dreamed about our son again but this time he cant remember anything bout his dream one thing he can remember is that he forced to awake his self..

    Im worrying as a mother and a wife who always not on thier side please give me some piece of advice And I always pray to GOD to guide them always

  9. Bruce Rodrigues on

    This morning i had a dream where i see my own dead body and half of my body getting decomposed . Hence please let me know what does these type of dreams signifys.

  10. I had a dream where I moved to a new school and quickly became the cheerleading captain. That made no since to me as I used to do cheer but lo longer like it. I hate cheer now. After I became cheer captain, four people died and their death meant nothing to me. I felt like I knew them but I didn’t care they died. When I looked down, blood was on my hands. that is when I woke up.

  11. I had a dream that’s really been bothering me and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not religious and I don’t believe in heaven or hell… So maybe it was just my brain trying to figure out what I do believe. Anyway it started off with pure blackness, I couldn’t feel,see or hear anything other than my own thoughts. It was pitch black, i couldn’t feel anything not warmth,not cold and I was alone. It seemed like years had pasted and i was still alone in that dark place but then I was hit with the first feeling in what felt like years. I was falling. I woke up in my coffin, I screamed and someone dug me out. I had only been supposedly dead for a day or two. When I arrived home,still in the dream, I was terrified to go to sleep in fear that I would die again. This dream felt so real and it dragged on for so long it’s really messed with me. It wasn’t that I died but that I was dead and it wasn’t just over it was an eternity alone with nothing. I kept going and going in isolation and it wasn’t until I came back that I realized how terrible it was being there. I really felt nothing, I was deprived of all feeling and emotion and sent into a blackness. No fear… It was just my conscience there existing.

  12. I Had A Dream Of My Late Uncle Burial, The Undertaker Didnt Cover Him Very Well So I Was Using Hoe To Do That So That The Sand Will Cover Him Well Because It Is A Shallow Grave But He (My Late Uncle) Was Abusing Me And I Left Him In Anger. Please What Is The Meaning?

  13. Yesterday I had a dream I was dead but I didn’t know that and I was in school. That was the first day of school on the 1st January. I was in doubt about everything that was how I found out my funeral documents. I was so scared and trying to find out my dead reason. And suddenly I woke up.

    • I had a dream last night that an aquaintance of mine, a red haired lady died. In front of me and the people around her handed me her red ruby ring to wear. Then I woke up. Don’t know what this means……..

  14. Last night i had a dream i was in my old house and i walked into the bathroom an there i was leg deep in the toilet pan water dead and i was trying to pull my dead body out of the toilet water but i couldnt do it i seemed to heavie to lift does anyone know what this could mean ????

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