Beach Dream Meanings and Interpretations


“I dreamt about the beach last night!” Beaches in dreams, whatever their appearance or your actions during the dream, tend to be a very positive sign regarding your life.  Beaches suggest that there are going to be some extremely enjoyable times approaching.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

However, don’t forget to pay attention to the rest of your surroundings as well.  Dreaming of beaches often represents your emotions at the present time, so look around and see what else your dream is showing you.  If the beach is deserted, then this means you probably need to take some time to consider what is important to you, and to decide which aspects of your life you do not need to worry about so much.  See what stressful influences are in your life that you are able to reduce or remove entirely, as this will help you to feel much more relaxed.

“Most beach dreams are connected with our emotions”

If in your dream, you are sitting on the beach watching the waves, then this suggests that you probably need to take some time off.  Particularly if you feel relaxed in your dream, it is important that you consider booking a holiday.  Watching the ocean can also Dream about the beachindicate that changes are occurring in your life at the moment, which is likely to be major.  The state of the water represents how you feel about these changes – the more turbulent the water is, the more uncertain you are.

If you are dreaming about a beach that is near to dense forests or other natural obstacles, then you are most likely to be working towards an achievable goal, but you will encounter difficulties before you reach your target.  However, it is something that you are able to do, so don’t be tempted to give up before you get there.

Where is your location on the Beach?

Next, look at what your location is in relation to the rest of your surroundings.  Are you standing at the edge of the water, perhaps with the waves around your feet?  This means that you are wasting too much time on various tasks and need to stop procrastinating.  This can often represent a situation at work, so consider what is going on in your job at the moment, especially if you are going to be looking for a promotion soon.

If instead, you are walking along the sand but are finding it difficult to move, then it is extremely likely that you are facing difficulties somewhere within your life.  This could be due to work, a relationship, or any number of other things, but it means that there is a situation you need to face up to and rectify before you can confidently move on to where you want to be.  Some of these decisions and actions may be difficult, particularly if the problem is concerning a relationship that may not be working.  The best thing for you to do might be to end the relationship, but your dream represents the uncertainty you are feeling about this.

Beaches in dreams are normally connected to emotions, so think about what is in your life that might have a strong impact on your feelings.

On the Beach

Dreaming of being on a beach can have many meanings. A long, deserted beach can be a sign you wish for a new start. This may be a new perspective on how you see someone or a situation. You may even be looking for new opportunities. Walking along this type of beach warns that you need to focus on your work and business matters. Have you been neglecting things lately? Running along a beach symbolizes your confidence in yourself.

Seeing a pebble beach warns that you need to make some decisions. You may be at a crossroads and not be sure which way to turn. It also signifies new opportunities to cross your path where you may need to recall the tough lessons of the past. Waking along a pebble beach signifies your unhappiness with where your life is heading. Are there things holding you back? You may reassess things to get your life back on track.

Dreaming of quicksand on a beach can symbolize the anxiousness you feel when faced with uncertain times. Maybe someone has betrayed you or something has happened to rock your core beliefs. Have you become too secure with someone or a situation?

A deserted beach signifies a time where you need time to yourself to think things through. Being attacked on a beach can mean you feel that way in your waking life. You may be feeling stressed out. Eating an ice-cream on the beach can warn you may have been overreacting to things in your waking life. Dreaming of a black, sandy beach can signify your need for material things. Walking along a beach can indicate that you feel that someone you love does not truly understand you.

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  1. Recently 2 – 3 days ago I’ve been in a dream where I’m driving a car. And stopped at the single lane beach road. That has a dark green forest on it’s one side and the otherside a white sand beach with huge waves above my height. But there’s a fence between the beach and the road. What does it mean? Can you please explain!

    • I dreamt I was in a 3-4 storey building and am looking at the beach wave that forcefully reaching the building without touching my body, I was holding a baby which am protecting the beach not to take away from me..
      What does this mean?

  2. Andrea Gomez on

    ok so i was in a dream right now and I woke up to looks at the meanings and I was on a very very long bridge ahead of me . i would look to my left and there was a lot of rocks like huge rocks and they were trying to suck up the water of the beach , but how if the ocean Is HUGE and by suck they were trying to get things like big sucking machines, it’s really weird bc later on I was in a car going through this forest and I was going really really fast but I was in the air looking at the car like I was in the car but I was outside looking over the car . this is long but can someone explain to me what this was ? thank you if you can

  3. Ebony Stoppard on

    I once had a dream of being on the beach, after getting married to someone. People on the beach and in the water. Both me and the husband, in the dream, walked up to a cliffside that had two entrences, one that had red foosteps going towards it and the other had blue flowers going up to it. I walked into the one that had the blue flowers, walking in I saw the inside was a house but the walls and doorways were a rich orange and red. I looked back and saw the husband calling me back. I went back to him before I noticed that I was wearing a blue wedding dress. We walked along that beach in ease. Yet the husband had a skull head and we talked nicely to each other. I had this dream before a few years back but now its reappeared but this time I could feel and hear everything, the wind, the water, the people. I could even feel the gloves that felt like those hospital latex gloves. My dream ends to the point where I had kissed the husband’s hand and was happy to be with him.

  4. Bobet Termil on

    Two consecutive mornings i dream of the beach. Yesterday morning i dreamed that me my youngest son and the person i secretly love went to the place where i lived during my childhood days. I was surprised to see that the place was turn into something like a resort. All along i thought that place will be crowded with houses because it’s been more than 4 decades that i haven’t visited that place. I noticed cemented benches in that place. We sat in the bench at the middle of that place facing the sea. That place is deserted.
    Just this morning, i dreamed of a deserted beach again. I was running away from a family quarrel. I came to a familiar place. Small houses beside the sea with people some gossiping women around. I enter to an ugly old wooden house. In my dream i know that ive been there before and i don’t want to go upstair coz i know there’s nothing good i can find there only ruins. Then i went out and see a deserted beach with long streetch of white sand and nipa huts and benches.
    I hope you can interpret this dream for me. I am now facing a difficult decision.
    Thank you so much!

  5. Anandkumar singh on

    I was in the middle of ocean. And enjoying the wave. I could stand and watch the wave around , but wave are very calm, friend were there, even my school Fren was there. Many other unknown people were there enjoying the place like a holiday destination. Latter some strong wave will come so we need to evacuate. A bus was parking near shore. I ran to the bus and bus start driving. Then bus was flying. The bus drop us to home. When I reach home I heard one my best school fren died in the ocean helping others. I saw news in TV , then my dream ends. I was sad hearing the news.

  6. There is this woman I’m absolutely crazy about. It’s heaven on earth when we are together anyway last night I had dream that we were alone on a beach she was standing in the water letting the salt water wash over her feet. She was wearing a white sun dress with a black bikini on underneath the day was beautiful not a cloud in the sky. I walked to her and when I got close enough to touch her our eyes met and neither one of us moved we just stared at each other and when we went to kiss I woke up. Any I see what this could mean?

  7. I dreamt of driving to the beach and parking my truck in the parking lot. A friend and I we’re walking across the sand and it was a beautiful sunny day. There were people in the parking lot that did not like me, but we walked to the beach anyway. We were going to relax and enjoy a beautiful sunny Beach day. What does this mean?

  8. Nancy Leiding on

    I am on a beach with the sun shinning and very clear blue water just beyond the sand. I am trying to figure out where is this..and instantly I think of an old love who went to Thailand. As I am turning around I see what at first is him, John. Somehow I know it’s him..I feel it’s him. But instead of him being himself or the way I remember him he is a withered wrinkled skeleton.
    What does this mean?

  9. I’ve had this dream several times over the years. I run away to go to the beach and when I get there it’s cloudy and cool with just a few people around. I am on a high cliff, but I am determined to get down to the sand and waves. I look around for an easier way down and wonder how the others got there. Then the next thing I know I am on the sand but there’s always something or someone keeping me from doing what I sooo long to do. GET IN THE WATER! I wake up frustrated and depressed.

  10. Marisela Hernandez on

    so my dream was i was at the beach with my kids and family and all of a sudden the ocean started moving iver to one side so it became half sand half beach , but the beach side had waves coming like a small tsunami and it came to us but no one drowned…

  11. I had a dream where I was at a beach where the water was purple and the sky looked like sunset. My feet was in the water, I wanted to swim deeper but there was a fence that want allowing me to swim, and there were people around me, telling me I wasn’t allowed to swim beyond the fence because it’s dangerous. I was quite upset because all I wanted was to swim and have a nice beach day in my dream. What’s the meaning of this? This dream to me stuck out

  12. I woke up right after I went to sleep with my heart racing and in panic, I go back to sleep and I had a dream I was at the beach my oldest son and husband were in the water and out of nowhere the sky went dark and lightning struck. I was on the beach with my 2 younger kids I look over and a tidal wave is coming, I grab both my kids hands, tell them I love them and I say “hold your breathe.” The tidal wave crashes on us and I was under water spinning for a minute and all of a sudden I come up for air and all I see is black that’s it, all black can’t see anything but I can breath! It’s been on my mind and I want to know the meaning of all this I never have had such a clear dream

  13. So I had a dream about a breach but instead of water it was a bunch of lights, like you would see at a carnival like holiday lights but millions and millions, and I’m following this guy but he’s only a shadow, and I go to take a picture of it, and he says “no stop, don’t take a picture.” I say, “but I don’t want to forget this.” He says soft, “don’t worry, you won’t.” I don’t know if you can tell me anything about what this could mean, but it would help a lot.

    • And it was also night, like pitch dark but the lights were the only light and the sand look a golden color

      • I had almost same dream except the water was the light that lit up the world and black sky with stars and a ringed planet. I don’t remember anyone with me but the dream seems hard to remember now

  14. Whenever I dream about the beach it’s always having an aminous and slightly meloncholy feeling to it . One time I had a dream with a beach house that seemed never ending and it didn’t seem to be very occupied . It was also at night and I can’t remember how large the waves were but they were loud in the silence of the house .In another dream I had it was a perfect beach that seemed never ending and it had towns and people that came and used to give thanks to the ocean . It’s waters were crystal clear and calm . In one I had last night was a small and crowded beach with to many people and it was hard to walk around because the seashells were infinite and the water wasn’t really that pretty. But each time it always has a sad feeling that makes me not want to be there .

  15. I dreamed I was on a beach with a huge crowd of people kind of like an event was going on and I was sitting in the front row. Someone was bullying me and I turned to ask him why he would do that kind of thing. I ended up getting up and walking away but he followed. After the belittling didn’t stop I defended myself but I hurt the person pretty bad.. was unsettling for me cause I am not a violent person.

  16. I dreamt of a vast empty beach I looked to the ocean and there it was a wave so monstrous it surpassed the clouds and darkened the sky. I started to write into the sand and at that point I realised I should have a little look around. I walked up a steep hill it was full of sharp pebbles by the time I got to the top my feet were mangled so bad I couldn’t recognise them. I heard a whisper it said “This is what it is” I hear a rumbling sound so loud it was terrifieng I turn and the wave hits me.

  17. Mary Wilkinson on

    I was sunbathing with my late mother and sister. I was collecting and looking at all the huge shells. I knew you couldn’t collect them as this was a state park. Beside me was a large red starfish. I was on a balcony at the beach resort and knew I had to leave. I jumped over the balcony thinking it was a short plunge. It was not, the resort was several floors. As the guests screamed I knew that if you died in a dream you would die in real life. As I plummeted to earth, I knew this was it. Death. I landed on my feet and a strange brunette was looking at me. I walked off without a scratch. Woke up.

  18. Vivid dreamer on

    I am constantly dreaming of being on resorts and hotels in my dreams. Last night I dreamt I was in the city at a nice hotel and there were tornadoes starting to form around us. And when I went back in to the hotel to ask where we were supposed to go they sent us to the third floor. The tornadoes never did end up hitting us but it was crazy.

  19. Karen Pater on

    I dreamed thay I was at a cafe on the beach. The sky was starry. When I walked onto what was looked like a very small viewing area on a beach, the ocean was deep and brightly illuminated and it was teeming with all sorts of sea life. There were tuna, dolphins, seals, whales, and sharks all whizzing around. I remember feeling fascinated and blown away and wanted to sit in the one chair on the beach and just watch the spectacle. Even though I was apprehensive I really wanted to swim in the ocean!

  20. Karen Pater on

    I dreamed thay I was at a cafe on the beach. The sky was starry. When I walked onto what was looked like a very small viewing area on a beach, the ocean was deep and brightly illuminated and it was teeming with all sorts of sea life. There were tuna, dolphins, seals, whales, and sharks all whizzing around. I remember feeling fascinated and blown away and wanted to sit in the one chair on the beach. I was also apprehensive but really wanted to swim in the ocean!

  21. I dreamt I was walking on a beach, in Australia. The terrain conststed of large pebbles that I was easily able to walk on.

    There were rock formations and tidal pools full of warm water. As I looked out, over the water, there was a small castle just off shore.

    There was a concrete building behind me and when I turned to walk back to it, I realized there was a tiny stingray stuck to the inside of my ankle.

    I attempted to remove it and it began to sting me. I dunked my ankle/foot in a tidal pool and it slipped off easily. I then awoke.

  22. sradhanjali nayak on

    I saw very big waves coming to me .I and my big brother are clicking some pictures and posting on the net .Someone asked me what are these all and I gave a reply saying that these are the waves of gopalpur orrisa. I saw quick sand no pebbles too big waves coming to me but can’t reach to me .

  23. sradhanjali nayak on

    I saw very big waves coming to me .I and my big brother are clicking same pictures and posting on the net .Someone asked me what are these all and I gave a reply saying that these are the waves of gopalpur orrisa. I saw quick sand no pebbles too big waves coming to me but can’t reach to me .

    • Yohannes Fernz on

      I dreamed of a beach together with my family. Lots of people around the beach. Not a deserted one but just a very short shore I saw in that dream.
      I watched the beach soulfully, and go for a swim.
      But something very weird happened in the later part, there was a mass held in the beach for a burial but it was not buried there as far as I remember. It was a family member of the owner of the beach, all are wearing white and most of the family members and relatives are really crying. What does it could possibly mean?

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