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Abroad Dream Symbol – Dreams that involve travel abroad can have a number of different meanings.  If you are dreaming of a place that you have not visited, then it can suggest that you have a desire for changes to occur in your life.  It can also mean that changes are about to occur, some of which you may already know about.  For example, a recent or upcoming marriage can often cause people to dream of a different country, since the situation is new and “foreign”, even though it is something that has been planned and you will have known about for a long time.

If you are dreaming of a country that you have not been to and know nothing about, then this could suggest that there is an element of your life that you need to escape.  Think about any negative aspects of your life and how you might be able to change these for the better.  If you are aware of stress being a defining factor in your life, then your dream could simply be telling you that a holiday would be a good idea.

In the dream, if your experiences abroad were enjoyable, then there are likely to be positive changes occurring in your life soon.  If you were in a hot climate and you were in control of your own destiny within the dream, then this meaning is further reinforced, and something good is soon to happen, but it will most likely involve a change in your life.

However, if you were afraid at any point during your dream, or there were any negative experiences, then it suggests that a new beginning maybe what you require, even if the thought fills you with trepidation.

Any dream featuring a foreign country suggests that changes are occurring within your life, or that they need to take place in order for you to move forward.  Think about which country you were dreaming of; if it was a place you knew, then this suggests that whatever you need to move forward and make those necessary changes is something that you already possess.  You may just need to present yourself in a different light to enable the people around you to recognize this.

Dreaming of going abroad normally means that you have been working too hard, and your mind is trying to tell you that it is time to stop and take a break.  It can also mean that you are stuck in a mundane routine and need to make some changes, particularly regarding your working environment.  Maybe it is time to consider looking for a new job, or perhaps this is something you have been considering, but have not yet made that leap and sent in an application form.  Now is the time to move forward and work towards something better.

If you are dreaming of a country that you have previously visited, particularly if you have lived or worked there, then you need to think about how you felt during that time, and what you especially enjoyed of the country.  The dream suggests that you need to rediscover these feelings.

Additional Abroad Interpretations

Dreaming of traveling abroad represents your open-mindedness to new opportunities and experiences. There may soon be chances to change your daily routine and experience new adventures. When you dream of traveling overseas it represents the unknown. Finding yourself in a foreign country suggests your life will soon take a turn into the unknown. This will be good for you and you should embrace this change. There is much knowledge to gain from this situation. Take notice of the other things happening in your dream to get a deeper meaning.

If you dream of traveling abroad, when you are stressed or depressed this indicates you need to be better at selling your skills and abilities professionally. You need to recognize your worth to move forward.

When you do not know what country you are in, this is a reminder there is something in your personality that needs addressing for you to make progress. You need to recognize what this is to help you see your life with a new perspective. Living abroad can mean you need to escape a negative situation in your waking reality. It can also represent your unhappiness with your daily routine. You may need to take a holiday to prepare for something exciting that may soon cross your path. This type of dream may also refer to the importance of moving past your fears and into the future.

Meeting an interpreter can mean you feel agitated living where you live. It can mean you need to make changes to your life. Not understanding a foreign language can indicate your inability to see life from a different perspective. Are you being closed-minded about someone or a situation?

Living Abroad Symbols

Dreaming of living in a foreign country is a sign you need to take a break from your daily routine. Is it an effort to keep doing the same old things every day? Are you feeling unsettled? Watching yourself travel overseas on holiday indicates you may soon change employers or get a new work contract. It will be a time where you experience much personal growth. This will help you no and in the future. Learning a foreign language can mean you are learning new skills to escape from mundane working life.

Dreaming of the country you dream of visiting in your waking reality means that there is something about you that people naturally respect. Your journey through life will be full of like-minded, supportive people. Leaving a foreign country is a push to let you know you should get out more. Are you stuck in a rut? Are there things you have always wanted to do? What is stopping you? Hearing people talking in different languages is a sign of confusion. This is a time you need to take a break to clear your head. To figure things out.

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  1. What does it mean when you dreamt of having booked a flight to a foreign country you desired and already made an arrangement to your friend on a specified date to help you on something but then you suddenly remembered that you booked a flight without a visa yet? Anyone? Thanks

  2. To understand my dream you have to know that I am from the Netherlands but that I am living in St. Maarten for a bit over 11 years.

    In my dream I decided to return to the Netherlands and already in the plain I have doubts and even before I set foot back in the Netherlands I realize I made a mistake and want to go back. I visit my old neighbor and another woman, although I do not recall who she is. While drinking tea they ask me if I am back or on vacation. I explain that I meant to be back but that I changed my mind. I also told them that luckily I forgot to quit my job so I can go back to it.

  3. I would like to share my dream that Ive just woke up from. I live in South Africa but had a dream that I was in Britain. I was with a tour guide who was with me in the Ship. The sea was ok though rough at times. I was having a good time though. Also saw myself walking up a flight of stairs under a bridge like space, There was a young girl dressed in not so bright white dress who helped me when i got stuck. She asked me where I was from and the words South Africa did not reach my lips. I commented her for her country and helpfullness. I was kind of scared to roll back down the stairs into the sea too.

  4. I dreamt about going to Germany on a business trip (I’ve always wanted to go to Germany), and I was staying a a girl’s place, my plane was gonna leave back to Mexico the next morning and I knew I was going back there in 2 weeks,, but still I wanted to take advantage of being there so I walked outside and decided I was gonna spend all night walking in nature.
    When I walked outside the house my dad was there, I walked past him (a little afraid he was gonna stop me) and started to walk, I was really excited finding the best spot so I could take lots of pictures, I suddently realized I was lost and this made it a little more exciting, although I did think about missing my flight the morning after and it scared me a bit.
    I kept walking and taking pictures, I suddently looked back and there was this giant mountain with a cascade behind me, its size really frightened me so I quickly took a picture and kept walking.
    I saw a group of people exploring the area (a group as in maybe a school or something), there was a guy walking behind them but with the same uniform, I asked him where I was in german and he replied in english saying he didn’t speak german so we started to talk in english

    Any idea what it could mean?

  5. Hi just want to share my dream lastnyt and it was like i saw myself in the city up into a hills like where hotels is and saw a very beautiful water like a river and somebody told me that i was in colombia and wat im seeing is nice then i step out to the hotel and saw myself in shore where i can see an ocean in a very clear blue green water and amazed with it and i enjoyed i think feeling that water and found happiness after that from the shore i heard someone saying its so beautiful and looks happy but wen he said that his mouth wer close only just by hearing that word from feelings while looking at him.it was my dead father smiling after that i am walking to the shore where on the side was like different fast food and a store and told them to try that.im not sure who i was with but i was feeling kinda related to me like a relatives and the last look qas seeing that blue green beautiful ocean with a big rock berg on it then i woke and still remember that dream.can u interprete it for me please thanks..cutesme20

  6. For the last several nights, I have dreamed I have moved to Paris, but set to live in crappy, small, rented quarters where not only to I have to babysit the children of my employers, I have to take turns entertaining the children of all the employers of all the girls there. I am stressed because my grandmother has been left behind and my mother needed me to stay with her so she didn’t have to go into a nursing home. (NOTE: My grandmother died in 1993; my mother died last November.) I have gone out at night to try to find my way around the neighborhood, but I mislay my purse and get lost. I climb to the top of a hill (I’m in Paris, but it’s not Montmartre). When I reach the top, I see where I need to be, only I need to cross a snow-covered area to reach it – and I have no coat and only summer clothes. My employers have not put enough money into my bank account and I have found that I am responsible for paying for the “apartment” they have selected for me. I can’t get home because my ID is in the purse I lost. My husband and my animals are back in Atlanta.

    If anyone can help, please do. I am having the same basic dream (layers of variation each night) and I can’t sleep longer than an hour at a time. I have to be alert at work.

  7. Hi. I dream lastnight that i was travelling on the sea and reach another country i was happy excited the place was pretty the country was Dominica am from jamaica what does that mean?

  8. Jattinn kochhar on

    Hi..I had this peculiar dream this morning where I m at a lavish party in a foreign land.. everybody seems to be friendly though I don’t know the host but a lot of people seem to know me.i m with my wife..the party is in a never-ending venue with all possible means of entertainment..during the course of night I get separated from my wife and the friends I know and some how get lost and by mistake get out of the party with my bag which has my wallet,cell fine and also my shoes.once out I don’t know how to get in,nobody on the street is ready to help me.i don’t know the name of the hotel where the party is and I don’t know the name of the host..I m left helpless….what does this dream mean?

  9. I had a dream me and my husband went somewhere in Europe ( Not sure where), and his mom was there for a brief second at this stand. She said that there could be money for him. He talks to this man at the stand and he looked up my husband’s name and he said there was money for him. He wound up getting much less than what was owed because or fees. We were still happy with the amount even though. If I had to guess what country maybe Italy or similar. Interesting dream that was. 🙂

  10. Hi! I have that same dream almost for a week now . I am Greek and i move to America . First day at school i chose to take a music lesson despite the fact that i dont play any instruments . There i meet a boy who used to be a classmate of mine back in Greece and we talk a lot . We are getting closer . Then suddenly i have to introduce myself to the class and i find it difficult to explain my name to others since my name is so difficult . I cangive you more details but i think these things are the most important scenes .Anyway . Just to say its always a lucid dream and i can do whatever i want but i always end up doing the same things every time i get this dream

    • I personally think this is your subconsciouses way of preparing you for a new life in America. Basically helping you to adjust. The guy you knew from your home country is there for support and as a crutch so to speak.
      He makes you feel a little more comfortable in this new setting. A home comfort. Playing instruments to me means creating something beautiful, entertainment, will, determination. Idk, I’m not an expert by any means but this is the feeling I get from your dream.

  11. Marc Carbone on

    im currently unemployed and struggling to find a job, i had a dream last night, and it was me studying at the university in New york city, im from Perth, in Western Australia, and I do currently study. I was enjoying myself in the dream, happy, excited, and did not want to leave, but before arriving in New York at the University I was on a plane leaving Las Angelas, heading for Perth with my family, but then instantly I found myself at the University of New York, not sure if thats even the name of a real University. so I was meeting people. a roll call was being done then i began crying, because I didnt want to leave the university, so I ran off to the toilets, couldnt find them, but met more friendly people, and started chatting. I then said i need to go find my friend, i placed my stuff on a chair and two giants rose up in front of me, I wasnt scared, just surprised

    • That is a wicked cool dream! You have to look at the key details of the dream and look up the meaning. Then think about it and piece it all together. Like what were you thinking about before you went to sleep, what is going on in your life eight now. What do those symbols mean to you. Come up with something that resonates with you and then bada boom bada bang. You have your answer!

  12. Hi.

    I have to finish my secondary school with the focus on mathematics and sciences, however, I only did one year of that and had several traumatic life experiences which prevented me from becoming who (a scientist or linguist) I want to be. The past year, I’m following my passions (music, writing, sports, singing, thinking, etc) but I’m indeed stuck in my daily routine and some thought patterns, I’ve worked a lot on it though, and I’m almost there but I still have a lot to do. I asked a psychologist to help me with it, but now I’m pushing him away, while I feel comfortable when I talk with him. Tonight I’ve dreamt about a guy, and he first looked only interested in my boobs, but he offered me to spend some time with him in Italy. I agreed, and we took the flight together to Italy, his family welcomed me too. He was partly dating (nothing serious) with a girl (way more beautiful than me) in Italy but he said that he liked me more on all levels, so we started to kiss and not much later he asked me to marry him (he was studying physics, his third year at university), and he said that I could finish my secondary school there, that he would help me and that I could start with university in Italy, where they have good science programs. And I said; no it’s not possible, I have to finish it in Belgium, it doens’t work that way. He said; I can learn you the language, you can study here and stay here, and me and my family will help you with everything. I didn’t think it was a good idea but I liked him and Italy, so, 2 days after that I wanted to leave him to go back to Belgium but I didn’t because I recognized him in me. What is this about? (I really have weird dreams lately, good and bad ones; about zombie apocalypses, people kissing me, even girls, about forests, and weird child-like creatures that come to Earth to give me a message in a future utopian city, etc.)

  13. sudha mishra on

    for last few months i hv been dreaming of going abroad repeatedly,,,,hw ever d experience was nt good at all once i went to france in my dream nd in dream i was drawning in a river,,,,just like i had so many experience,, last night i saw that i was going to CHINA after reaching thr i directly headed to holy shrine of SHANI TEMPLE,,,after doing rituals i went out side where 2 boys tried to threaten me wid there knife, after which i ran frantically nd fell down on the ground, nd suddenly i woke up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what does it mean?????

  14. Just woke up from a dream. In real life my fiance and i were planning to get married this july and we were planning to travel atleast one countyry a yr. Specificaly hongkong on December. Everything was cancelled due to the fact his mom had cancer and heart problems he couldn’t leave the philippines (i’m in thailand). The dream i had was planning to go to japan, hongkong or china, anywhere that involves snow or cold climate. i felt guilty traveling along so I asked him where he wanted to go. He seemed uninterested and just replied, “either will do” and i saw myself in my dream stuck in persuading him to feel excited but he was like, “yeah” don’t care anything will do.. by the way i just started my new job 🙂

  15. i have frequent dreams of being abroad and need to buy my return ticket and panick i have enough money for it .i also always need to leave things in the hotel as i dont want to pack in my case.

  16. I had a strange dream. I had moved to Poland and started working in a factory testing games. My whole family lived there too but to keep working there I had to take my brothers job which I did. Then I went back to my parents house in poland and they had a dog i had never seen and said they had had her for years and looking at it fondly whilst it peed on the carpet. I have never even been to Poland and neither has my parents or brother.

  17. What about dreaming about planning a spontaneus trip? I was sitting accross my childhood friend naming places i “just wanted to go, now” … the ones i remember were Costa Rica, Mexico, Greece and the USVI. I have traveled a lot in my lifetime, and i have had very vivid, strange dreams since i was a child, i just wonder what exactly made me dream of a spontaneus trip like that.

  18. I took a short nap lik 2hrs+ and I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that I was in a building in Taiwan but when I look to the right, the Paris Eiffel Tower and the surrounding areas were there. It was like Taiwan on the left and Paris on the right. Both places had very cold weather, I tried to pull the window down to keep the wind out but realize a small portion of the window had broken into pieces, I thought i will not be able to close it properly but who knows I managed to pull it all down (apparently the glass had a bigger surface area than expected).

  19. I had a dream that me and my wife and a third person had been flown into North Korea and we got taken to a place with big metal statues and the statues had Tares in them and flaws and they put us on these big scaffolds that could move to any angle and they wanted us to weld and fix them but the Koreans were observing our welds and I didn’t do hot on the first one but this one statue had a rip on top of its head and one on its arm and a couple other places and I could actually see myself welding these and when I got done there were no tares or flaws and it was cool cause after I was done it was like there wasn’t anything wrong with the statue at all and my wife did well to and we both got these certificates and then we was done and then I woke up ,was so strange not a bad dream just one I have never had one like that

  20. I dreamt that I was in a line to get a ticket for Japan at the airport, went home and packed then went back to the airport and went to Japan. I have always wanted to go to Japan and the dream seemed so realistic! Does this mean anything?

  21. Night before last I dreamed I was at a grand hotel, for some reason I knew I was in Bangkok with my kids…I saw money exchange and when looking it up sure enough I recognized the penny from my dream that was given to me after buying items from the near by market…and the young boy helping me along told me his dad was killed my land mines… I have never left my home town in alberta but yet I felt like I was there I can smell the ocean air as I here the crashing of the waves near the hotel…even the difference between me and my surrounding…I so badly want to go there now.

  22. Hi,
    i am looking for a better job from last 6 months but did nt get yet.. what is the reason behind this dream can anybody tell me.My dream is about Ireland however i did not visit Ireland in my real life yet and in dream i found myself sitting in one of the garden of ireland and then police came there to ask me about “where r u from i told “i am from india” actually i did nt have passport in dreams and in real life too but how did i come in Ireland in dreams god knows but then police happily replied me “oh u r from india !! “then they demanded me an identification card i showed them it was an indian identification card called “UID ” i showed them they replied my” ok fine hrudaya “but in dream i thought why didnt they ask me about passport .. is there any relation of this dream in my real life

  23. I actually just last night had a dream about being in the terminal at L.A.X. almost ready to board a intercontinental flight to china and was absolutely ecstatic, however, I want to know what signifigance china has to any dream. by the way, it said I would be leaving on a Saturday. please tell me your interpretation as soon as possible. thank you.

  24. Jodie Hedglin-Melo on

    I keep dreaming I’m in Ireland and soooo happy. I have never been there and don’t know why my subconcious chose Ireland. I’m always still traveling to where I’m going to stay and I’m always walking. Would love to know what this means.

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