Dream about my Boyfriend Cheating on Me


Have you ever dreamt that your boyfriend was cheating on you? This is one of the most common dreams to experience when you are in a relationship. While these dreams have a number of meanings, most of the times they point to insecurities we have within ourselves as the root cause.

Cheating Boyfriend

Dreaming of being cheated on is an unsettling dream. These dreams can be so real you may think your partner or someone you love is betraying you in some way for real. This may not be real.

cheating-dreamsThis sort of dream can mean your partner is not paying you enough attention. Maybe they are away for work or spending more time on a hobby. Their greater absences may be completely innocent. This may be a dream about your own insecurities.

Being cheated on in a dream can also mean you have a fear of abandonment. You may worry whether your relationship will last the long run and whether you are truly committed to each other. You may have these fears because you were abandoned in some way as a child. These fears can be destructive and drive someone who loves you away if you are not careful.

This sort of dream is also a sign in insecurity and a lack of self-confidence. You may think you are not good enough to love and that your partner will not stay with you forever when they find out who you really are. Do you think the person you love is better than you? Or, is your trust broken?

Being cheated on in a dream can actually be a warning your partner is cheating. The dream is alerting you to take a closer look. Your subconscious maybe be prodding you to see the obvious signs you refuse to see. Are you in denial about your partner’s cheating ways?

Are you the one Cheating?

If you are the one cheating, this can represent your feelings of guilt at betraying yourself. This may not mean you actually cheated sexually on your partner. It can mean you were dishonest or lied to someone or about a situation. You may even be lying to yourself. It can also mean you desire the trait of the person you cheat with.

A dream where you cheat is also about the depth of your sexuality. It maybe you are exploring different aspects of your sexual side. It can also mean you are reaffirming your commitment to your partner. And, if in a new relationship, it can represent the awakening of a new sexual passion.

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