Drain Dream Symbol


Drain – There are many types of drain. If you dream about a literal drain, such as the drain in your sink or shower, this represents the loss of something. Many times drains are considered places where things get lost. In your subconscious, the drain is a warning against losing precious items such as wedding rings or other jewelry. Be wary of where you put such things.

If you dream about your energy being drained or some other form of drainage, it represents that something non-physical is about to be lost. Make sure to get enough rest and take as many breaks as is necessary to your health.

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  1. I saw 2 small drainage hole which I was suppose to clean. I Don’t know why. Out of the 2, I opened 1 circular opening of drainage which was half full. Cleared the opening and moved to 2nd one hole. The 2nd one was full and I was scooping out dirt and searching for a place to put it. The dirt was all black and grey. I thing, I saw hair in it too (Sorry for the nasty details)
    All the above was only the end part of my dream. My dream started with someplace else and ended here. I don’t find any connection of this one with rest of dream. Waiting for you to revert

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