Dragonfly Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dragonfly Dream Symbol – Dragonfly visits your dreams to let you know transformation and change are coming. Her visit can reflect feelings of instability and insecurity, and you may need to stand up for yourself. Alternatively, you know how to put someone in their place without caring about their feelings or what they think. Maybe consider softening your approach for better outcomes.

dragonfly-dreamsA dragonfly attacking you in your dream can signify that someone has hurt you in a cold, heartless way leaving you doubting yourself.

Or, it can mean you have been insensitive in your actions towards another. Who has hurt you? Who frustrates you to the point of no return? What do you feel insecure about?

When Dragonfly crosses your path

Dragonfly brings a journey of self-discovery. This tiny creature moves through the physical world at top speeds to remind you to live in the present, in the here and now. Not in the future or in the past.

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  1. Carol Spickler on

    I dreamt of multiple dragon flies, Some where on my blanket or mating in the air in front of me, I even saw a whole glob of them kind of tangled up. I didnt disturb them and they didnt disturb me except that i was afraid I might accidentally damage one by my daily activities

    • Carol Spickler on

      But that was my dream and this is my reality….my brother is in hospice with multiple organ failure due to severe alcoholism he is my age …not even 50 yet. I am buying the house I grew up in and living with my mom again whos health (especially emotional health) is declining. She is a hoarder, and I have had to be like her warden making her throw things away. She crys and slams doors and I myself am trying to always remember that ETOH lake has slippery slopes. I have gone from rags to riches to upcycling. I think its not the meek or the spin doctors who will inherit the earth, it is the garbage men. I have stopped looking in the mirror so much and looking around. and have noticed a mosiac masterpiece that we are so lucky to lay down our one puzzle piece to.

      • Carol Spickler on

        (I dont know how this kind of thing works with leaving posts and news groups and stuff….)but my dreams have proven (to me anyways) to be symbolic and prophetic. So going back to the dragonflies, I really dreamt that! And it was technicolor wizard of oz sort of feel to the dream. Amusing but a little scary or sad at the same time, when I dream like that i take note that my brain is trying to tell me something when my guard down, And from what I’ve read about dragonflies they symbolize change, adaptability, being hurt by someone thoughtless AND / OR thoughtlessly hurting someone.

  2. I had a dream I was standing in front of a rectangular pond at night. I wanted to walk through but there were a dozon giant dragonflies sitting on top of the pond. I decided to walk through anyway, but after doing so I got attacked by one of the giant dragonflies with sharp teeth biting me. I quickly began to throw it off me while I jumped out of the pond. I needed to think of another way to get through the pond without getting attacked, so I swam under the surface of the pond. Before I could reach the end of the pond I woke up.

  3. Dreamy a dragonfly flew by mouth area and just stayed there until I blew it away.. it didnt land on my mouth.. it just flew in front my mouth and stayed there hovering. Until feeling like why is this thing taking so long to move. Then I blew it away. Then my second dream was me reaching a party .. I spoke to a friend and my girlfriend came out of nowhere saying loudly and being aggressive asking me.. WHAT DID YOUR FRIEND TELL YOU HUH? WHAT DID HE TELL YOU? apparently it had something to do with her entertaining another man at that party. But the thing is.. my friend wasnt even telling me about her and anyone else.. what does this mean?

  4. In my dream I found a beautiful dragonfly. I really wanted to show it to my family so I went to my father first. He took it and looked at it but when he gave it back to me it was missing some legs. When I showed it to each of my other family members it was given back to me more damaged. It was dead by the end.

  5. I had a dream that a dragonfly flew right in my face then stopped. We stared at each other for about five minutes face to face eye to eye then I woke up?

  6. I remember nothing of my dream. Except the dragonfly. Beautiful dragonfly. I was walking and it was dead in a gutter with leaves and other debris. Normally I think nothing of weird dreams, but it just stuck out so much.

  7. I dreamed of a beautiful dragonfly, I was watching it dance through the sky, when suddenly out of nowhere an eagle swooped down and grabbed the dragonfly in his mouth. He didn’t eat him, but killed him by shaking him. The poor dragonfly’s body fell all around me in tiny blue and green pieces.

  8. Last night I dreamt of two dragonflies flying around me. One landed on my elbow and kind of wrapped its body around my arm. The other flew into my neck and then all of a sudden I woke up because I heard and felt buzzing in my hair from the second dragonfly. My eyes just shot open. No, my phone was on the table a few feet from me. It was very strange and felt very real.

  9. Hi…
    I had a dream of dragonflies attacking me..they were so many. They where all the same..bitting me…all over my body… on my both ears they were surrounding and bitting…. I’m running and trying to remove and while removing them they’r accidentally diying…

  10. I had a dream of dragon fly biting me but before I go to sleep I was thinking about my ex who hurted me.

  11. I dreamed I was drinking a cup of beer and felt something inside I saw the shadow of 2 cockroaches. then when I looked well I saw a living dragon fly inside the cup. What does this dream means? please advise.

  12. i had a dream a month ago, that has been bugging me everyday, there where a ton of dragonflies floating around me, all of them were greenish blue, a little black and then they all of the sudden they made room for this orange and red hint of gold dragonfly. time slowed i saw its wings fluttering at a tenth of the speed of time. none of these dream interpretations make sense.

  13. Your dream interpretation is spot on for me personally.

    I had a dream with multiple scenes that led up to the final one that I woke up from. I was standing on top of a hill and someone asked me, “how do I rationalize life?”. I thought about it in my dream, and I said, “through nature.”. Thereafter, I slid the the hill until I stop at a flat point. Someone was there at the bottom already. Right next to that person we’re two jars that held a dragonfly in each of them. Then someone pulled out the cork and a dragonfly flew out. I looked away and all I felt was a loud buzzing vibration on my hand. I assume the dragonfly was “attacking” me. Then I woke up.

  14. I was dreaming that a dragonfly flying straight to to back of my hair and it was caught there. Wat does it mean? Thanks.

  15. I had a dream of the dragonfly And that it poked me in my butt That me and my sister were trying to make a little house for the dragonfly…

  16. I had a dream of the dragonfly And that it poked me in my butt That me and my sister were trying to make a little house for the dragonfly.

  17. Last night I dreamt of a very agressive dragonfly hovering in my yard. A strange man who I assume was a neighbor was trying to catch it and told me it’s mean because it was a dragonfly not native to our cooler Michigan climate and the dragon fly was aggressive because it was trying to find warmth since it’s from Florida…. strange I usually never never remember my dreams

  18. I dreamed last night of a Blue dragonfly hidingin thr corner, with a broken wing. I began protecting and caring for it, from my Cats and Aunt Neva, (who lives in a different state) trying to kill it. The blue dragonfly revealed to me as a male Blue Fairy, we became friends as we waited for his wing to heal, I think he told me his name but I cant remember it. After a few days(in one dream) He began to fly and the last I saw of him, he was on the ceiling when I walked in the room, then I woke up

  19. Hi!
    I dresmt that I saw a big drgonfly and she was also a bright light. She was flying in the sky and me and my husband saw her.

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