Doing Something Bad Dream Symbol


Doing Something Bad – Having a dream about doing something bad symbolizes your guilt about something in your waking life. Oftentimes you feel that you are unable to avoid a certain action, which leads to guilt.

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  1. Mountain Mike on

    I was once house for my mother and while there, I had a nightmare that I slapped her dog over and over again because she (the dog, not my mom) chewed up some paperwork (“the dog ate my homework”) so I took the dog to the animal shelter. I told my mom when she came back so she cried and cried and we rushed to the animal shelter and she had already been adopted. I woke up crying and was afraid to go back to sleep for several days. I had just quit drinking so could it have been from withdrawals?

    • I recently had a terrible dream where I was trying to boil water in a glass tank for a dog (I don’t know why either) but then I realized that I was boiling the dog alive because he was also in the tank?! But I couldn’t do anything for a bit, like I couldn’t move, then I put my hands in the hot water to get him out. It was so bad, and I feel bad for having dreamt that.

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