Dishes Dream Symbol


Dishes – Dishes in your dreams can have different connotations depending on what is happening to them. If dishes are being broken, it is a sign of very intense and emotional things to come. These things may be extremely pleasant or extremely unpleasant. If the dishes in your dream are being cleaned or dried, it is a sign of order in your life.

You can expect any efforts to organize your life to be very beneficial. If the dishes in your dream are being set out for a meal, it represents an upcoming opportunity that you should take advantage of.

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  1. Showing the possibilities of the house to prospective female roommate. I’ve lived in this house since I’ve been married, but never used these rooms because the roof leaks. The husband wasn’t interested in the tour, so wandered out of the dream. In the unused and unpacked kitchen with all new fridge and freezer and different types of chairs, there are beautiful, colorful dishes dusty on the counter, as I look, the impression of dust fades. I pick up a set of exotic red and black china serving platters, show them off and set them back on the counter. In the cabinet, beautiful dishes, various sets, are clean. I pick up a wonderful sky blue and white teacup from a complete set and am shocked to realize it is plastic. Rationalize this and put it back, closing the cabinet. Move on to the next room. No doors or hallways, just room leads to room with no Windows, but plenty of light. Many more rooms are shown, similar in potential, including a room with unused pool table and counter for entertaining, with lots of colorful dusty dishes in exotic or quirky patterns.

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