Disguise Dream Symbol


Disguise РDisguises can represent secrets and hidden agendas, but most often they also represent inhibitions in you and others around you. Dreaming of disguises, far from trying to make you aware of secrets being hidden from or by you, is actually a cry of desperation to be accepted.  Not being accepted for who you are is extremely detrimental to your mental and emotional heath.

If you are repetitively having dreams about disguises, either on yourself of others, it is a tug to distance yourself from friends that make you feel uncomfortable being yourself and to start associating with people that may feel like they are unacceptable to others.

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  1. Stephen, your explanation resonates with me. Recently I have 2 dreams about disguise. In real life I’m trying to be authentic and I am also uncomfortable being around some friends.

  2. i had a dream in which it was as if someone was “wearing” ANOTHER person’s body as an identity but deep down it really ‘felt’ like someone else was ‘in’ that person. Kind of like someone using a different person as a mascot. I knew both the person “in disguise” as well as the person they were pretending to be. What could that suggest for the person being used as a disguise, esp if that disguise helped the person hiding get somethign from you in the dream?

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