Disappointment Dream Symbol


Disappointment РDreaming about disappointment in you by someone else represents your struggle to accomplish great things and the obstacles that keep you from achieving them.  Dreaming about you being disappointed in yourself represents guilt about a recent action that you have made. Disappointment in someone else by you is a symbol of that person not being able to fulfill your needs in some way.

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  1. Speaking about disappointed dreams ,I mostly have random dreams not those fantasy ones but very simple ones.Like trying to meet someone, planning to board a train, trying to snap a photo of a bird sitting my hand or somewhere , trying to buy an attractive dress, reaching a celebrity out of a crowd , going on a trip etc.Mostly this ends up never happening giving disappointment. This quite annoys me like why not even in dreams.

  2. I dreamt about me giving my bag to the drycleaner to clean for me so unusual together with my friends’ but on returning everyone’s bag the drycleaner never gave mine back he never said anything about it even when I asked for it and I struggled to get it back but I couldn’t find it till I lost my dream

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