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Dinner – Dreaming about having dinner is usually a sign of major energy flows in your relationship with those around you. If you dream about having a nice dinner with a lover or close friend, it means that it is a good time to start a new project that will potentially change your life for the better. If you dream about having dinner with a group of people it usually means that you have strong emotional ties with them and that they reciprocate your feelings.

If you dream about having a bad experience dining with someone or a group of people, it is a sign of moderate, but not major, disruptions in that relationship in the future. Be aware of any sudden changes in these relationships.

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  1. My dream keeps bringing me back to my old job..I have this dream at least thrice. Not sure always in a large glass building but the color green sticks out. This time there were flowers roses in red and pink.

  2. Hello, What im saying right now isn’t the dream itself it’s reality because I have a feeling it has to do with reality. So, my uncle from my mother’s side is 18 years old and in my country they have this thing where you have to do two types of really stressful quizez about things you’ve learnt throughout the year it’s not a final test. As I mentioned before there’s two of them there’s brevet and there’s terminal and my uncle is technically speaking in grade 12 and he already finished his terminal tests. Today at 11 his grades will come out and we will see what happens I always do have high hopes sometimes in the worst situation but he himself thinks that he failed (and he didn’t put much effort into studying for the series of tests). Yesterday, I was chatting with him and the last person i spoke to was him this must have an effect to the dream right? Anyways, This is my dream we ordered food but not junk food cultural arabic food… and my dad wasn’t there my mom’s sides came over and we were eating but the weird thing was that half of the girls (mom, grandma, aunt, sister) they were in my and my sister room (we do share the same room) so they were eating there and my other uncles where eating in the living room including my brother and me we were eating in the living room (the weird thing is that I noticed that both sides the girls and the boys are sad. I think they had an argument or something). However, when I start drinking my 7up I see a bride and a broom arguing I roll my eyes and then everything goes black at the end of the dream It was something totally different (btw everything is taking place at night) Im in my room with my sister and my aunt and we were looking at the phone and i was really so damn surprised I didn’t understand about what though. side note: I do have short hair over about to the end of my neck long over my shoulders but not too short) and while i was seing this ta-daaa epiphany hits me and my hair was longer than it should’ve been plus it wasnt all the same length on the front side like only a couple of hairs were as long as it is now in reality but the other side the back side was all as long as i had it before i cut my hair but a little shorter like it was recently cut. And that concludes the amazing but yet weirdest dream I dreamt about. Sorry, if i talked a lot I myself admit im talkative. I have no idea what it means but I think it isn’t only about my uncle’s grade. anyways enjoy your day to the max and have fun during it… hope I didn’t cause any headaches And the grades will soon come a out like in about and hour at 11:00am ouhh and the weirdest thig is that the grades are supposed to come out at 11 and when we we’re surprised while looking at the phone it was at night maybe 11:00pm just guessing or my uncle just texted us if he did it or not and the uncle who did the terminal wasn’t even there in the dream… so good luck you people all around the world that have quizez right now or to you people who are done but waiting anxiously for the grades to come out best of luck

  3. Munyaradzi on

    I have a dream have dinner with my girlfriend and his brother and as we eat she say something that made cry. What is the meaning

  4. I dreamt my mother invited my brother and I and several of our friends to dinner at her place. It took an act of congress to get there but when we did she had no idea why we were there. I remember asking my brother “didn’t mom invite us for dinner”. He said yes. Then I remember we were both trying to figure out if we should take everyone out for dinner or cook somewhere. It was an odd embarrassing feeling in my dream. I woke up puzzled. ???

  5. I had a dream that I sat down to eat and was waiting for my family when I looked over and saw them eating without me. What does this mean?

  6. I had a dream of eating dinner with two sets of older couple that i never met and my crush was sitting beside me. There were 6 of us sitting on table and eatinh comfortably though there is no laughter. I only know my crush and he was asking me strange question such as do i miss him?

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