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Digging – Dreaming of digging can indicate that you are searching for something that you haven’t found yet. If you are single then it can mean you are still looking for that person you will fall in love with or you could be looking for a better job.

Dreams about digging or excavating can also indicate the need to find a solution for deep issues that you have in your life. If you are digging up a skeleton it can indicate that you are uncovering aspects of yourself that you though were dead. However, if you are digging up a treasure chest than it can mean that you are going to discover something new in your life that you will cherish.

dreams about diggingDreaming about digging a hole is a symbol of having made a mistake in a relationship, often in the form of keeping a secret or lying. While sometimes saving your reputation in the eyes of others by lying or keeping a secret is okay, for more serious things it is important to be confident in who you are and the decisions that you have made.

Lying about your actions is rarely positive, not only because they will be found out and you will be seen as a shameful coward, but also because people hardly ever judge things as viciously as we fear they will.

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