Debit Card Dream Symbol


Debit Card – Dreaming of a debit card can mean several things. It might mean that you are financially insecure. More often, it means that this is the time to start seriously considering making a major purchase to help better your life.

Buying things that will improve your everyday life, like new computers or technology, a new wardrobe, or new decorations and furnishings is propitious at this time. Look for good deals and great savings and take advantage of them and you will be sure to find that they were a good idea in the future.

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  1. Tamara Scott on

    Last night I dreamed my kids father was in the car with me, we were at a parking lot with 2 restaurants and a grocery store. He handed me his payroll card ans said. . See how much is on this card

  2. Itaska Massie on

    I had 2 dreams very similar to each other. In both dreams , I was at a debt card machine but I couldn’t get the money to come out…. Over and over again, I put all the right information in, checked funds availability and the machine kept jamming.

  3. Gibran Rounds on

    Last night I dreamed I was shopping and my debit card began to shrink and fade away.
    Wanting to knife what this means

  4. I dreamed that my husband was flirting with my cousin and when i caught them she didn’t want to fight me saying she had some deadly disease in her blood that she didn’t want to give me she said they had been talking for a couple of weeks. What does that mean

  5. I had a dream where I saw a royalty gold atm card fell from a book. I called my friend to let her know she’s dropped something but she then told me it wasn’t hers. I held on to it but later realised it was no longer a bank card but keys to a business mans expensive car. Didn’t meet this millionaire but somehow found myself working for him.

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