Dead Body Dream Symbol


Dead Body – Seeing a dead body in your dreams indicates poor health or the onset of a serious illness in yourself or someone close to you. It may also be a revelation of mortality in your life. Death is a natural fear that all creatures have. Seeing dead bodies in your dreams means that you may have an unnatural aversion to sickness or death.

Meditating on mortality is an important exercise that you must focus on in order to bring your spiritual aspect back into balance. Dead bodies could also be a warning that something is not quite right in your health or the health of someone close to you. Keeping a healthy diet and exercise is very important this is a direct warning from your body that something is amiss.

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  1. misael souza on

    I dream that 2 beautiful people were talking to me, but I couldnt pay attention because of their beauty. Then I told than how pretty they were, they were explaing me something that I couldnt understand because I was magnetized by their appearance. So they introduce me to a king, an old king, then I realized that they were pretty because they had yes of cats, big eyes of cats, then I noticed they were not real human beeings, but cats who looks like humans. The king talk to me and he said he wants to cross the ocean and travel back to his homeland, and he wants to take his loved ones with him. Then he show me in a room lots of corpses, some of them decaying, as if it was his loved ones. So I reallized I was dreaming and run away for the place, because I hate to dream with deads, I even felt the smell of them before wake up.

  2. I dreamt of being in an unknown neighbourhood, and under the building where I was living, there was a dead body wrapped in what seemed to be an old blue carpet. Somehow, in my dream I could smell the rotting flesh. Another dead body also appeared in a alleyway in this unknown city. I was walking around the city getting to know it, exploring it, and I came across it blocking my pathway, I remember feeling very scared with this one. As i kept walking, there was also this cliff and when you look down, you could see the ocean. It was so windy up there that I almost fell off the clliff I tripped and I remember feeling the wind almost pushing me towards the edge of the cliff, and then a man and a woman appeared and they helped me up. I continued to walk, up and down the hill in this unknown city, until I woke up….

  3. I had dreamt two dead bodies in my dream but I don’t know whose dead bodies are that.I had very tensn and hurrying at that time in my dream. What does it mean pls answer me?

  4. 3. Dreamt on 22/1/2018, between 7-11 am, more near to waking up. Saw dead bodies of people and beheading and body parts of people lying on the road while going to symbiosis (uni) Pune with Palash (brother), in a car with Muslim driver, (he read a prayer when we entered and saw first two bodies) almost a barren land near a village. Also two mostly Israel girls (shorts and tees) taking bath with their clothes on…. driver was a good guy, he safely got us to the destination. Then we walked to the university . We crossed a crowded market. Seemed like it was a small city on its own. We reached uni, my brother was telling me stories that they see ghost here (it spooked me). I saw a lot of students. Then he invited me to a seminar and we went in there. We were sitting and then I told him that I should leave because it 7:05 pm and by the time I cross the road and go back to the driver it would take me 20 mins, by the time it’ll get dark because anymore it was a blue hour outside. He agreed, I kissed him (cheeks) goodbye and then he made himself take more kisses, both of us felt teary because of separation. I told him that shrishti ( my real college friend) studied their too and by the time I saw shrishti and I introduced both of them. She was going out too so I walked out with her. She was going to love n latte which was just 500m apart. After that, I walked out alone. After walking for sometime, a man started harassing me, I asked the same man as where was the police station to scare him, he smilingly guided me. Later, I once yelled for help and nobody paid any attention. When I thought he was going to touch me, I attacked him and he fell on a lady behind. She got furious and gave him good jabs and he was bleeding. I suggested to take him to police and we dragged him till there. It was a small police station, just a office table and 4-5 policemen were sitting lined as panelists. They were discussing about the beheading massacre. When I tried talking, all they did was ignorantly smiled and said there were other problems to be solved. The guy who harassed me, smiled at me, hinting that he knew this would be the end.

  5. Naomi Bastedo on

    Just had the strangest dream. I was in the ocean and I was searching for bodies. I found 2 and rescued them and the protocol was to bring them out of the water and ask them their eye/hair color, date of birth and today’s date. One person thought it was 2008 and the other thought it was like 2016. I had to tell the person who thought it was 2008 that he technically must’ve passed back then and we couldn’t do anything to save him at present day. It was so devastating for me and him and we both started crying & I held him. I was able to still save the other guy because he hadn’t been passed for that many years.

  6. I had a dream with sex with two womens dead bodies ,how it’s happened, what’s going on ,i don’t know this is good or bad.. but keep move on motivate myself ,but I need a clarification about that dream.. I hope you had a better solution for this.thank you

  7. I dreamt of a bearded man’s dead body passing in a truck ahead of me…i was in a car just behind it….i don’t know d person i saw in my dreams dead….what does this mean

  8. i had this horrifying dream i was watching a large ship trying to dock and a blimp crashed into it causing the ship to tip over. i started to panic because i knew i had friends on both. the blimp exploded causing multiple other explosions on the ship, which caused bodies to start flying into the sky and towards me on land. i have no idea why i was there in the first place watching this happen or what it means but it’s so freaky.

  9. Last night I have seen a naked dead body of a woman hanging in a room. I don’t really know who the woman was. In the dream it happend that the woman had been raped and later murdered. I am still after waking up, wondering what did the deam try to mean or fortell. If you help me with this, I will be thankful. Sneha

  10. Yasmin Hamburger on

    I’ve recently been having dreams about me leaving my parents and my family. I’ve been waking up each morning and been crying. I know this sounds odd, but my latest one was me being sent to jail. I’ve had other dreams about my dogs dieing, and other people as well. What should I do to make these stop?

  11. Sharon Larmour on

    I recently had a dream about people i know and love dearly that is still alive but i had a dream that they had died wat does this mean

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