Dead Animal Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dead Animal Symbol – Dreaming about a dead animal is representative of something that has become ruined in your life: a job, a relationship, an idealistic goal. The degree to which the animal is decomposed or battered indicates the degree to which you are affected by that aspect of your life. The type of animal that you dream about being dead indicates how hard it is to make your life.

Dreaming about animals that you care for deeply (like pets) would mean that you should take some private time to allow yourself to grieve over the losses you have sustained and give yourself time to make a plan for the future.

Conversely, dreaming of feral animals like squirrels would mean that the incident was important, but that you should move forward with your current plans. Dreaming of dead predatory animals symbolizes great triumphs that have happened or will soon happen in your life. Dead snakes represent your ability to conquer your personal flaws, like bad habits.

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  1. I have dreamt of dead animals now for 2 nights and looked here for some help in interpreting this.
    What I now have pieced together may help others – without lengthy details – my physical dog died 1 month ago now .

    In my 1st dream I was in charge of 2 pet rats – not mine, I didn’t fee deeply attached to them so I don’t think they were mine, but they were sat in my head and bled from the eyes and undoubtedly died
    In my 2nd dream I was in charge of a hamster / or similar that became a stoat then a small dog I think – this died in my hands looking at me and lost colour as it slipped away

    I have determined the comparison between small feral animals, rodents rats etc to my partner – I have found him to be in contact with and suggestive towards another woman. Again I’ll miss out the details but … I am choosing to recognise the betrayal and be warey but I’m also choosing not to expose my knowledge and create a shit storm -for now

    My dream suggests while this is a painful experience (the problem is the rat) it’s gone and it affected me even changed me a little( it was on my head- it’s on my mind) but it’s dead. Perhaps this means the ‘activity’ and contact between my other half and this temporary (about a year) interest has petered out.

    I feel it’s telling me don’t forget, be cautious but be realistic… what do I want ? How will blowing up get me what I want ?!

    No I’m not desperate just calculated, and I am getting all the attention I should want. There’s no sneakiness going on no illicit contact etc so I feel I’m alert and in control

    I shall remain vigilant and observant and time will tell, as will my dreams, if I need to react differently.

    Hope this might help you all. I do feel a death of an animal can symbolise a problem in your life and it helps you to determine, from how you feel about that death how to handle it and move forwards. Sometime just reinforces you’re already doing the right things and it just takes a bit of time – I had my similar dream for 2 nights

  2. eener9lilly on

    i was holding a dog and it got shot i forgot why we had to kill it but it was scary watching the light die from their eyes

  3. Disturbing dreamer on

    Kind of disturbing, which is why I’m here. I don’t remember the beginning of the dream, but just before I woke up, I was watching the news, & all of a sudden I was there live, they were having a “parade” of animals I guess you could call it. A giraffe (my favorite animal) was coming down the line & started to become greasy & decomposing. Everyonein the crowd was complaining of the smell, but I didn’t smell anything. Everyone was becoming sick & I just stood there watching as the news anchors tried to move the disgusting pile of greasy, mushy animal.

  4. I had a dream I was leaving vacation and came to my cousins rented house for the vacay and infront of the house were millions of dead fish as far as the eye could see and I was trying so hard to step around them. What does this mean?

  5. in my dream, i found a dead fox under my car, i left it there and when i came back he was completely decomposed, and then he slowly started moving, like twitching and growing his organs, skin and fur back, came back to life and just walked in my backyard to lay next to my dog. i was also being accused of murder throughout my dream too. idk if that matters. but someone please tell me what this means.

  6. I saw this dream yesterday where a lot of strange animals like a type of lizard I have never seen and a long rabbit and such type of animals wer brought to my home as pets. All of them died one by one, only the lizard and the long rabbit were alive, out of which we had to kill the lizard as it was dangerous. But we kept the rabbit. What does this mean??

  7. ok so this dream was I was down by the river in my parents back yard and was trying to move rocks to make a beach area to enjoy, in a corner I saw a dear head (in the water) then I saw it’s body then a larger dear head then I also saw what appeared to be a wolf in the water and he appeared dead but then started moving his paws ever so slowly, I backed up and started to go to get help…… Should I be worried? or am I letting something go?

  8. I dreamt that a cat was Bringjng dead mice to me through my bedroom window but my ex was taking the dead mice and throwing them back outside . My ex was also outside the window reaching in to take the dead mouse that was left. I hate mice and have a huge fear of them . What does this mean ?

  9. Hmmm…I had a very strange dream.I was in a house meeting a new 2nd and his friends .all very eccentric characters we were outside after everyone skiing and became a hot scene with a snake in the ground it was coming toward me not fast and I accidently rolled on top off it and severed it with my knee.This was a total faux pas as it turned out to be the cowboys/shamans pet.A beastly dog came at me and I held my ground and apologized.They said it was ok and that I could come and help me find them a new one.Next scene is New bf playing a romantic record and about to propose.haha…strrrrrange?

  10. I had a very disturbing dream last night about a family who lived in the woods and killed everyone’s farm animals by ripping them to shreds and it was terrifiying

  11. I had a dream this morning about the dead dogs. Actually some people have murder them & they were selling the meat of the dead dogs. & I saw a cow too, which is also the part of their meat sealing & marketing process.
    What is this dream’s means…!?

  12. What if you dream of a dissected animal that is still alive? I dreamt. That I walked into my backyard and found dissected crows/ravens and black cats but the cat was still alive. Any possible dream meaning in this would help!

  13. I dreamt it was winter time and I’m the yard we’re a bunch of dead animals. A dead rabbit, a dead squirrel, etc. they were all bloody in the snow. Someone had stapled their legs together and shoved like sticks or mini logs in their mouths. I had realized the squirrel was alive so I tried taking the staples out and I slowly removed the mini log from it’s throat and it could barely breathe and was squeaking a little and someone came up idk who and put it out of its misery by strangling it and I had to watch for some reason and woke up wanting to cry

  14. Julie Ann ashton on

    I had a dream I was walking in my mum’s back garden (she died 10 yrs ago) and I was shocked and upset I saw 2 dead owls and a dead fox i started running and saw my own dog very limp with his head in water i picked my dog up and ran crying to my mum telling her. I just saved my dog. It was very real.

  15. I dreamd that I was viking and accidentally killed fox.. then I went to burry it next to the fallen star’s small part, so it’s soul could raise up as the part of the star. Then I heard some noise from the sky and thought that it was by one of the viking gods. I knew he(the god) was unhappy, ’cause I killed fox by stone. I looked at sky for a while, then looked at the fox and it was gone. The star started to raise up, but fox didn’t die.
    After I returned my village (that was viking’s village, but actually mine in real life) saw that fox, it looked at me and told something to me. Then he put his head on the ground and slept.
    And I woke up in dream.. It was like, the viking woke up and he eas verry afraid. I saw hes face and felt his feelings.. He was so afraid.

    What does it mean? Please explain to me. I never had such thoughts about dream. I know it means something.

  16. Brinnlee Lambert on

    I dreamed of a dead snake trapped in a jar with a beta fish I had a few years ago-but the fish was alive. There was a hole in the snakes neck where moss was growing out. I actually drew it as soon as I woke up it was so vivid.

  17. I had a dream whereby 3 of my father’s cows were dead. After a couple of hours the cows were slaughtered and they had no blood. What does this mean?

  18. I have a dream that I m walking somewhere with my son n there I saw so many dead animals like cow goat fob cat.etc. What it means.pls help me.

  19. I had a dream where a rogue elephants head was chopped off and when the head fell to the ground, it shriveled.

  20. So basically I am in this house we use to go in summers holidays when we were kids I find my self in this room with death horses blood everywhere I look the door and stay inside for god knows how much time I am really really scared and I don’t know what is happening what is the reason of all deaths around me then in distance I saw this huge lion walking fiercely in search of a prey I hide myself till it’s night and my cousins then come and rescue me

  21. A saw a squirrel in my dream..when i entered into my kitchn..all of sudden a fatt squirrel attack on me…which has been come from my roof area…i shut the door..nd open..
    .it was continuosly attacking on me nd byte me on my neck all tym…meanwhile my guard came dere nd it got dead by him…
    i scared wid it..nd wake up….wht does it mean

  22. hi, in my dream i saw that i and my friend … we were running and running … as if rescuing ourselves.
    and we had nothing to eat, so were eating dead animals on the way, that too while running.
    and the environmental setting was too strange, rocks and forest!

  23. Blanca Mancillas on

    My partner said he had a dream of me holding my 1yr old daughter n running away ..and stepping on alot of dead black cats and that in his dream he kept telling me not to step on them and i continued running

  24. I found out recently that my ex had our dog put down and didn’t tell me. He did it due to behavioural problems apparently- but I was not told about it. I felt guilty and upset about it.

    I dreamt last night that I found the dogs corpse in a garbage bin and was going to visit it- I told the people around that we needed to get it out so I could bury it and say goodbye. There was another dog there tied up at one stage that looked just like my dog and a lady pointed him out and I said no- that’s not him he is in this bin.

    I have dreamt of a human corpse in a bin before (twice I can remember at different times) but I am not entirely certain what these dead bodies in bins mean.

    Any ideas or help?? Please and thank you!

  25. I basically saw everyone in my house and immediate family die. It was a war zone and bombs were being dropped. I wasn’t for or against any military or country and I definitely wasn’t fighting. I was just in the cross fire of innocent people being bombed and dying. I did try and run away because I was scared and in the process of running away I was being chased and almost got killed thus it made it very difficult for me to go back and get my family. I went back anyway and saw a blinding white light and a big explosion land near my little house. All I remember is all my animals dying and my partner somehow survived by hiding under the bed. I didn’t actually see everyone die but it was the general understanding. I remember putting my guinea pig in a box and waiting for the opportune moment to put him underground and give him a final resting spot.

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