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Dating – Dreaming about dating symbolizes your readiness for starting new relationships and moving past a current or recent lover. Alternatively, it may symbolize the need for more romance in a current relationship to spark new or deeper emotions. This is a specific call to reach outside your comfort zone and try new and surprising things that could potentially enhance your life in ways that might have otherwise been impossible.

Go somewhere you have never been and that makes you slightly uncomfortable. Wear clothes that you would otherwise never dream about wearing. Go out at a time that you would normally be doing something tedious, like working.

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  1. I dreamed about the person that I love.
    My love story is unrequited.

    It happened on June 30th, 2013.

    I was on an event. Lying down on the floor. Enjoying whatever I was doing.

    Then out of nowhere, that person seated beside me.
    I was surprised and I casually nodded and does the same.

    I remember that I was hugging that person from behind, still at the event, kissing that person’s left ear to neck, cuddling and enjoying everything.

    I also remember that we’re on the road, riding a “Motor Tricycle” (common transportation in the Philippines) and paid 500 pesos (which is too much for the fare). And we’re at somebody’s house, group of guys hanging out in front of the house, a table in front as well, served with a platter full of grilled chicken, and a group of people gathered around the table.
    Someone asked the person that I love some random question, like “hey, where is your dad?”, and that person answered, “I dunno”; that person quickly grabbed a chicken, peeled off some part of it and ate.

    Then i woke up and I couldn’t believe what I’d just experience.

    It was real.
    And it feels damn good that I have that person in my life.

    But something is weird.

    I do have that person in my life but it feels empty. It’s out of tune. No passion that I felt when we’re together. It feels like I am with a lifeless moron who just let me satisfy my need or want to be part of that person’s life. Still, that person is not reciprocating.

    But I would like to experience it again as it brings joy and happiness. And at the same time loneliness.

    I have been trying to interpret this dream. Looking in every aspect and context of my dream. And I am looking forward for the day that this will be put to reality.

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