Dandelion Dream Symbol


Dandelion – Dandelions are specifically associated with hopes and wishes and also persistence. To dream about dandelions reflects optimism in your life and an internal motivation to do good things for others regardless of how it might benefit you. If you dream of blowing a dandelion seed puff, it means that something good and lighthearted is going to soon cross your path that will carry with it a replicating quality that will make it multiply into many good things.

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  1. Mine wasn’t a dream, I was meditating. I usually see quick flashes of images while meditating, but this time it felt significant. I fell into a black void, and at the bottom of this void there was a large yellow dandelion blooming right in the center. To me, this felt like the center of my soul. I felt like this message was important to my being, so now I’m trying to figure out the connection between myself and the dandelion.

  2. My dream turned from scary to normal; I was in NYC and there was a patch of land with three giant dandelions and the breeze blew the seeds off and they surrounded me. They got caught on my jumper and I just felt at ease.

  3. Laura N. Brooks on

    I was a dandelion seed admiring my beautiful white gown when I felt a wonderful warm gentle breeze lift me. The weightless sensation felt orgasmic! I think I experienced a dandelion orgasm when it released is seeds!!

  4. I dreamed that my dog, who died last year, reincarnated himself in to yellow dandelion and came to show me that. I was protecting that flower for the rest of my dreams….strange thing is, that even thoe i was frequently dreaming about him (usualy how we cuddle), i havent dreamed about him since that dream of dandelion.

  5. I had a very similar dream to Blake, above. Dandelion puffs littered the floor of my house like a carpet and when I went outside to see where the were coming from the air was thick with them. My neighbour was clearing them from the section above mine and the dandelions were drifting down. There were so many that they got in my mouth when I spoke and I had to keep spitting them out. I’d love to know what this might be showing me.

  6. I had a dream that I was growing big yellow dandelions out of my head, sprouting up in between my actual hair. I had to pull them out by the root, so I could brush my hair, and get ready for the day.I could hear the crunchy vegetable stalk sound(the same sound you hear when you bite or snap celery)as I pulled them out. Then I noticed my daughter had them growing out of her head too, and I had to carefully peel up the bottom leaves and lift out by the roots, which left small fuzzy patches of missing hair. I have no clue what that could mean.

  7. Blake McCartney on

    I’n my dream I was laying on my bed in a bitter mood when I took notice in Dandelion seeds/puffs were flouting around my room, It was like they were replacing the dust, my room was thick with the stuff. I was curious enough to try looking up dandelion puffs in dreams but I didn’t get anything. as for this bit, I’m still curious to know if my dream of them means anything different.

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