Chameleon Dream Interpretation (Spirit Animal)


Chameleon Dream Symbol – No matter what the environment, chameleons have the ability to blend in nicely within their surroundings. The ability to camouflage is something that is used to defend against unwanted predators in the wild.

To see a chameleon in your dream means that you are recognizing your ability to change and adapt to the environment around you. If the chameleon is surrounding in a healthy environment, it can indicate your success in being able to continually change for the better.

chameleon dream symbolYou should also beware that chameleons are not always good omens to see in your dream. They can also indicate that you might have someone in your life who may not be who they appear. If you have an uneasy feeling in the dream that features a chameleon, you should ask yourself if there is anyone in your life who may be acting differently when you are not around.

This could be related to a loved one who may be putting on a face around you or it could be a friend who may not be loyal to you when you are not around. Take a moment to look into your life and see if anyone can represent any of these traits.

Other Dream Interpretations

Chameleon is the master of disguise and its message is that it is time for you to adapt and show your versatility. You may shy away from people and situations fearing acceptance if you have thoughts and ideas that differ from the norm. Do you have to change who you are around certain people for acceptance? Do situations often become something different from what you expected?

Chameleon reminds you are versatile enough to adapt to any situation. You have the knowledge and wisdom to know when to blend into the background intuitively and you also know when to stand out for others to notice. You have the advantage of perfect timing. Alternatively, chameleon may reflect your desire to divert attention from yourself or you may feel overlooked at work or among your circle of friends.

When chameleon’s color constantly changes, you may be wavering between alternative decisions, and need to make a choice and follow it through. It can also mean you have succeeded and are reaping the rewards of wise decisions.

When Chameleon crosses your path

Chameleon reminds you to face your fears. You have what you need – mental toughness, integrity, and faith. You can achieve anything when you face what you fear.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Did the chameleon represent an aspect of yourself that was being reflected inside of the dream?
  • Did you have a positive or negative feeling throughout the dream?
  • Is there anyone in your life who may be camouflaging themselves around you?

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. Amanda Frazzini on

    I dreamed of a baby chameleon crawling on my back as I woke up. I fed it and let it roam as it got slightly bigger. Then I seen it had siblings hiding. But tons of snakes came and ate them all. I struggled to get the snakes together to put them in a box. No matter how much I tried to seal the box, they got bigger and tried to escape.

  2. A dream of seeing a number of brown chameleons together on my right side and I stopped for a while. Among the chameleons was a big one

  3. Was walking along the path on the side there were green grass and plants the chameleon jump on my legs and i quickly brush it off on me. What does it me

  4. Ok my dream was about my child being bitten by a chameleon in his eye. Then the pass was coming out of it but when wiped the eye was seeig well but the hole was there still

  5. Meagan Fender on

    I dreamed I had a chameleon on my shoulder and it changed colors Green orange to yellow orange what does this mean.

  6. I’ve had a recurring negative dream about a chameleon throughout my marriage. Because I once had a pet chameleon, I thought it had something to do with that. This interpretation is spot on because I found out my husband was a sex addict living a double life (this is sadly very common, ladies, and they make great husbands because of the guilt…you least expect the ones doing this stuff). Who woulda thunk my dreams were telling me the truth all along?

    • I dreamt of an albino chameleon laat night, it was walking against the wall of a place where I was with some people (I think it was my family… mom, dad… but this wasn’t very clear/I don’t remember it well).

      I am in a very uncertain situation at the moment, having quit my permanent job and doing locum work. The reason for this is because my fiancé and I are planning on relocating to New Zealand in a month or two since I got a job offer there. However, the application process is very delayed & causing quite a lot of stress & anxiety in me…

      It is so very interesting to read this post

      • A dream of seeing a number of brown chameleons together on my right side and I stopped for a while. Among the chameleons was a big one

  7. Ahmed tijani on

    Firstly I had a dream saw chameleon changes green color and my girlfriend also had the same thing, and yet I had the same dream again I chase it in the dream and caught it before I wake up I don’t understand what’s the meaning of caught tin chameleon in dreams

  8. What does it mean if it’s outside in the garden, surrounded by greens and I try to get it by using a branch bit then it breaks so I use my hand and the chameleon only climbs half way on my hand then calmly lays and stays like that, it doesn’t change color(green) but my feelings about it changed I was calm, happy and wanted to hold it at first but then I became sorta anxious and scared that I wanted to let it go. I woke up right away still feel it on my hand tho

    • My chameleon dream involved it appearing quite fat & happy…it seemed to be a pet. The colours weren’t vivid. It was under a table in a house & I was concerned people might step on him

  9. I caught a chameleon, made a little bed for it. a huge dog was playing with it at one point and we opened his mouth to see a withered chameleon in the bottom underneath chew toys and stuff. we thought it was dead but once we got him out he recovered quickly and was okay. someone told me I should boil leaves for him to eat so I climbed a tree and the tree was very strange it was like a giant cinnamon stick, I was peeling away the thin layers of bark which were like paper and dropping it on the ground, climbed higher witb my small axe in hand chopping and peeling. II stopped when I saw a centipede hut inside the bark. i barely saw the cwntipede but it wriggled from one burrow to a other so i left it alone. when I came down I realized the tree was inside like it was a decoration and I had left a huge pile lof dirt and leaves afound the bottom where i dropped the bark down. the chameleon was asleep in his little bed.

  10. Schantelle Ellis on

    I dreamt that a dove sat on my husband’s shoulder and flew to the wall where it sat and turned into a bright colourful cameleon with a frog head. It was much bigger than a cameleon abd It jumped on my back and stepped a few times on it hard almost sore sprang off and jumped on my back again. The second time was so hard it shook me awake out of my dream and i could very clearly remember every detail of this dream. What does it mean?

    • I am sorry, don’t take this too personally. But if your Husband has been surviving on your means! and I mean you have been the one funding the house – the dream says he is just taking advantage of your kindness, you should let him stand up and become a man for himself then you can support. just a dream you know.

  11. Umamageshwaran on

    When I was driving by car I saw a chameleons cross from right hand side to left side and also I crossed over it but nothing had to it it just crossed the road and went.

  12. Kimberly Park on

    I dreamt that I had a chameleon in my patio rather about6 inches in length – color nude. It was walking on the floor and a small dog was sniffing then nipped at it. It knocked over shape-shifted into a small sweet potato almost completely. I thought it died however when my hand was shooing the dog away, I saw it’s eye move. I felt better about it since I heard that they are very fragile. Throughout the dream I had it with me – either on me or I hid it in my bag in a huge sack-lunch. Throughout the dream I kept checking to see if it was alright because I kept forgetting I had it. But it was fine. It stayed that color nude except one point from pressure there was some red around its neck and shoulder but faded pretty quickly. I even tried to place it in a cool small type cave but it preferred to not stay there which made me decide to keep taking with me & make sure it was safe. What does this mean??

  13. i always dream of chameons be it baby chameleons of big ones…most of the time i willl be stepping on top of them….in real lyf im afraid of them and again in the dreams i will be more afraid of them it willl be more of a nightmare

  14. Dr.J.Sundararajan on

    In my dream ‘I was walking through a narrow path upward feeling that i am going to the broad road ahead, but i was threatened by a big fully white lizard around one feet long which is lying in a small cavity by the side of the path, I got frightened and came back .
    i want to know is it good or bad.

  15. My dream was of a chameleon ,I saw it moving on my bed which scared me that I had to switch the light on and later I felt asleep then again it came back but this time it had changed its way of looking & made a round shape I became so frightened I wish to know what it means in my real life

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