Centipede Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Centipede Dream Symbol – Dreams of centipedes mean you are letting your fears get the best of you. They may be running your life out of control. Stopping you from progressing your life. You may feel you are being shut out of important decisions.

centipede-dreamsThat others do not care about your feelings or what you want. Or, your choices. Centipedes warn to stop your negative thoughts. You are master of creating your own destiny. Being constantly negative, of living in fear, is only creating the same into your future.

Alternative Centipede Dream Intepretations

Centipedes can also mean there are things in your life that you just cannot deal with so you shut them out. You can do this with some people. Alternatively, it can mean you are annoyed with the people who deliberately try to sabotage you.

There may even be someone who spends a lot of time deliberately seeking you out. Sometimes you wonder why. Question their motives. It is time-consuming and gets annoying. Is this happening to you?

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  1. I’ve had constant dreams about centipedes, and since I’m terrified of them I spend 90% of these dreams screaming. People that appear in my centipede dreams often tell me to stop being dramatic, even if there are RAINING CENTIPEDES or one of them was bit by a scolopendra. I wish these dreams could stop because I wake up so tired after them..

  2. Rebecca Sechrist on

    I had a dream that my older sister cut three centipedes out of my left leg. They were still alive and I threw them out the window. Oddly enough, they were pretty deep in the skin and the bleeding was bad and had to find someone to stitch up the wounds. I woke up before I found out if I found someone to stitch me up.

  3. I had a dream about centipedes last night, but I don’t remember the dream, but what was really weird was my girlfriend woke me up and asked me what is that as she is pointing to the wall and it was a big centipede, so I kill it and go to throw it away and I hear my girl scream and I run to see what it is, it’s another centipede on our bed, that was so creepy dreaming about it and waking up to them as soon as I open my eyes! What are the chances?

  4. What happened when I saw a centipede in my dream it was very small 1 inch only but it stuck just below my eye and I am feeling irritation over their and I am unaware with this only feeling trouble then some one sawy eye and inform me that a small centipede is there

  5. Angela Roberts on

    I dreamt a baby centipede tried to crawl into my ear piercing. I removed it and killed it. I thought it was in my hair and was about to check in the mirror when I saw a Tupperware container in table with a huge red centipede. So I thought wow it must be a mom with babies, then another red one appeared. Then I’m thinking it’s a family of centipede when two huge teal colored centipede appeared. They started to fight each other; I got scared and freaked out watching them so decided to put the top on the container. Just I managed to put top on and tried to snap it shut, all four centipede tried to get out. I was having I difficult time holding them in so a called out to my neighbor across the street to come and help me. He came over and just as we were about to snap the top on the container I woke up. It was so real I woke up freaking out and trembling form this dream. I started to thank the lord I wasn’t bitten by the centipede. This dream is bothering me some. I’m not negative nor am I worried about anything. I just got back from a trip to Vegas.

  6. I dreamt a long and thick centipede was chasing me none stop even if i hit it hard it still comes so i ended up running till i woke up

    • Jayant Sagar on

      I was dining out with my relatives when when i took the second bite of the food i saw a centipede coming out of it. Just then my phone rang and i had to get up.
      I am facing issues realted to my career. I went abroad twice for my post graduation studies but came back due to the fear of being alone. I can’t get out of this fear as it is getting the best of me everytime i think about it. Due to this fear now i am dealing with anxiety and depression issues..

  7. I dreamt last night where I killed aa adult centipede on my left leg while I was urinating at the back of my rented apartment. I think a man close by showed me the centipede. After killing that one, a young but long centipede appeared there again and I also killed it. As I was coming out of my backyard, I saw that a girl I wanted to marry but we fell apart last two months was coming to my place from the front entrance of the house accompanied by a group of people. She was wearing white and I was standing close to my own front door with young girl who seems to be my daughter who also has white ribbons on her hair. I think that that my daughter was worried about the white cloth the girl I wanted to marry, was wearing. I told her that the white ribbons on her hair were also beautiful. While we stood there watching as she and her group approaches, I woke up. Please help attempt the interpretation for me. Thanks

  8. I had a dream last night that I was laying in bed with me ex and we were talking ( I don’t remember about what) and then I looked at my bedroom wall and I giant centipede was crawling on my wall I’m terrified of centipedes so I started freaking out and I looked away for one second and then it disappeared and the next time I looked at my ex she had turned into the giant centipede monster, and interpretations?

  9. I had a dream that many centipedes were crawling on my leg part. I was really terrified and it was after I was really annoyed with one person and situation.

  10. Hey Dreamstop! This night I had a dream about one big, slow, orange centipede with long tentacles sneaking from the back of my bathtub before I wanted to take a bath. I was cleaning the bathtub to have chilly evening in bubbles. But then this. I agree, that it symbolizes my fear, as written above. Despite I’m trying to have peace and quiet in life (bathtub), it is not possible, when my fear sneaks behind. It’s true, that fear controls my life, too. I hope I will face them and then they get smaller. I will go through that road, now I know. This dream and its explication confirmed me that. Thank you very much.

    • I had a dream last night that I was laying in bed with me ex and we were talking ( I don’t remember about what) and then I looked at my bedroom wall and I giant centipede was crawling on my wall I’m terrified of centipedes so I started freaking out and I looked away for one second and then it disappeared and the next time I looked at my ex she had turned into the giant centipede monster, and interpretations?

  11. i dreamt or had a night terror(i don’t remember waking up and i’ve had night terrors in the past) there was a huge, thick and long centipede crawling on me and i was on my bed in the dark, as if i was awake and i jumped up and at this point i was sure i was awake but when i looked at where the centipede had been it was gone. i still wouldn’t lay my head back down where it had been so i got up and slept in my sisters bed. i still don’t know what happened and what it was but i’m sure the centipede wasn’t really there.

  12. Maryvonne Larue on

    I dreamed : Was attack by a centipede and bit me on my back a white male stranger tried to take it off my back but it wouldn’t go. When this happened I was in a crowded place with a lot of strangers.

  13. Esther Calliste on

    Centipede dream is real .I only think negative. I was telling my boyfriend that I only think negative and its controlling my life . This meaning is so real

    • What does ot mean when I dreamed about many centipedes crawling on the wall peacefully. And then they suddenly became aggressive and started to fight each other. I was really frightened already, but my friends in some way managed to hold it in their hands and they’re giving it to me.

  14. I dreamt that I was at a huge ceremonies with local celebrities breaking through a glass. When one of the employees having had to go through the splinters and broken glass was asking me if she should press charges and resign. In trying to tell her no, I consulted psychic with heaven (I am not a psychic I real life now). Found there were shards in my ear then when I was cleaning those out and told her the answer was yes she should leave. I saw two baby centipedes on her hand. Tried to brush em off and they went under my skin. We frantically killed them bunch more was on the floor in m room (by this time we were in myrtle bedroom) which we killed a few and some got into my clothes.

  15. Kotivaus Muzik STEPHENS on

    the Dream of the centipede is truth people try to take advantage over things that I do and yes I am a crafty person even now someone is blackmailing me but I’m letting it go because of some reasons

  16. In part of my dream last night that I remember, I saw a weird centipede in the room I was at. It was thick and huge. I didn’t want to kill it though. Instead, I grabbed a paper. I was worried it’d attack me, but it didn’t. It climbed to the paper, and I managed to move it outside the house and through it to the garden.

    Does this mean that I am just brushing my fears under the rug instead of facing them?

  17. I dreamed I was living back in my old home I grew up till I was 16 (27 now) and came to find my birds head ripped off. I placed it back on as he was walking at the bottom of the cage and still lived luckily. I then was furious and pulled the laundry room a part as that’s where their cages were. Found a hole it centipede leaving the room which followed to the outside of the house. I went outside and found a really mean bulky looking wombat and I knew it was him that did this and I took a gun and shot it dead. Woke up feeling not the best from this dream…

  18. I dreamt that a centipede was on my hand and that I smacked it but it fell on my other hand and then it went threw my palm of my hand and then it start to produce a lot more centipedes in my body I tried to stop it squeezing my hand,arms and then I was so scared
    That I woke up and I was like
    What Does Dis Mean ??

    • vallaeia springs on

      dream this morning of being in a house disheveled and a mess…trying to clean up and organize others helping but then just myself and 1 or2 others doin their thing…a very large centipede creamy orange and white suddenly came out i frantically tried to smash it and each time i struck it it would get smaller but turn into smaller centipedes…i just kept frantically smashing them all as fast as i could and they got smaller and smaller into a powder but still alive and innumerable…i went about trying to clean up some more and centipedes kept showing up but i chose not to strike them because i knew they would just multiply…they began to crawl on my hands and arms and i saw a tub of water and put my hands and arms in the water and they died right away.

  19. Miss Independent on

    I dreamt of many small centipedes. I killed all of them but I was so weak like my energy was being drained while doing so. But in the end I succeeded in killing all.

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