Building Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Building Dream Symbol – Buildings are symbols of protection and constraint. If you dream about being lost in a building, it is a sign that you feel trapped in a situation in your life and it might be a good time to make a change, such as moving.

If you dream about an old building or ruins, it is a sign that something in your life has been destroyed and that a new life awaits you somewhere else. Dreaming of a new building is a symbol of a new or exciting job or promotion.

Space in building

When you dream of empty space in a building this can signify you are hoping for something that will never materialize. This can mean you are wasting time on something you can never achieve or find. Empty space can also mean you will soon secure your freedom and independence from someone or a situation.

Dreaming of empty rooms can signify an aspect of your personality that is not true to your real waking self. Finding yourself in an empty room signifies different parts of your real personality in your waking world. A small empty room is a sign you are trying to escape from something in your real life. You may be searching for a safe place where you can find freedom and support. More than one empty room in a dream symbolizes the different phases in your life. This may also signify the importance you put of family traditions and beliefs.

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  1. Elizabeth Medrano on

    I dreamed of being trapped on top of a tall building with no way out. The building was black strong and extremely high. The only way off the building was to jump. I was scared to jump because I know if I did I would die. Finally I was on my hands and knees distressed about the situation that I started hitting and digging at the floor. So much that the floor lifted up and I was able to get out. There was a person in the room I couldn’t recognize and thanked them for letting me in.

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