Builder Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Builder Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a builder symbolizes a person with integrity who spends their life bringing people together in a home. A builder who works for free shows he has no ulterior motives for wanting to help you have a better life. How does this relate to you?

A builder or construction worker is a symbol of wisdom for he knows how to construct houses for families to grow into over the years. He shows you how to cement your relationship and family together to build fruitful lives. Seeing a builder can symbolize promises.

Promises made to you in your waking life may soon come true. However, seeing a builder tear down a house can mean that someone has broken their promise to you or want to change the conditions of an agreement you have between you. Does this upset you?

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  1. I dreamt my husband, daughter and I were walking out of a store and as we exited, I looked up and saw a billboard on the other side of the lot with a bunch of construction workers on it. I couldn’t read the sign as it was facing the other way but one by one these construction workers began jumping or falling to their deaths. Some landed on the other side of the street causing cars to almost hit them. Some just walked right off, falling right below. One woman even screamed on her way down. I was horrified and very upset. I turned away and grabbed my family but no one else was upset, not even my family. Everyone just stared and did nothing … and then I woke up. This dream has been messing with me for 2 days now!!

  2. In my dream I was with my moms friend who is already passed,I was sitting with her in her lounge when 1 of the builders knocks on the door,,and she told me that the builder was late for work, he was supposed to start work in the morning, I then asked what was he going to do,she then told me that she bought big windows .as I know she likes bigger things.


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