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Breathing Dream Symbol – Breathing is a source of life. It is also a connection with all things spiritual. Dreaming of someone with bad breath warns your communications with others is off. You may need to take a look at how you try to get your point across. Are you too forceful? Or, do you apologize for being alive?

What sort of attitude do you see the way you communicate? You may need to adjust the way you do things to find a happy compromise. Having bad breath can signify your feelings of not getting ahead in your waking life. You can change this if you change your attitude.

Being short of breath is a message you will soon gain the knowledge you need or there will be unexpected profits from a project. Are you at a crossroads wondering what direction to take? Others breathing fire is a sign of guilt. Do you want to punish yourself for something you have done? When you stop breathing fire it can mean you secretly long for good things to occur in your life. You may need to get out into the world to make things happen.

If you stop breathing, it is a sign of a high level of confidence and your ability to maintain your independence. This can also be an expression of your fear of death. Seeing someone stop breathing in a hospital is a sign that all hope is lost. Have you failed at the thing that you most wanted lately?

Gasping for breath warns that you will soon be disappointed by something at work. Are you hoping to get a promotion? Seeing your breath in the air on a cold day is a sign of the challenges you need to overcome in your life. Dreaming of someone with fresh breath or that your breath is minty fresh, indicates you will soon experience great financial success.

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  1. Andrew Semler on

    I had a dream of a woman that was breathing into one ear but I could not move my body, I could only control my eyes and my breathe, but I face face down, someone please explain this.

  2. I dreamt of not being able to breathe normally. As if something is stopping my air passage. I am having difficulty breathing and out. I tried to forcefully breathe out while my dad (now deceased) is looking at me and seems to experience difficulty in.breathing as well while trying to comfort and look after me. As I forcefully tried to breathe out, it ended up me vomiting with cooked monggo beans and some even get out through my ears. That’s when I felt that my breathing is ok, when air passed out through my ears and when I vomit. As if the thing that is blocking my air passage is gone. And then I woke up. What does it mean?

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