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Breaking Up – Dreaming about breaking up, when you are the one who initiates it, is almost always a sign that you should end a relationship with someone close to you. The person you break up with in your dream does not indicate the person you should end a relationship with in real life, though sometimes it does.

More often, it means that there is a negative influence in your life in the form of a person that you should stop being social with. If you are the one who is broken up with by someone else, it indicates that you feel unworthy in a current relationship. It could be a warning that turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy or it might be a sign to be more confident in your relationships.

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  1. i keep dreaming that my girlfriend breaks up with me and i always wake up in a state; crying or hyperventilating. this is the 7th night in a row with this dream and its driving me mental. it feels so real that i have to check with her to make sure everything is okay between us. someone please tell me why my head is doing this to me?

  2. I’ve been having bad dreams about my husband for quite some time now, moths to be more exact. At the beginning all of my dreams were about him cheating on me with various girls up to his ex girlfriends/wife, I used to wake up a right mess, hurt, crying etc.. I would try not to argue with him but sometimes the dreams appeared to be so real that I had to ask him to assure myself it was just a dream. After many dreams as such now my dreams have changed. I still dream about him but now I dream about breaking up with him, and it doesn’t hurt, on the contrary I feel relieved. It’s weird to say, but I feel confused. These dream even though they are just dreams they are so vivid that it actually starts to affect my personal life. How crazy is that ?

  3. Catarina Ribeiro on

    Hey my name is Catarina and I have this dreams we I see couple ever they end their engagement because she was cheating on him and the she was using and making his life a living hell or on the day of the wedding he finds out she was using him and ect

  4. I had a dream last night where my boyfriend was cheating and I caught him then I confronted him and he just said listen I’m leaving you. I felt like I died in this dream like I was so lost and confused. I felt physically hurt. I still feel like this now.

  5. I suffer with depression but my girlfriend has seemed to get that out of my life as when I’m with her I’m always happy. We have been together for almost 3 years now and in 3 months our first child will be born but the last week I have had the same sort of dream about 6 times a night where I find her not wanting to talk to me and trying to stay away from me and then I finally see her and she tells me that she doesn’t like me an she wants to break up. When I ask why she says she has found someone else, when I ask who, she acts like a smartass and says some stupid name but I still ask “really” and she laughs at me calls me dumb and then runs away and disappears. Then I wake up in years and sometimes I cry for hours and it’s really ruining my self esteem and happiness. Please help me and tell me what this might mean

  6. I have been having dreams of breaking up with my boyfriend. We have been dating almost a year. In the dream I don’t feel sad at all breaking up. I feel relieved. But thinking about doing it makes me feel awful and i would rather live in misery than to break his heart.

  7. I just recently sold my car it was a 2001 Celica and my girlfriend loved it but I sold it because I had money to pay the IRS I also had to pay for a program which was $350 and I had to pay for a speeding ticket which is over 200. in all the totals added up to seven hundred forty dollars. I sold my car for $3800, with enough money left to buy an affordable car in my eyes and one that would last. my girlfriend was pissed that I sold my car although I had good reasoning and my parents were also pissed because they wanted to lend me money but I did not want to borrow any more money because I already have a loan which I used to buy that car to pay off …

    I bought a new car its a 1991 Honda Prelude and found out it needs a engine rebuild. I bought the car for 1200 dollars .. the rebuild is going to cost $1100. all she is doing is b******* and b******* and b*******…. coincidentally I just had a dream that she told me that she doesn’t think we should be together, and I have been thinking about it a lot lately because we have been doing it long distance thing and finally I’m about to move in with her. this isn’t just a normal long distance relationship though cuz we met in person and were together for over a year and then she moved away to college and now here we are three years into the relationship I have visited her a few times wants for Christmas wants for her birthday and a few other times.

    anyway I just wanted to show that this is pretty much accurate. in my opinion we probably should break up because this is getting ridiculous because she just wants to complain about things that don’t even involve her she’s pissed because I sold my car for a car she claims is a piece of s***…

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