Breaking Dream Symbol


Breaking – Dreaming of something breaking can be very specific of several things. If you dream of a mirror being broken it is a symbol that you are unhappy about something very personal to you. If you dream of broken glass, it indicates that something is beyond your control about someone close to you. If you dream about broken pencils or wood of any kind, it is a symbol of disciplinary action against you. This might be a parking ticket or a reprimand at work.

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  1. Dawn jones, I had a similar dream! In my dream, my phone screen brakes at the slightest touch, or sometimes I dream that my phone is faced down and when I turn it over, it’s broken.

  2. I had a dream where every door I tried to open, just broke and came right out of frame, the doors in my dream were wooden, and yup, you called it, I was fired that very afternoon.

  3. I dreamt that my screen on my phone broke and all I did was unlock my screen and it was fine for a min then just cracks all over it all of a sudden…. Does that mean anything?

  4. Jacob Glick on

    In my dream , a necklace that means the world to me kept breaking. To add to that my wallet kept falling apart along with everything I would touch on a daily basis.. then at the end I lost my broken necklace down a storm grate that was in the middle of my dorm.

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