Boxing Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Boxing Dream Symbol – Dreaming of boxing can indicate fights with someone you care deeply about. This is a sign there is trouble brewing inside you. Do you express your feelings out loud? Are you living up to your full potential? When you are boxing, it warns there may be tough times ahead. Try to put some money aside to help you through times where you need to live on a budget.

Being at a boxing match can mean you will succeed at whatever you desire. You just have to work hard and persevere. Sitting at home wishing and wanting dreaming will never give you success. Watching a boxing match signifies receiving life changing news.

This will be positive and more than you could hope for. This can significantly change your life in a positive way for the rest of your life. It also warns to keep this news close to your chest for there may be those who will try to destroy this opportunity.

Seeing boxing gloves is a sign there may be contracts you need to sign. Maybe you are buying a new house or starting a new job. A red boxing glove symbolizes finding solutions to the negativity in your waking life. Fighting in the boxing ring is a sign you will achieve success at whatever you desire. It can also be a warning to take better care of your health. If you neglect your health at this time, you may have some negative surprises in the not so distance future.

Seeing a boxer can warn of stressful times in conflict with people you care about. A boxer losing a fight warns you may soon lose something of importance to you. It is a sign you cannot make good decisions at this time. A boxer winning a fight brings good news of new opportunities about to cross your path.

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  1. Cathbert Chilimanzi on

    Good day
    1. I dreamt preparing for a kick boxing contest, I was going to be fighting this indian Giant boxer. It seemed i was ill prepared and I had not received enough support from the sponsors, however i was raring to fight with some kind of fear. I had a srrong inner feeling I will win. I met an old friend who used to be a weight lifter, he assisted me with some clothing for the fight from his old clothes. Surprisingly I had a huge support and people had come to watch me.

    After this dream.
    2. I dreamt about my immediate boss, black mailing me, or saying bad things to auditors or his bosses. Spectetors niticed he was not being fair with me and they started whistling to reprimand him, and he started to shy of the wrong that he was doing to me.

  2. I had a dream that I was nervous finding the room where I was fighting and when I entered all my friends and family were there waiting to cheer me and I kept looking around to check if my partner had come in, I was feeling the nerves and excitement as the crowds were getting bigger and I kept asking my mother to tighten the bandages ready and she kept doing them loose and I felt silly sat with my gum shield in so took it out then everyone started singing and chanting for me just as the opponent stepped in the ring I saw my partner come in so I was ready to fight and I woke up! What would the reason be for this please?

  3. I had a dream I was gonna fight arturo gatti in Vegas a once in a lifetime opportunity sort of thing but I had to get over there with my mate but he couldn’t go someone wouldn’t let him and strippers kept ringing my phone lol what does it mean

  4. I once had a dream where I was in the middle of a boxing ring where some of my friends were sitting in different groups in each corner. They kept yelling at me to join their corner and I got scared and fell down. Anybody know the meaning?

  5. I had a dream of wandering through an empty and narrow, but multilevel, office building that appeared to have a few tiny medical rooms and also a small café. I was searching through drawers and closets and kept finding black boxing gloves with red straps in every room I searched. I was in the highest room holding the pair of gloves I found in that room and I looked out a window and saw a small bakery for sale across the street. When I made my way back down through the building, my husband was in the café performing a comedy routine and the café was packed with people sitting in chairs so close together that there was no space left for walking or even standing. Does anyone know what this means?

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