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Blind Dream Symbol  – Dreaming of being blind can reflect a life of tough times and poverty. Blindness signifies there are things in life out of your control. This sort of dream can make you feel you need to improve your life in some way. It is good to follow impulses for they can lead you down new paths – to new opportunities you may have been previously blind to. Being blind in a dream can also mean you can go from being well off in life to having almost nothing in an instant. This may be something you need to keep in your mind.

It is good to follow impulses for they can lead you down new paths – to new opportunities you may have been previously blind to. Being blind in a dream can also mean you can go from being well off in life to having almost nothing in an instant. This may be something you need to keep in your mind.

Being blind can warn that you have trouble recognizing manipulative situations around you. You may feel something is wrong but cannot pinpoint its cause. Spend time in meditation to help you see with better clarity.

Seeing yourself at a blind school symbolizes pushing through your challenges to achieve success in the future. Dreaming of a blind person when you are not blind, means your arrogant attitude does you no favors. Do you think you are better than others? Are you blind to what you need to achieve? You need to change this if you want to achieve success.

Walking down the street blindly warns there is something that needs urgent attention. You need to get to the root of the problem to turn things around. A blind child is a sign you need to take a step back from the situation to see more clearly. Is there something that confuses you? A man dreaming of a blind woman represents others see you as unstable. A woman becoming blind in a dream is a sign there are elements of your character you do not acknowledge coming to the surface. Let them free.

Dreams of blindness bring messages to open your eyes. Are you rigid in the way you see? Are you being narrow-minded? This is a message you need to see things with a different perspective. Be more considerate about the choices you make. Think things through before taking action. By doing this you can save yourself a lot of difficult times. See the world as a whole rather than as fragmented.

Being blind in one eye is a warning you see with a narrow view. Try seeing the other person’s point of view. Making someone go blind is a message you have a habit of making false promises. People may rely on you because you ask them to. When you do not deliver, you let them own. Do you make all sorts of promises that you never deliver? Going blind in a dream can warn you are ignoring a tough situation in your waking life. It can also mean you just want to escape from the negativity of someone or something. Walk away.

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  1. I had a dream where I was blind, but I could function just as well as if I wasn’t blind. I fought off a dragon, babba yaga, could still do my job with ease, was treated the same as everyone else, saved my siblings and parents, and followed an old dude with my walking staff on a rocky road and helped him put up a tombstone for his wife. The only thing that really was different for me in the dream was relying on the stick, feeling things around me, and listening more. In the dream I “saw” my surroundings, but was still blind, I knew I was blind in the dream, but I could still see.

  2. EchozChambers on

    I had a dream I was partially blind- More than half of my sight was completely white and dull. The smaller bottom half was blurry- I could see a little- but not clearly. I walked up to a mirror in my room and my pupils were white- Then I woke up around midday and continued my normal life- hw-

  3. I dreamed of being “people blind”… i could see other things clearly but i could not see the people. though i can hear them. i can talk to them. i can touch them… i was very sad in the dream about this. it is like no one would ever be understand me anymore…

    • Audrey Jean on

      I dreamt of Me, my sister, and my dad going to visit someone. I walked in a room, and saw someone laying on their side. In a bed that looked just like my moms. And sure enough, it was my mom in her bed, but the room was smaller and different. She could feel, hear, and taste just fine. But she was blind. My sister said somthing about mom going to another world. I fear that means she might die. I started to cry because it feels like I haven’t seen my mom in forever. Also, when my mom looked in my direction, she opened her eyes. They were big, beady, sparkling eyes. She couldn’t see still though. I am very stressed out about this. If someone can help figure out what this means that would be helpful.

  4. Had a dream that my mother looked into my eye and said I was going blind. My right eye then went blind and I looked into a mirror, crying with my right eye blanked out, and my mother said “this might be one of few times left you will see yourself” then I woke up.

  5. I had a dream of my deceased mother in law. She gave me a bouquet of pink fuzzy roses that said “congratulations on your miscarriage??? (I’m pregnant right now) After this it was like a Polaroid picture slide show of her making silly faces at me and in every picture I could only see one eye and it was a blurry blue colour as if she was blind. I’ve interpreted some things but I cannot figure out this one blurry eye that was so prominent in this dream. What does this mean?

  6. I dreamt of a woman in her house being haunted by a spirit of a witch. The woman had blinded the witch accidentally before it’s death. The witch and other spirits try to blind the woman by trying to stab her in the eye with floating kitchen knifes but the woman doesn’t seem very scared but just sorry for what she’d done. I wasn’t in the dream but I remember myself being scared. Any one know what this could possibly resemble? 🙂

  7. I had a dream where I woke up and I was blind and I could barely see and no matter how much I open my eyes, nothing changed. It scared me to death, it was absolutely terrifying. Can someone explain?

  8. I have dreams very often when I’m trying to do something e.g: I am running away from something or someone and I go blind, I see blackness but throughout the dream I see a little bit of light before it gets swallowed up by darkness. I have no clue what it means

  9. I dream that I am almost completely blind (dark images come and go) and I’m driving and believe I have hit someone like a boy or a young couple (again, sporadic dark images) and I’m straing to see and I stop the vehicle and get out and the next thing I’m in bed and my Mom is there and she’s all over me and I get away from her and she follows me and keeps being creepy and messing with me and then my husband comes up from behind d me and I start asking him if I’ve done something wrong and if I hit that boy and he keeps telling me no and puts me back in bed.

  10. Dreamer of color on

    Tonight I dreamt that my dad had gone blind right before my eyes. What made it very difficult was that he is already 100% deaf. In my dream I actually saw the color in his eyes turn completely white right before my eyes. As that happened I began to cry and began to panic. It was to the point I actually made myself wake up because it felt so real . I also woke up crying. What does it mean?
    I tend to dream a lot. I dream in color, I can also continue my dreams after I wake up. Right now I am afraid to go back to sleep because I don’t want to dream about my dad like that.

  11. I had a dream that my boyfriend was blind and I had to keep him by my side, hold his hand. I was crying to him in my dream because I really couldn’t believe that he was blind. I kept crying every time we would sit down in my dream. We were walking through a mall, also he lost his shoes in the dream. So um if I could get an understanding on what this dream means, please contact my email.

  12. yesterday i had a dream whereby a certain prophet of God was assesing few people who might have a gift of prophecy, its a bit long to explain i will just try to come to a point of “eyes” the prophet( i know him through tv) told me i am not a prophet and asked one of his trainees to pray for me but the trainee couldnt deliver me and the prophet himself came to deliver me he blew air in my left eye and he was speaking/ prophesying me and i find myself wanting to see him as he was speaking to me but i coundnt see him because my eyes coudnt open i tried so hard to open my eyes but they couldnt open i could clearly hear what he was saying but couldnt see him, what does this mean and in the dream i was so desperate for deliverance that i wanted the demon to manifest because i believed there was a demon in my life

  13. Thanks for the article about dreaming of blindness.
    I had a dream that I was seeing a consultant and he advice me: “Be careful of losing your eyesight”.
    Afterwards, I was walking in street and confused by the direction, even though I checked the map on smart phone. I felt lost of way. Then I felt someone’s hand on my back, touched my waist and rolled up to my shoulder. I felt offended & I looked back in irritation, I saw it was a man with blinded eyes (his eyes look hollow, staring ahead without any focus). He said he knew the way and he could guide me my way. Somehow I believe his words, and I thought “I lost my way probably because I constantly looking at my smartphone. Maybe the blind man has less distraction so he knows the way.”

    Appreciate any advice on the meaning of this dream. 🙂

  14. I had a dream where I was walking to an art class and as I got closer everything started going dark and I could still see, it was if I was in a very dark room once I got to the classroom, but you could tell that there was a light source. the light of the classroom ceiling lights was extremely light but it did not help illuminate the room. I went to the light switch (there were 3 of them) and tried to flick them all on and off. once I got to the last one after a few times of flicking it on and off, the light suddenly returned to my vision and I could see properly again. I casually sat in the seat of the classroom. it was almost like a half blindness that is truly hard to describe and if I didn’t dream it, I would not have ever been able to imagine it. another thing to note is that everyone in the classroom was looking at me as I flicked the switch but said nothing as if it was a normal occurrence.

  15. I just dreamt that I was in a vehicle with a man I knew and I was dozing in the passengers seat on and off throughout our journey in the car I asked half asleep to be dropped home he agreed. . I then woke in a darker carpark male walking away frm me saying few words and another shadow in the distance of whom I believe is female coming near me ,immediately i had a sense of fear overcome my body and from that I now know im in the surroundings of a hospital or Institute . I sat on a white ledge as I was losing vision and focus mind becomes blurry I start to untangle shoelaces as Imuch scared to look up and I’m very disorientated shadow is now to my right and my left eye is blind …… iv then woken the end

  16. In a dream a blind Man came crying to me for help i could not help him so i started crying prevusely to God. What could that mean?

  17. Katherine Ann Jessop on

    I had a dream about this guy I really liked him.. but I didn’t know who it was. I ended up marrying him and for some reason I couldn’t get pregnant.. I had about 15 miscarriages and I was so depressed and sad to think no.. I want kids.. that’s all I’ve ever wanted.. then it skips.. I have 3 kids about the same age.. they just got done with a performance and they won. As I was coming home it skipped ave I was in my house worrying what was gonna happen, my husband comes down with my kids and they are dressed as if they are gonna go to the temple.. he lays them on the table and gets a tool that looks like a spade top like thing but it was like a thick needle hook thing on one side and round one the other really sharp.. suddenly they are naked other then their underwear and he’s stabbing them in the legs and stabs them on the chest on the right side and digs deeper and moves it around like he’s stirring like crazy.. I run out of the house crying trying to call 911 and I couldn’t get the right number it was wrong everytime.. my mother suddenly appeared and I told her everything and she called 911 and they came.. and i was yelling at myself why!!!! And I couldn’t handle myself.. my children were dead and they were murdered by the guy I thought I loved. I havent been married or had kids.. but I’m scared now.. I don’t know what it means… please someone help me…

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