Blackbird Dream Symbol and Interpretations


Blackbird Dream Symbol – Blackbirds generally have negative connotations or represent the dark, but it depends on how blackbird appears to you in your dreams. When the dream is positive it can mean good news and joy is on the way.

blackbird dreamBut, if your dream leaves you feeling anxious and worried it could mean you are being manipulated for information to benefit others with different agendas. This dream could be a warning to be alert to those for those using you for their own gains. Be wary. Be careful. Blackbird warns to hold your secrets safe.

Dreaming of a flock of blackbirds singing in a tree can mean there are positive changes coming your way. Be prepared. For this omen brings swift change so be open as you will not have a choice. If you view change negatively then everything will go wrong. Embrace change with an open heart and few expectations, and change will reward you with peace and joy.

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When Blackbird crosses your path

Blackbird can cross your path at times of great change to bring you the wisdom of secrets still unknown. Remain open, non-judgmental of what occurs or could or should be to find the best path through these changing times.

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  1. I had a dream of a black bird the size of a medium size dog was at my window making nosie .so I went outside and caught it. Put under my arm n held it’s beak. Also of some type of Indian head dress.

  2. i was standing beside me fly come a black bird i catch it onetime very beautiful black color inside the dream what can be sign in real life

  3. Dreamed of hundreds of blackbirds flying down, covering roof and stairs of coliseum-type structure. I was continuing to walk toward it, wondering why so many birds. Off to right an unseen woman was calling to unseen man, “can you help me do the work?” I looked in that direction, & as i looked straight ahead again i was right at the steps little sooner than should have bn, steps & birds were directly at my feet. The entire structure with birds had moved toward my feet. The clock alarm sounded, i woke up

  4. I dreamt last night a big black bird flying in the sky and in my dream i followed it i ran and on the way a river with so many little ducks and few people and at the end of my dream a man pick up a little duck and when he carries it it become a little boy and he said to him that he loves him. And about the big black bird i did see it anymore. What could that be?

  5. I had a dream that a black bird was lying close to me when i was sleeping and i used my hand to hit it away

  6. I had a dream that I was in a front yard and I had a small dog he was running around and scared this bird on the side of the house . It flew out and landed on this clear birdhouse next to a tree the dog was trying to get it . I was trying to shoo it away .It was a black bird with blue eyes and yellow spots on chest . Somehow the dog got went up get it and fell . The dog ran inside the house and the bird chased it inside I tried closing the door but he slipped in there he ended up hiding and chirping but we couldn’t find him .

  7. I had a dream about 1am in the night, heard a large noise like people were trying to enter the house and they were hitting on the door so hard, I saw a blackbird on my roof but it was just hanging there while flapping it wings then I felt a touch to wake up, it felt so real. I prayed and went back to sleep.

  8. i had this weird dream it feel like i’m dreaming within my dream the first dream i had is a blackbird that got into the house their also people inside but they didn’t notice the blackbird and then it fly towards me like its going to attack me then i woke up,(this is my second dream where i woke up witin my dream) after that my grandmother talk to me(she’s in the same room as me) then i think that i did something else, because there is a food beside me then i feel sleepy so close my eyes after a minute or so i’m truely awake. everything feel so surreal. what’s the meaning of it?

  9. I had a dream that a big black bird, think it was a raven landed on my window sill while I was in bed. Then it sprayed me with something clear and flew away. I looked it up and most dreams are negative but I don’t think it was negative?! Weird.

  10. I had a dream about a black bird, probably a raven, and it flew across my yard and landed right in front of me onto the roof. It looked back at me. And yea, it just seem so distinct to not remember.
    Also I had this dream after a toxic person left my life.

  11. I dreamed of 4 black bird just flying over me but it was everytime I tried to put something away or hide it just one bird would come take it.
    What is thst

  12. I dreamt of a small blackbird flying around me like it was trying to keep me save…after a while i got to know and love the bird somehow and it wrapped its wings around my wrist as if to give me a reassuring hug.

  13. Just woke up. It’s 1:09am. CONTEXT: We have very large black vultures that surround the Catholic Church and they are many in numbers this time of year. Earlier this evening my mother and I went to where the birds congregate and it was beautiful and amazing (this happened in REAL LIFE).
    My DREAM: These vultures were carrying black ducks upon their backs and settled on the roof outside of my window. As I opened it, the vultures began to speak salutations as the mallards disembarked their flighty friends. The mallards did not speak but seemed to be tired and there was a sense of past distress. Almost as if the vultures assisted them in fleeing a danger they didn’t speak of. Every creature approached lovingly and I was able to say hello and pet and cuddle them. I was filled with such wonderment and absolute love. I did notice on the backs of the mallards an irredecent blue hue to their feathers that was mesmerizingly beautiful. I’m still awash with great love and awe. I LOVE dreams such as these.

  14. Had a dream of a sick looking black bird landed on my finger (thumb )and wouldn’t let go I try to pry it off but i jump out of the dream…so scary…

  15. Andrea Myres on

    I last night had a dream of yellow bellied Blackbirds that had come in multiple flocks to my area. They were migrating, and only did so in this area once every several years.
    I was being led by the hand to a popular restaurant that had a pool in the courtyard, and many of the birds came to bathe, day or night.
    I pulled away from my date to try to rescue a female bird who was dying, but she just GROWLED at Me! I kept trying over and over, and even when I walked away, the rest of my dream was consumed with the one beautiful bird.

  16. had a dream about a blackbird it was bigger than a crow or raven it flew past me and landed on a table then it hopped down on to the floor and I interacted with it by pushing one of my sons car toys to it and it pushed it back to me, its feet where very large, but I wasn’t anxious or afraid of it, I felt joy from it.

  17. Husain Foster on

    So this dream takes places in a parking lot in a local city shopping plaza me and my brother leaving out I felt as something was blocking the sun so I look up in the sky and there it was a black huge bird that could cover half the sun I got scared and start to run and my brother dissaper from the dream as i run the bird picks me up and fly to the sky.

  18. The last couple nights shortly after falling asleep I have experienced short dreams with flocks of blackbirds flying in front of my view. I awoke quickly scared and anxious, confused as to what they meant. Today at work I signed a letter of resignation as I have recently accepted a job closer to home. Maybe these birds do symbolize change in my life. Switching jobs is a big change for me and I have been kind of anxious about it. If you are experiencing dreams with flocks of blackbirds too maybe you are experiencing change in your life. Don’t worry and accept the changes with a positive outlook.

  19. Hi, I see blackbirds a lot. But last night I dreamt of a really large black bird/ entity that was bigger than a human. When it flapped it’s wings they were fluid and curvy in motion. I was pointing at it and shouting ‘Look!! You’re all missing it!’ It was so blatant and obvious to me but it seemed no one else was interested in looking that way. I’ve has similar dreams with fictional black creatures.

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