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Birthday Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a birthday celebration is a positive sign. This can symbolize that things that were negative at work could change. This can also be affirming your right to celebrate your achievements. Birthdays in a dream can mean you are approaching a time in your life where everything goes well. You will be healthy and have many fun times with those you love during this time. When you dream of any birthday, this is good news. Prosperity and abundance is on the way to reward your hard work and dedication.

Celebrating someone else’s birthday is a sign a friend will help you in some way. Do not forget to show your appreciation. Seeing a child’s birthday party will reflect your inner child. It is a reminder that you should not neglect celebrating and enjoying the relaxing, joyful moments for it brings your life into balance.

If you are always serious, you risk this affecting your future success. Enjoying yourself at a birthday party can be a sign there will be profitable business dealings coming your way. Be open to unusual opportunities.

Negatively, a birthday dream can indicate there may be family arguments. A young person dreaming of being at a birthday party warns you may have financial difficulties at some point in your future. But, if you are an adult in the dream, it can mean there may be insurmountable obstacles that you encounter on your path through life These may only seem insurmountable. But, you may found there is a different way to achieve your goals.

A birthday party at a friend’s house means there is happiness in your life. An elegant, beautiful birthday party indicates your life is fulfilled and happy. Being at a boring party is a sign your friends will let you down. You will feel disappointed and hurt.

Dreaming of receiving presents can mean you achieve what you plan sometime in the future. Giving someone a birthday present can mean you will receive an invitation to an important event.

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  1. I had a dream I had to attend my grandmother birthday party she’s been gone 11yrs now. The dream was extremely weird because the party was held by my husband’s ex girlfriend (bm) family (if that makes sense) I walked into the party and her family met me at the door I walked up to them and told them I was there to see my grandmother I used her full name. After I got back I met more of the (ex) family members. I ask where is my grandmother? I was told where she was in the house. I began to walk to her room but I’m stopped by phone of people who are trying to get to the party. My mother is the only child so everything just seems weird because all my life my mom has done everything for my grandmother. Well after I get off the phone I see the door to where my grandmother is. I opened the door and there she was dressed beautiful (my grandmother did not normally dress up) she was still older she was standing up against a wall holding on trying to keep her balance. I walked to her and encouraged her to let go Of the wall she allowed me to help her sit down. Once she sat down I looked her from head to toe and said you look so beautiful I shared a joke (I never joke with her when she was alive) I said it’s your birthday grandma. Her birthday is in the winter I stopped and said to myself it’s not her birthday.

  2. I am definitely going through change. My partner and I had a serious conversation. He hasn’t been happy, because of a mix of things: my insecurity, his inability to express himself to me for fear darkening the clouds. He was basically saying it was over. But I asked him if we could try to fix the broken negative chain that we create and he has agreed. Now I find myself crying a lot because I am very afraid of losing the man I wanted forever, for the first time in any relationship I’ve had.
    I had a dream I had a birthday last night, the night after this conversation. In real life I hate birthday parties surrounded around me, but I was grateful my family had put it together for me and I felt special. My partner was there, and we seemed fine. But after this seemingly positive dream I had horrible dreams about him having another girlfriend and another telling me he’s only trying until lockdown is over, that he will inevitably be ending it. I woke up crying.
    If anyone has any insight into understanding the symbol of a birthday in a time like this I would be very curious and grateful to know it.
    All the best to you all

  3. I dreamt about my birthday, but I was somewhere in the room and my friends and acquaintances came wishing me Happy Bday.
    Could it be also…awaiting positive things? And abundance? And achieving my plans?
    Thank you.
    Best regards

  4. I had a dream that I had a birthday party for myself at a local pizza place. But no one showed up. I invited plenty of people but only one of my family members came and they left early. We didn’t even bother to eat food. We left and I cried. I looked at my phone and I had one text from one friend who said “I’m sorry but I cant make it wish I could be there.” A picture was attached to the message of their apartment and they were laying in bed with slippers on doing nothing. I replied “it’s okay thanks for letting me know.” Then I asked my parents if we still had to pay for all the food at the restaurant and they replied yes.

  5. I last night dreamt I attended the birthday party of a school friend who passed away in the last year. We were in the same circle of friends in school we were not close but we were not not close if that makes sense.
    Anyway the dream was positive and it was nice to see my old circle of friends and catch up the dream was pleasant until I woke up and then remembered that the birthday party we attended was for my friend who had passed away but I only realised he was dead when I woke up if that makes sense which then just made me feel sad, I can’t miss him as we’ve lost contact but it was nice to celebrate his birthday catch up as if it really happened and spend time with friends I haven’t seen for a long time.
    I’ve thought about it more and all those people attended his funeral but I couldn’t get off work to attend and feel sad I didn’t attend but also like I shouldn’t feel sad as we had lost contact and we were never majorly close.
    I kind wish that we had the chance to have that birthday party as it was nice.

  6. Lynnie F. Ancog on

    I had a dream that I am in a birthday party with my whole family. There were negative vibes at the party but most of the people specially us where all very happy at the party. Its an outdoor birthday party, the theme was very childlike party and we (family) were all enjoying the party. We are all smiles and very happy playing at the party.

  7. I dreamt about enjoying a treat given by my friend in her birthday at school

    What does it mean??

  8. Dreaming of a surprise birthday party for a dead relative and there were lots of singing and happiness

  9. Two people that don’t know each other dreampt about my birthday only two days apart. #1 knows my birthday date, #2 doesn’t. #2 is a brandnew friend. #2 dreampt first, #2 had rushed out of bed to bake the birthday cake thinking #2 forgot my birthday then remembered it was that day.
    #1 dreampt that #1 was shopping for my birthday present.

  10. I dream of being shown a birthday party that I was not invited to attend but managed to watch a video of it the party was my sons birthday

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