Birth Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Birth Dream Symbols –┬áDreaming of birth is about new beginnings and your emotions. It is also about getting rid of bad habits. You may also lack in self-confidence. You may need to focus on this. Have more faith in yourself. A birth in a dream can be in connection with your maternal instincts. This may be a time where you feel there is someone you want to take care of.

If you are not pregnant, then dreaming of a birth symbolizes changes coming into your life. These will be life changing and give you a chance to start anew. This is a time where old things that no longer serve you well will come to an end. Dreaming of being pregnant means that the changes coming will bring great things into your life.

ving Assisting in a birth can mean you have honor and will be rewarded with abundance. Hearing of a birth can mean you will find a solution for a difficult situation. Seeing a birth certificate signifies you will create a new life for yourself, which awakens your creativity.

Giving birth can mean you enjoy a long healthy life. Seeing a difficult birth is a sign there are major challenges in your life. You have the ability to apply practical solutions to overcome these challenges.

Related Dream Meanings:

Having a girl can mean your life will be trouble free and a boy can symbolize a life that keeps you busy and tired. Having an easy birth will bring luck and happiness to your life. It is a sign of your resilience. Seeing someone having a child is a reflection of your honesty and integrity. Seeing yourself give birth in a dream warns that you need to change the way you do things. You may need to take more responsibility for your own actions.

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